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Ange to Spurs

mbilko (Elite) posted this on Tuesday, 6th June 2023, 10:12

Absolutely gutted to see him go, the man was a breath of fresh air and this side played the most attractive football I have seen from any Celtic side.

Now unlike Rodgers I dont begrudge him this move even though I think 2 years is too short a time period to give us after we gave him his shot at the European dream he obviously craved, he is loved by both players and fans alike, very savvy with the media and while he seems laid back he is a no nonsense guy who shouldn't be crossed.

Now on to spurs, I dont like the side, never have but I think it was the biggest job he would be offered and I hope he proves the doubters wrong as he did in Scotland but I think he will have a clear out, his style while being very attacking is very very intensive and players without the attitude or work rate will be shown the door, starting I think with Kane who is the polar opposite of Kyogo Ange's first signing, or Maeda who's pace and workrate are already legendary at parkhead.

My worry is Ange will try to gut our side with Kyogo, Maeda, Jota and maybe even a return for CCV who has been nothing short of immense since he joined from spurs, add Hatate and god forbid Calmac (I dont think he would leave but I didn't think he would either) he's already trying to take the celtic back room staff which I believe celtic are fighting and it will be fascinating to see him go up against Klopp, Pep etc and how his Plan a (he doesn't have a plan b as seen in Europe where he attacked everyone) plays out in the EPL.

Whatever happens it will be interesting to say the least and if spurs leave him to it and back him I dont see any reason he won't at least improve Spurs, at best give the fans reason to believe they can be a credible force they should be for a club their size.

Finally Knuttsen is my choice for a replacement, Moyes and Rodgers I wouldn't want

RE: Ange to Spurs

Snaps (Elite) posted this on Tuesday, 6th June 2023, 14:13

Where managerial careers go to die.

I don't know a lot about him but I do know there's lots of Aussie Arsenal fans who are not pleased as he's well liked.
How he does is going to depend, as it did with all his predecessors, on Levy.

I don't think Levy wants to sell Kane and it wouldn't surprise me to see him stay. I'm sure the fans will love that but if anything is going to improve that club it will involve a massive rebuild not trying to recruit to build around a striker who won't be getting any better at 30 years old.

Either way I won't be putting the popcorn away just yet. 


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RE: Ange to Spurs

mbilko (Elite) posted this on Saturday, 2nd September 2023, 22:53

So quick question for the neutrals out there, how you liking angeball then 👍

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mbilko (Elite) posted this on Sunday, 17th September 2023, 05:54

Manager of the month and guessing he's made a similar connection to the spurs fans he made to ours :)

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