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[VIDEO] The Brothers Sun

mbilko (Elite) posted this on Thursday, 15th February 2024, 12:03

So haven't seen this mentioned anywhere and it's bloody fantastic, and best of all nothing like I expected. One minute its a brutal gangster flick, the next martial arts action, family drama, black comedy, serious and funny and the magnificent Michelle Yeoh shines (as usual) but the cast follow on brilliantly.

The family dynamics, all of them whether its mother and killer son, or dweeb son or between the brothers is just top class, the script is so clever and intricate with the culture clashes also shining on so many levels bringing a supreme amount of hilarity that breaks up the show which for me is 10/10, and thats without the nod to (I kid you not) bake off. highly recommended and definitely WWAW

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RE: [VIDEO] The Brothers Sun

mbilko (Elite) posted this on Thursday, 14th March 2024, 19:26

Forgot to mention finished this, eight excellent episodes, top notch from start to very enjoyable finish and even though they left a thread or 2 for a second season I read online that Netflix haven't picked it up and as much as I enjoyed it I am very happy for it to end on a high, Netflix users should definitely give this some love.

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