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RE: Aviva`s Reattribution and Fund Transfer

Many thanks for reminding me to do something about this. I think policy holders are being totally screwed on this but the Policy holder Advocate seems to have done an exceptional job and actually tried to protect people like you and me rather than just agreeing with Aviva.

Her conclusion is - I believe that Aviva's proposals are in the interests of all eligible policyholders in that: - you have a cash offer that for the great majority is more than you might reasonably expect to receive from future special distributions from the inherited estates

So take the money and run :)

RE: So, anybody going to vote today

Yup voted Green although I was tempted by the Roman Party - Ave

Wanted something pro European but not Lib Lab or Con

RE: Laptop broken after 2 weeks

I don`t think the first sentence is quite right but otherwise spot on.

The key is to legally reject the goods. You are entitled to a refund or a replacement - do not accept a repair.

The most important thing is to do it quickly

RE: The Wire Season 1-4 £9.99 each

Got my copy of Season 4 last Thursday from them. Came via Singapore and required a signature from the postman. It`s Region 2+4

RE: 1 month free DVD rental, plus £7.50 cashback thru quidco.

I got £17 from lovefilm via Quidco - never quite worked out why but it has been paid!

RE: Hitchcock 14 Disc Set £17.99

Great films at a great price but the aspect ratios are all over the place. Some are widescreen others have been cropped from that to 4:3. In fairness a few were originally in this format

RE: Playing music wirelessly around the house...

Logitech Squeezebox - really pleased with mine

RE: Choices UK

They used to be really good but I had exactly the same problem recently. Ordered the Orange Box for PC at admittedly a very very good price. No email confirmation and they appear to have lost one of my orders.

You can ring up and they are pretty helpful but I have lost all confidence in them

UPDATE - Just cancelled my order without telling me. Quote `I should have had a letter` :(

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RE: Some questions for any fellow guitar players....

Yes - I would second Strings Direct and D`Addarrio Strings.

I bought three sets for about £10 some weeks ago and they are excellent

This item was edited on Monday, 21st July 2008, 12:14

RE: What`s the best biscuit?

Without a doubt Dark Chocolate Leibniz

RE: Changing broadband providers, help please?

BT Broadband is fine when it`s working but if anything goes wrong (and I`m talking about at their end and not your pc or router) they are the worst company I have ever come across.

They have screwed my connection up twice and in each case it took them four weeks to reconnect me.

In fairness I hear similar stories about Tiscali sky Talk Talk Virgin etc

RE: Free spyware protection

Had a major problem the other day with the Malwarrior virus - Spybot Search and destroy sorted it out brilliantly

Happy Feet £1.99 at Play

Don`t know if this is any good I suspect the kids will enjoy it :/

Where has Damages gone tonight?

I`m enjoying this but half way through it`s not on tonight :(

RE: Simple Backup program - any recommendations

Thanks guys. Essentially I want to back up My Documents and the sub folders plus a few other folders scattered over the pc to an external hard drive.

Later wanted to back up just changes to those folders

Hadn`t thought of Briefcase - I`ll have a look

Many thanks

Simple Backup program - any recommendations

I`m looking for a simple backup program which backs up the files specified but not in a compressed form.

I`m not looking for an entire system restore just something which duplicates the files and next time can check for additions or changes

Thanks :D

Quite a few DVDs for £1.99 at Blah Dvd

A real mixture of stuff here which may be of interest

RE: - never again!!!

I`d like to endorse the above. I ordered the Illusionist for a good price - it did eventually arrive (three weeks) but everything about this company and its procedures dismays me. I would never order from them again

Domestic & General Drainage and Plumbing Cover

I`ve had almost a week of waiting in for this company`s agents to turn up and unblock the drains.

Endless `they`re on their way` with no one turning up followed by a sudden `you`re not covered`. How they have formed this opinion I do not known but if seems to be based on if the pressure hose doesn`t work its not our problem.

My advice - don`t use them

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Romanzo Criminale £5.97

At Amazon. Good film for a good price!

RE: Paris Hilton jail sentence

So let me get this straight - if you are given a jail sentence in the States, all you need to do to get let out quickly is keep crying

Thank God the brothers didn`t do this in Prison Break - would have majorly spoiled Season 1 ;)

This item was edited on Friday, 8th June 2007, 10:09