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RE: S-Video to Scart auto switching ?

Thanks Mike.

I do have a multi-region Sony DVP-NS400D dvd player also, but would you believe it, the remote control for that interferes with the operation of the DAVS-S880 !

The Sony technical help team couldn`t suggest anything as they commented that the infra-red frequencies used by the remotes could not be altered.

My fault I guess for having 2 dvd players from the same company !


S-Video to Scart auto switching ?

Hi all,

I have the following kit :-

Toshiba 32Z23B television
Sony DAV-S880 A/V dvd + amplifier

I can connect S-Video equipment (like the DAVS) to the Tosh TV via Scart 2. However, I would like the TV to automatically switch to Scart 2 when I switch the DAVS unit on. I do not use the amp when wathcing normal tv.

Is there a S-Video to Scart cable out there that will work the way I want ?



RE: Region 1 vs Region 2 running times

That`s just the ticket cheers !!

Region 1 vs Region 2 running times

A simple question for those in the know...

Given 2 DVDs, same film, one region 1, the other region 2, neither of which have been "apparantly" been cut, why should there be any difference in the running times between the two ?

The duration of region 1 moves always seems to be that little bit more than region 2`s - is it anything to do with the frames per second difference between PAL and NTSC - if so, how can I gauge what the gap should be to determine whether or not a Region 2 has been cut ???

cheers and a happy new year to you all !!

Chipped Sony DVD players Good Value

Check out

Good prices for multi-region Sony DVD players (300 @ 159 GBP, 400 @ 199 GBP etc.)

I have a 400, ordered on-line and delivered 2 days later (10 GBP delivery). It plays all my region one`s and my RCE discs too.

Anyone wishing to visit can do so they have a walk-in store in Brum.

Eric Cartman (Beefcake)

RE: sony HTK 215

go for it... great piece of kit for the money and it doesn`t take up much space like many of the others.

looks the biz too !!

my neighbours hate my guts because of it. wicked !!

RE: Problem with Sony Htk-215

With a big bone in my ass.

Don`t take any crap from Unbeatable - if you have a recent receipt and they refuse to deal with the problem, then I`m sure Trading Standards would be interested. Kick up a fuss, and they`ll soon back down.

I`m a real annoying git at most retailers - but it always pays !!

Fat Ass

RE: r warfey tv`s any good?

I too have a CTV-850 which is the only widescreen model released by Wharfedale not to have any technical faults or issues.

For me it performs like a dream and it compares well to a number of more expensive tv`s I`ve seen in mates` houses. For the money you`re talking about you can`t go wrong.

There is a supposed issue over the sub-standard tuner - but, call me blind, I never noticed a problem while I was receiving an analogue signal. Now that I`m on digital it`s not an issue at all.

I`ve got it hooked up to a (fully functional !) Wharfedale M5 dvd player and Wharfedale VCR -950 6-head video recorder - which together only come to 550 quid at rrp - excellent value for money in anyone`s book.

RE: Problem with Sony Htk-215

Hi Stiggy

I`ve had my 215 now for a few months and haven`t experienced anything like that - in fact I`ve had no problems whatsoever, so my advice is to dig out the receipt and exhange/get a refund.

It certainly isn`t a trait of the machine - if it were, it wouldn`t have had the good reviews it has received, particularly on this forum.

Eric "Beefcake" Cartman

Picture too far left (Region 1 thru RGB scart)

I have a Wharfedale M5 hooked up to a Wharfedale CTV 850 widescreen tele thru a scart connection with RGB output selected.

Something common which I`ve seen occur on different setup`s also is that when playing Region 1 dvds the picture shifts to the left about an inch. To avoid a more severe problem (jerkiness on playback) Multisync output has been selected as oppose to PAL for TV type.

Region 2 (PAL) dvds are fine for position.

Any ideas what might be causing this shift and is it something I have to accept or is there a workaround that doesn`t compromise my correct Region 2 setup ?


RE: Sony home theatre kit (HTK 215)

The HTK 215 does not come with the necessary optical lead (another 15 quid !)

RE: Wharfedale 750 Stuttering

Personally I set the output of my Wharfedale M5 to `Multi` given that it will send whatever format the dvd is (PAL or NTSC) and I set video output to `Scart` and `RGB` (separate menu options).

To use this method however you must ensure your TV scart socket is capable of accepting an RGB signal otherwise you`ll get a non-stuttering picture alright, but i`ll be b&w. This had me stumped for ages until I switched the scart inputs around (my Wharfedale CTV850 has 2 - the second of which isn`t suitable).

Hope this helps.

RE: Wharfedale DVD-M5 Vs LG 3000E

What hasn`t helped is the fact that Wharfedale fine tuned the firmware on the 750 and latterly the 750S and ended up with 5 ever-so-slightly different machines that outwardly all looked identical.

Certainly the original 750 had problems (including The Matrix) but my 3rd generation (!) 750 didn`t !! This causes a hell of alot of confusion in most people given that they will believe the same dvd player is being considered each time when in fact it isn`t.

I just hope they don`t do the same with the M5 ... (he says touching as much wood as humanly possible).

RE: Wharfedale DVD-M5 Vs LG 3000E

I obtained an M5 today having previously owned a 750.

I was aware of the drive problem on some units, but throughout my extensive testing of my entire collection today I have observed no problems whatsoever.

I can also honestly say that it is an improvement on the previous model, and not just in terms of it`s extra onboard features (the decoder is not used given that i have an external av amp) but in terms of looks, speed (menu navigation, chapter switching etc.) and overall operational slickness.

I would recommend it to anyone looking for a decent player under 200 quid - just remember to keep the receipt in a safe place just in case you get a duff one.

Tesco`s are very good at refunding/exchanging so as far as i`m concerned there is no risk in buying this machine.

RE: Sony home theatre kit (HTK 215)


My room is roughly the same size (3m x 5m), and I live in an apartment - and I`m the most unpopular neighbour around since I bought the Sony kit.

So do it, you know you want to !

Eric "Beekcake" Cartman

RE: Sony home theatre kit (HTK 215)

Yep, 20 feet is about right, maybe a touch more - more than enough for most, certainly i`ve got loads spare.

Snafu: Thanks for the speaker stands tip - i`ll check them out

RE: Sony home theatre kit (HTK 215)

The HTK 215 can handle DTS as well as the bog standard Dolby Digital and Pro Logic.

The kit itself comprises of the amp itself which you connect (via an optical link) to the DVD, 5 satellite speakers (2 front, 1 centre and 2 rear) in addition to a smart silver box which is the subwoofer.

I bought one on Monday, and it is excellent value for money.

And yes, there are outputs from the amp to TV, video and external audio devices (again through an optical link for the latter).

Hope this helps !!