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[VIDEO] Damaged

mbilko (Elite) posted this on Saturday, 13th April 2024, 09:59

Well this was excellent :) a real surprise with excellent writing and acting set in Scotland and was like dropping Sam Jackson into a top class BBC murder mystery cop show, tried to tip the nod to Seven I feel and was cracking to see some well known Scottish faces get a Hollywood movie under their belts. John Hannah admittedly a favourite of mine at his scene stealing best and Gianni Capaldi who also wrote it just fabulous 

So as good as the writing was I thought 
The seven nod made it obvious the wife was getting it and made the murderer obvious
and then
turns out the murderer wasn't quite so obvious and the ending was typical BBC and anti Hollywood and thats no bad thing

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RE: [VIDEO] Damaged

sj (Elite) posted this on Saturday, 13th April 2024, 18:31

Was it a surprise because you liked it despite it being pretty much panned everywhere so you weren't expecting to - or that you knew nothing about it so it was a nice surprise?


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RE: [VIDEO] Damaged

mbilko (Elite) posted this on Saturday, 13th April 2024, 22:53

didn't know a thing but Jackson and Hannah both favourites of mine and Scottish backdrop was enough for me

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