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About this user: Alan, 48 (but acts 39), is a Senior QA Analyst for a large US company in one of the less-salubrious areas a few hundred yards north of the Square Mile. When not ensconced in testing fund performance statistics with silly names, he joins the real world and plays the violin around London and beyond in various orchestras, pit bands and string quartets. Previous careers have involved being a professional musician, joining the army, and teaching music in secondary schools around South Wales and Bristol. Teaching was far more dangerous.

Despite not being able to sing or dance, he has the enviable task of reviewing many of the latest opera and dance DVDs on the site and is looking forward to the first WWF opera-ballet, which is bound to be the most fought-over disc in Reviewer history.

He lives in Lewisham amongst huge piles of dust, DVDs and film soundtrack CDs, and is thinking of breaking into the flat next door so he can get more storage area. He is Welsh and does not own any cats.

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