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PlayUSA is back, kind of

Jitendar Canth (Reviewer) posted this on Monday, 28th March 2011, 13:39

PlayUSA is up and trading again

But before you get excited and start rubbing your hands at getting those bargains in, it`s just the name only.

PlayUSA is now owned by directtou, the same people who bought out DVD Pacific.

The only prices on the site are in US dollars now, and there`s a $5 P&P charge going up a couple of dollars for each additional item.

The one item I was looking for was $2 more at PlayUSA than DVD Pacific. For what it`s worth.

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RE: PlayUSA is back, kind of

Robee J Shepherd (undefined) posted this on Monday, 28th March 2011, 14:45

Looks horrible :( Thanks for the heads up tho, wouldn`t want to try and log in with an account that probably wouldn`t work. ;)


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