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[VIDEO] Justice League

admars (Elite) posted this on Tuesday, 26th July 2016, 11:38

A report on the radio from Comic Con suggested they've added some humour that was missing from Superman v Batman.

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Chris Gould (Elite) posted this on Tuesday, 26th July 2016, 12:15

Thereby making it tonally incongruous with the previous Murderverse films. DC hasn't got a clue what its doing with its theatrical properties...

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[VIDEO] RE:Justice League

admars (Elite) posted this on Saturday, 25th March 2017, 20:33

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Robee J Shepherd (undefined) posted this on Saturday, 25th March 2017, 21:22

No Superman?


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enemyonpc (Elite) posted this on Sunday, 26th March 2017, 14:10

Yeah about that..............see DoJ

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[VIDEO] RE:Justice League

admars (Elite) posted this on Sunday, 23rd July 2017, 19:55

let's chuck more stuff into it... ;)

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mbilko (Elite) posted this on Saturday, 18th November 2017, 06:37

Well as i was on a late and finished at 23:00 i thought why not go to the midnight showing and wish i hadn't bothered to be honest, I really don't know how you can make Superman and Batman completely boring inconsequential characters, the others, well Wonder Woman was ok, Aquaman completely wrong in pretty much every way possible, Flash...god how annoying was he, the Cyborg (can't even remember his name) a whining bitch and the bad guy....well it didn't need the JL to take him out, WW probably could, Superman certainly could and i have literally no clue after watching the movie what Batman, Cyborg, Aquaman did to actually add to the defeat of the protagonist? All in all I would imagine that this will kill any hope for a DC Universe, I certainly hope so.

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sj (Elite) posted this on Saturday, 3rd March 2018, 10:56

What a disjointed, boring, humourless pile of s*** that was. Random stuff happening to characters you had no interest in in randomly introduced places you couldn't care less about.
Truly awful.


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admars (Elite) posted this on Thursday, 21st May 2020, 07:28

still not seen it, but this has been long rumoured to exist/not exist:

Zack Snyder’s ‘Justice League’ Is Coming To HBO MaxQuote:
It has taken several years, but director Zack Snyder will finally have his justice — a whole league of it. Today the filmmaker announced Warner Bros. will finally release Snyder’s long-awaited — and long debated — cut of his DC Comics superhero team-up picture Justice League.

[VIDEO] RE:Justice League

Pete-MK (Elite Donator) posted this on Saturday, 22nd August 2020, 22:32

Speaking of which:

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