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Police Squad on DVD - A Petition

So Paramount have decided to release Top Secret on DVD. But what about that classic television show POLICE SQUAD.

Surely its time for a release on DVD for this wonderful series.

Sign my petition at to get this released before the guys at Paramount forget about it.



Simpsons on DVD

Got Simpsons Season 1 Boxset (Region 1) for Xmas. Hooray!!!

Only thing is the 2nd disc was bloody missing....(SOB SOB). Sister got it for me from Play 247, has anyone else had this problem?

Top Secret! Extras

Hello there

has anyone got any news of the extras on Paramount`s upcoming DVD release of Top Secret! I heard it was gonna come out next March and was hoping that they would have similar extras to those on Rat Race. (Yes the film was a bit poor but the disc sounds amazing!!)

Hope you can help


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Hot Shots & Hot Shots Part Deux / Top Secret!/Police Squad

Three questions that I desperately need answers to.

1/ What the hell has happened to Hot Shots/Hot Shots Part Deux? It was released one week and according to both and it has been deleted. WHY OH WHY!!!!!!

2/ Does anyone know when Top Secret is gonna be released? They`ve released all the other ZAZ movies on DVD. What about this LOST classic?

3/ What about Police Squad? This series is ideal for a DVD release having only 6 episodes.

Come on release these gems.



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RE: Superman & Wharfedale 750 - A Warning

Finally got my M5 from a different Tescos. Think I got the bloke from the Tescos from the other branch the sack though. He wasnt supposed to offer me an exchange player..oh well.

Superman is RCE..I found out after I wrote my orignal message. Havent tried all my discs yet (Matrix etc) to see if this player has a problem.

Thank God this is all over...might buy myself Superman 2 as a treat!!!!



Superman & Wharfedale 750 - A Warning

Warning...I received Superman today but it doesnt play on my Wharfedale 750 (first or second generation..over a year old).

On the first side of the disc the copyright notices play but after them the player shuts down (the same as with the LA Confidential Features menu).

On the second side (the special features) the menu comes up but you cant enter them.

The disc works fine on my sisters 750S though.

Think the disc may be RCE as on my RCE there is a different copyright notice on it than on my sisters player.

Trying to get Tescos to swap it for a DVD-M5 but the bloke at Customer Services says they have stopped dealing with Wharfedale. This is despite the fact that on their website they have M5s for sale...I think they are getting anoyed with Wharfedale and are trying to exchange LG3000 instead

Anyone else have a problem with Superman???


Wharfedale DVD-M5 Vs LG 3000E

Like many people I have had problems with my current DVD player, the Wharfedale 750, playing LA Confidential.
Taking advice from various sources I took the player into my local Tescos to see if they could give me a firmware upgrade.
The bloke in Tescos said that rather than send it off to have the firmware patch inserted it would be more cost effective to replace the player with a new one. He told me though that Tescos no longer stock Wharfedale players but he would replace it with the LG 3000E.
Looking at and reading websites it appears that Tescos have just bought out the Wharfedale DVD-M5 - is he lying????

I have sent an e-mail to Tescos to explain that I would rather have a DVD-M5 than a LG 3000E, as I have a large collection of Region 1 discs and am worried that these may not work.

Can someone please tell me the hack for the LG 3000E (if they wont give me DVD-M5?

Also, does either the DVD-M5 or LG 3000E have problems with the following discs?


Toy Story Box Set


X Men
LA Confidential
Scary Movie
RCE discs in general

Thank you for reading this rather long message