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    Anime Review Roundup (updated) (Article)

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    Added by: Jitendar Canth
    Added on: 2/1/2012 15:43

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    Created on Tuesday, 3rd January 2012, 15:39
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    • Change #1 - [b]Bye Bye Bandai... update[/b][b] <newline> <newline>[/b]Following yesterday[apost]s bombshell regarding Bandai Entertainement[apost]s retreat from distribution, Anime News Network has posted [url=""]an interview with Bandai Entertainment[apost]s Ken Iyadomi[/url] that states the reasons for, and the timeline leading up to the announcement. <newline> <newline>One thing becomes readily apparent. This was a corporate decision taken by Bandai[apost]s Japanese parent company, Namco Bandai Holdings to exit the US home video business last year, and had only a little to do with Bandai Entertainment[apost]s performance itself. As has happened before with companies like Geneon and ADV, it seems that the disconnect between Japanese expectations, and Western realities is just as wide as ever. US and European audiences want cheap and accessible product similar to locally produced entertainment, in half season and season boxsets. The Japanese model for selling anime is in low print run, expensively priced, and limited edition single volumes. As a US company with Japanese oversight, walking that tightrope proved too precarious by far for Bandai Entertainment. <newline>[b] <newline>Bandai E
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    Created on Monday, 2nd January 2012, 15:43
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