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I`m another person who needs hack, surly there must be one?

RE: Gamestation @ Blockbuster

For anyone who didn`t know Blockbuster owns Gamestation, hence the intore concesions. There is a list of Blockbuster with Gamestation concesions on the Gamestation website (

For Sale: MCA 25 Sony Ericcson Camera - Psion Revo PDA - Nokia 3310 + Data Cable

Upgading some things so the items below are for sale. Prices are negotable but don`t prices don`t include postage.

Psion Revo 8MB
VGC, Boxed and includes Charger, Docking Station, CD, Manual & Psion Leather Case (case cosmetically damaged). Details on Psion website:

Sony Ericsson MCA-25 Camera Attachment
As new, only used literally once. Includes instructions and leather pouch but isn`t boxed (originaly came boxed with phone). Fits Sony Ericsson T300, T68/T68i and possibly other phones. This is the better of the two Ericsson camera modals and includes Zoom (when used with compatible phone). Detils are on the Sony Ericsson website:

Nokia 3310 + Data Cable & £30 Of Ringtone/Logo Vouchers
This phone looks as new. Boxed inc instructions, Brand New Genuine Nokia Cover and a New Battery (replaced last week under warranty). Also included is an original Nokia Charger (not Mint) and a 3rd Party Data Cable and 6X £5 02 Ringtone/Logo Vouchers
The phone is Sim Free and works on any network.

Advertised elswhere

RE: Gamecube RGB cable mmm...

Three reasons I can think of:

1. It`s an improvement over the old RF lead
2. It allows the majorty of people to connect to their TV/VCR without problems.
3. It`s an easy way to make money, it`s like the memory card, whay isn`t that essential item included?

RE: For Sale: Creative Labs Sound Blaster Live 5.1 Digital NEW and BOXED! Retail

You can get one for £9.99 from Staples. Just use their 150% price match and match their £69.99 card with PC Worlds £29.99 card :)

RE: For Sale: Brand New Gamecube Memory Cards

Sorry about the appalling spelling, I normally spell-check.

For Sale: Brand New Gamecube Memory Cards

Brand New 4MB (59 Blocks) Memory Cards for Nintendo Gamecubes. Unoffial ones, Made by Interact, fully Packaged and Unopened. £3-00 Each + P&P at cost.

I`m also selling these on ebay

RE: Sega Mega Drive +26games will swap for dvd`s

Are you anywhere near Doncaster, I could be intrested for cash but P&P would make it too expensive.

For Sale: Rocky (PS2) - Sealed + Psone TFT Screen & Rechargeable Battery Pack (Brand New)

Rocky for Playstation 2 - Brand New & Sealed £30 inc

4"TFT Colour Screen and Rechargeable Battery Pack for Sony Psone console (Includes AV in so should work other things apart from Psones).

Both items are Brand New, unused and sealed. They are made by Wild things and sell for £69.99 and £24.99 each on Would take £70 for Collection or + P&P (about 3KG) Or I would do the screen alone for £50 + P&P

RE: cheap GC stuff

Also try, for extra andor differnet discounts.

RE: Tivo under a ton at Dixons (online only)

Use code`s:

YAW01 for 7% discount on anything
aff20 on orders of £200+
aff50 on orders over £500+

None can be used together.

RE: DV Camcorder £99.50. One for the kiddies ??

Hasn`t anyone realised these camera`s are *****. They use CMOS sensors, the same as £20 webcams. Also the 128Mbit is only what `normal` cameras call 16MB.

Kodak are doing some good deals online at the moment. A fun kids camera, MP3 player and Vid cam for £29.99 and they are doing Refurbs with full 12 month guarantee for £99.99 & £129.99.

The latter camera includes 2.2 megapixle, optical zoom CF card slot and Video mode. etc etc;jsessionid=TF4LJHM00M0VBQHIO3JHWGQ?CATID=7936

RE: Bargain Crazy TV DVD VCR and Dolby HiFi £500

It wouldn`t surprise me if this is MY package. I ordered this about 3 weeks ago DVD Player Included for £480!

However, one of the items was stolen from the couriers depot after they attempted delivery while I was out. I never found out which item was missing and instead of being offered the remaining package for a discount, they instead offered me an alternative higher priced package which I declined.

So I`m sure what`s on sale is my package minus the DVD Player and £20 more expensive! People who actually received their products on The DVD Forums, were not really happy. Everything was old and older modals and there was problems with the scart on the TV.

RE: 8 in 1 Remote Control £7.99 at Aldi

Does anyone know if this remote control will work with Telewest Digital (Cable)

Almost dead cert that it won`t.

RE: Dixons XL half price opening offers

Why are dixons opening `superstores`? I thought that was what Currys and PC Worlds were for?

RE: Laptop for less that £270 !!!

