I don’t want no scrub. Oh wait, I do actually…

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Where’s me washboard? Eh? Where’s me washboard?

Well, it’s here, in the 21st century. The “Scrubba washbag” is essentially a modern washboard, inside what you may recognise as a dry bag. Designed for your laundry needs on the go, whether you are camping in the middle of not very much, or holidaying somewhere that you need to wash a few items but don’t really want to trek down to a launderette, this is a portable washing machine that won’t weigh you down. No need to try and recreate Tony Hawks’ “Round Ireland with a Fridge” with your Hotpoint Aquarius...

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The Scrubba washbag can be used on most of your clothes - thicker items such as jeans and jumpers might require a bit of extra effort, and things with zips/buttons/buckles need to be treated carefully, but if you just want to wash a few t-shirts or “smalls” then this might just fit the bill.

Setup and Use

Pretty simple stuff. Take it out of the packet and unroll. Fill with some water (around 3 litres is about right, and the bag has markings on the side to help) and some washing liquid (around a teaspoon ought to be enough). The water should be between 30-50°C for best results, so a normal hot tap will be more than enough for this. Then insert your clothes (a few t-shirts, pairs of undies and socks would be enough).

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Next roll down the bag and squeeze out as much air as possible, and then clip the top together. You then have a second chance to squeeze more air out using the valve on the side. Now it’s time for a bit of rub-a-dub-dub. Just thirty seconds of rubbing should be enough for a quick wash, but you can carry on for a few minutes for better results. You can even leave things to soak for a couple of hours if required.

You then rinse, and dry. And that’s all there is to it.

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It really is like a drybag with a washboard inside. But it does actually do a great job. It’s easy to use, it’s very lightweight, and it is great for travelling as it packs down very small. When using it, you really do need to squeeze as much air out as possible before rolling it up and then letting more air out. And it’s a great quick workout for you too.

Ideally, it could do with a small loop on the bottom to hang it out to dry, but that’s about the only minor issue there is with it. It is the perfect travelling companion to help you avoid over-packing - when you can wash a couple of days’ worth of clothes in a few minutes, there’s no need to worry that you haven’t got enough for your trip.

A great addition to your holiday packing list or camping inventory!

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