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    Review for Auslogics Disk Defrag Pro

    7 / 10

    Auslogics Disk Defrag Pro is a new defrag tool designed to provide you with all you need to keep your system running in tip top condition.

    Defragmenting disks is a very boring subject, but something that's important if you want to keep your PC running at optimum speed. If you've ever been asked by a friend or relative why their computer is so slow, chances are they'll never have defragmented their disk drive...

    As our friends over at Wikipedia tell us, "in the maintenance of file systems, defragmentation is a process that reduces the amount of fragmentation. It does this by physically organising the contents of the mass storage device used to store files into the smallest number of contiguous regions (fragments). It also attempts to create larger regions of free space using compaction to impede the return of fragmentation. Some defragmentation utilities try to keep smaller files within a single directory together, as they are often accessed in sequence."

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    Not that exciting, but important. Auslogics Disk Defrag Pro has lots of options for defragmenting your disks, with various algorithms that you can use to work out which files should be written to which part of your drive, and other algorithms relating to solid state drives. If you're a power user, this will be interesting, but most people which probably just stick to the defaults which will do just fine. It will analyze your disk and show you lots of statistics about performance and fragmentation. Probably too many for most people. But you can save all of this into a profile, and then use it in the future.

    You can schedule the defragmentation system to look at files, folders or the whole drive, and it can run at any time you like, including during boot up. You can also tweak the amount of resources it uses, so that it can run in the background, gently moving things around whilst you carry on working. And you can also tell it to only run if you're on mains power if you're using a laptop.

    The free version has a few of these options available, but you really need the full version to access all of the interesting features available and take advantage of all the options. But it's worth installing the free version first to see how you'll get on with it. It's a very small installation, but it has plenty of features packed in to its small footprint.

    Definitely worth the money if you're trying to get as much performance as possible from your PC.

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