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VCD playing/menu help

ajay2103 (Harmless) posted this on Thursday, 18th July 2002, 15:58

I have a H&B5415s and I`m having a few probs with VCD`s. I can`t get VCD slideshows to play. How do I get to the main menus etc. Also some VCD`s come up with like an explorer file browser and I can`t get them to play.

Any ideas of what I needs to do?


RE: VCD playing/menu help

MicoMan (Elite) posted this on Thursday, 18th July 2002, 21:44

Have a look here

RE: VCD playing/menu help

Ravimann (Competent) posted this on Friday, 19th July 2002, 19:16

You need Nero 5.9 it works a treat for me you have to make sure u create a standard cd. vcdhelp is very good.


RE: VCD playing/menu help

ajay2103 (Harmless) posted this on Tuesday, 23rd July 2002, 21:33

Thanks for the advise.... Will try it and let you know!

RE: VCD playing/menu help

NiVZ (Competent) posted this on Thursday, 25th July 2002, 13:42

Does it have to be Nero 5.9?

I`ve tried it with Nero and with no luck.


RE: VCD playing/menu help

Telboy10 (Competent) posted this on Wednesday, 2nd October 2002, 08:13

I am having a problem playing a VCD photo slide show on Schneidner DVD (same machine as Hitachi HTDK 150 Home cinema system) player. I scanned the photos on my computer, saved them as JPEGS. I created the VCD using Nero 5.59, it works great on my daughters Dansai 852 but for some reason will not play on my player. It recognises the disc as VCD then just stops. I have tried using both CDRW`s and CDR`s but without success. I have visited but I cannot find any information to explain my problem. My player is supossed to play any format - CD/VCD/SVCD/CDR/CDRW....

I would appreciate any help anyone can offer.


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