As ASAD quotes in his post,

"The Mirrors article says that Trading Standards have said "We`ll look into the matter if enough customers come forward.". So it might be worth contacting Trading Standards if you ordered one to make up the numbers"

So can everyone who ordered one please contact Trading Standards, either your local one or this one which is the Trading Standards office that covers Simply


RE: ITV Digital - £79.99

I personaly wouldn`t touch pace box with a 6ft barge pole and you would have to force to pay £7.90 for an wx ITV Box, let alone £79!

Nice to see someone else on the froums Doncaster.

RE: Lidl Computer Bargain

But is £700 for a base unit such a bargain now?

RE: HMV sale - details clayts??

HMV at Meadowhall Started their sale last night ????

Saw a few Cheepies -

VHS The Matrix and Snatch £5 each

DVD Jurassic Park & Lost World £15 - Indiana Jones Trilogy £20

CD`s Hear Say Popstars £2 (i bought this one) And Fat Boy Slim (newest one) £3

Game Cube - Driven £20 (£15 @ Play) - 18 Wheeler £30

PC Bugs and Taz Game £3

RE: 10% off all products on Dixons website...

The code is an email didcount and so can be used by going directly to .

RE: argos sony dvd bargain!!!

Isn`t this the one Bargaincrazy were selling a few moths ago for £149.99?

RE: FREE Sony J70 with FREE 12 Months Line Rental

An alternative is , It offers a Motorola v50 (which looks as crap as the sony) a really cheep camera but a better tarrif.

£13.99 per month inc billing, 600 minuites off-Peak and 50 text messages per month (100 for first 6 months). Being on Vodafone, the phone is usulay unlocked.

You only get 9 months free line rental but you will gain on the better tarrif and Dialaphone is quite a welknown company, I have had mobiles off them in 1997 and my currunt mobile from which I have revied my 6 months line rental, refunded directly into my bank account.

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Well we can asume the staff all got cheep deals :)

PS2 + WRC Game For £191 inc Delivery (with voucher or £201 without)

PS2 + WRC Game £191 with a £10 John Lewis Voucher (£201 without). It`s the Cheepest PS2 I have seen and it includes a Game! :)

PS2 =
Voucher =

This item was edited on Tuesday, 11th June 2002, 17:47

RE: FREE Sony J70 with FREE 12 Months Line Rental

Does anyone know about this comapany? Sure they have a flashy website but wht`s to say they won`t go bust before they send you your cheque?

RE: Kodak Style Price Mistakes????????????

"We have thousands of titles from which you can choose. Either run a search on the title you`re after or browse the different genres available - and don`t forget, you can choose from CDs, DVDs and videos! Then add it to your shopping basket. You can choose five titles - and again, remember, we`ll only charge you £3.50 each, plus p & p of only £3.00 for all 5"

I ran a search and chose the DVD`s I wanted. By doing the latter as most people will confirm I have all but signed my life away. I have to agree to buy at least 6 Full price titles I chose X-files and Star Trek TNG, whats to say I won`t purchase the other 6 seasons of TNG at £85 each or the other 7 or 8 seasons of the Xfiles at £££. Of cause I could buy 6 £6.99 VHS titles but how do they know what i`ll buy?

They have clearly adverised the titles I ordered from there site as being available to new or existing members, If it was a mistake then whay arn`t all seasons of TNG and X-files included?......Mabee this goes back to what I said above, they tempt you with TNG or X-Files at £3.50 each and exepct that you will continue to buy the whole of the series.

I have not at all abused their offer, I am simply taking advange of such a great offer! (and I thought othe people might have too?)

RE: Kodak Style Price Mistakes????????????

I have just recieved my order! It`s only 4 months late!

And The W*****S have still sent out the wrong DVDs!

After about 4 failed orders which the Music Store claim to have `lost` I placed an order for -

Price: 84.99

Price: 24.99

Price: 89.99

Price: 39.99

Title: Harry Potter And The Philosophers Stone
Price: 22.99

Remeber all the above should have been £3.50 each + P&P and were all open to oder by none members!

I recieved -

Gone In 60 Seconds
The Rock
Goodfellas (Standard 1 disk)
Preador - New Special Edition

I have now placed an oreder for waht i want (and told tham i`ll take theese as my introductory products) and told them to send a prepaid lable or Courier for the other DVD`s.

Anyone else recieved any orders or have thir orders lost or refused?

Auction: Balck GBA 5 Game + Extras Bundle Worth £250

[+P]£135.00[-P][+D]09-Jun-02 15:15:22 BST[-D][+I]2030260312[-I]

See Ebay for full description but it`s basicly a Balck GBA + 5 Games + Accesories. Games inc Mario World (Mario Advance 2), Mario Kart and Harry Potter. £135

RE: Money Off Everything at Virgin Shops Tomorrow!.....

Well thanks to Beckham its 5% already.