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RE: Samsung 511 wins over LG3200 sell Samsung511 only £134.99

RE: Wharfedale DVD-M5 Vs LG 3000E

LG3000E is multi-region and VCD hackable, see for more LG DVD players informations.

RE: DVD LG3200

LG3000E CAN`T CD/Rs but plays original pressed VCDs.

LG3350E can play CD/R, CD/RW, MP3 also with onboard D.D5.1 decoder. More informations about LGs can be found from

Philips 701/711 also a good quality player with dual laser pick-ups can play CD/Rs, but NO pseudo PAL mode, ie you get a black & white or distorted picture with NTSC playback on a PAL TV.

There are some players can do CD/Rs around £180 such as JVC-XV-522, PIoneer DV530 etc. Because plays CD/R need a dual laser pick-ups, so the price is higher but in general better sound & picture quality.

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RE: DVD LG3200

The LG3200E can`t play CD/R or VCD only plays DVD and audio CD. If you want to play CD/R then look for those player with dual laser pickups.

RE: Brother`s looking at new Wharfedale M5 - any pointers ?


You can fine out some informations of M5 from Clayton`s website

The Wharfedale M5 is a rebadged Sampo DVE360 made from Taiwan, Sampo have a history of picture pulsing, some reported the M5 also this problem. I want to buy a M5 before but this problem scare me off.

The LG3350E have all the functions of M5 but not the SVCD, very good picture, a lot of informations can be found from
price from £190 to £250. Those websits who sell at £190 always run out of stock, Currys got some but ask for £250.

Well most DVD players got gold connectors, and hackable.

RE: How to disable Macrovision in a LG video machine and JMB 3000 DVD player?

You can try the sonel cable to filter out the macrovision from at £24.99, I have not tried it yet.

RE: How to disable Macrovision in a LG video machine and JMB 3000 DVD player?


As far as I know macrovision hack not found out yet on LG DVDs, however some reported macrovision free out from the box. I can`t found any external disabler gives totally satisfy result.

RE: cheap, dodgy, bargain bucket DVD players, which one?


I recommend the LG3000E, the picture quality is better than the LG3200E thanks to the C-Cube ZiVA-4.1 MPEG A/V decoder, LG3200E use the earlier version ZiVA 3 decoder. Both model multi region hackable, and 3000E VCD hackable as well, don`t try VCD hack on LG3200E!!!

Sound quality should be very good if you connect to a Dolby Prologic TV, this model is the younger brother of the well known LG3350E, details can be found at Tesco sell at £149.99.

Good luck

RE: Anyone Have a reason not to buy a Philips 711? did the Philips 701 special offer £149.99 from 5 April, I still saw it last night but it gone this morning! Sorry if I disappointed you.

RE: Anyone Have a reason not to buy a Philips 711?

I just reveived a Philips DVD701 from at £149.99 + £4 next day delivery. The case and the technical spec are the same as DVD711 apart from no S-video o/p, no Optical Digital o/p. This machine (711 as well) do not have the QUASI-PAL mode, NTSC DVD playback on a PAL TV will have B/W or distorted picture.