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Cyberhome ADM-512 Advice

NiVZ (Competent) posted this on Wednesday, 14th November 2001, 09:41

Wanted some advice on the Cyberhome ADM-512 as I need to find a player that has:

Macrovision Off
A black case

I have a few questions though:

Is the MP3 quality any good?
Is the firmware update easy enough?
Can you record Region 1 to VHS (ie does it convert NTSC to PAL)?



RE: Cyberhome ADM-512 Advice

dusty321 (Elite) posted this on Wednesday, 14th November 2001, 22:55

It can be made into a Multi Region machine with a firmware downgrade, Plays MP3, Plays (S)VCD, Macro off with FW Downgrade.

MP3 Quality as I have found it is very good, Firmware Downgrade is easy, Just burn it to CDR and yes it does convert NTSC to PAL.

Its a great player for the price!

RE: Cyberhome ADM-512 Advice

sparks (Harmless) posted this on Monday, 26th November 2001, 20:14

I`m comtemplating getting this DVD player, given up waiting for the 528.
What firmware version do you have to downgrade from?
On the hacks page on this site it states ver 9.8 or less but it seems 9.8 it the latest!
After executing the hack do you just enter the numbers mentioned here to change the region?

RE: Cyberhome ADM-512 Advice

dusty321 (Elite) posted this on Tuesday, 27th November 2001, 00:30

I downgraded mine from v9.9 to v8.0, According to many sites there is no loss of anything by downgrading and it is recommended, But you gain Macro off and Multi Region.

Easy to get the firmware file, Burn the file to CD and then slap it in your machine type 6,7 Sel on remote and the screen will say Firmware upgrade, I had another message over that saying Wrong Version but it updated anyway, Took about a minuite and hay presto one region, macro hacked machine. Thay are great value for money.

If you have any probs getting the Firmware disk let me know and you can loan mine if you want, 100% working copy!

RE: Cyberhome ADM-512 Advice

RichardH (Elite) posted this on Tuesday, 27th November 2001, 07:24

The player comes with v9.9, you can downgrade to v9.8. I didn`t get the wrong version message when I did mine, but as Dusty says, it all works fine. Not had a single problem disc yet.
See this site for more info, and get the firmware on this page - I used the A009.8 version.

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