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PlanetAxel Goes Bust

Mark Oates (Reviewer) posted this on Tuesday, 19th June 2012, 01:29

If you`ve never heard of PlanetAxel, you`re not alone, but apparently the company was one of the favoured DVD retailers for the Blu-ray.Com crowd and one or two other forums.

Yesterday the company was put out of its misery by filing for bankruptcy and closing.  A lot of folks with preorders are spitting bricks about getting their CC`s refunded.

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RE: PlanetAxel Goes Bust

pat-w (Elite) posted this on Tuesday, 19th June 2012, 02:17

I`ve used them loads, but not for a while now.
Most of my discs are still dvd, but when I buy now, I tend to buy blu-ray most of the time.
Axel were my retailer of choice for the American blu-ray titles that were not region locked.

I always checked the price of the five disc Blade Runner blu-ray when I was ordering something else, but never did buy it.
Guess I`ll have to use Amazon USA if I ever get round to ordering it now.
The choice now seems to be using either Amazon USA/Canada or WowHD.
Most of the other outlets I`ve used in the past seem to have gone.

I can`t remember the last time I ordered a non-region two dvd.
I guess I have at least 400 titles that are not region two, but at the time, price & extras not available here were the main reason for buying other region discs. And sometimes you could get a movie before it was released in the UK. Not very often, but it did happen a few times.
That doesn`t seem to be the case any more.

Most dvd`s are "cheap" somewhere within about 4 months of release.
The only exception to that seems to be the comic book movies.
The price does drop eventually, but I`ve been waiting for the price to drop on Thor triple play but nine months after release its still over £27.
Oddly the 3d release is under £20, but as I think its doubtful I will ever buy a 3d tv, so I can`t see the point in buying a blu-ray with a 3D disc included.

Blimey, I`ve just read back that ramble, in case you might not have guessed, I`ve got insomnia! :-D 
My laptops battery is dying, bye for now.

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RE: PlanetAxel Goes Bust

Jitendar Canth (Reviewer) posted this on Tuesday, 19th June 2012, 11:20

Aww crap. They were really good too. Useful in that  they`d list which Blu-rays were region free.

Having said that, I hadn`t actually got round to ordering from them, although I had registered. It`s just one of those companies that I thought would be around when I needed them.

Jitendar Canth

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RE: PlanetAxel Goes Bust

admars (Elite) posted this on Tuesday, 19th June 2012, 12:03

one of those companies I forgot about, but used a few times when ppl posted specific deals I was interested in. Shame as they were good :(

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