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RE: tv liscence..why should we pay?

OOOOOOOOOOHHHHH!! Yes pleeeeease sir! ;)

RE: Films not being shown on cinema

Oh no it`s not!! I`ve been informed that it is a `straight to video` release on region 12. It can be imported providing the postal workers on Saturn return to work within the next millenium. Otherwise you`ll have to get your copy from `splashdvd` which has newly opened on Uranus....or at least it sounded something like that. And you know what that means!

RE: Who can explain the offside rule ??

Try bowfer...the trouble is he never understands anyone`s posts, so he`ll think your talking about the drivers side of a car!! :D

"SCRAP THE RULE". What would be lost from the game.

In a word TACTICS. ;)

RE: When Johnny goes marching down the wing, O`Shea, O`Shea... SPOILERS

bowfer...coming from a twonk such as yourself...I`ll take it as a compliment! ;)

RE: Cricket

Anyone who slates cricket as boring just doesn`t understand the game!! Can`t wait for the `Ashes Series`. We`ll get walloped but, there`ll be some bloody good cricket played.

Final over was as good as any thriller you were likely to see this week! Anyway, as far as I`m concerned England `won` by losing fewer wickets! ;)

RE: When Johnny goes marching down the wing, O`Shea, O`Shea... SPOILERS

Excellent game!! Ref tried to ruin it but failed. Why can`t ref`s be consistent? Ashley Cole dives booking. Rooney chips the ball towards goal after being pulled up for an offence....booked! I am a fan of neither side but, this is just inconsistency beyond understanding. Never mind, I for one enjoyed it!!

There it is just for you bowfer. See the words consistent/inconsistency? Taking `Ref tried to ruin it but failed` on it`s own is taking it out of the context it was written. There again I can understand your dilema. You`re obviously daydreaming about clubbing some 10 year old burglar to death to be arsed to understand anyone elses posts. ;)

RE: When Johnny goes marching down the wing, O`Shea, O`Shea... SPOILERS

bowfer, do you never read other peoples posts before replying?

You will see that I put that Poll was not consistent in his decision making. Stop before `Ashley Coleing` in with a reply, try a bit of digesting.

Ronaldo could,by the letter of the law,have been booked for doing what he did to the crowd the first time.When he did it a second time,only minutes later,Poll had no option at all but to book him.

Rooney was alongside him making the same gestures! So why was only Ronaldo booked? Inconsistency! ;)

RE: Blind Purchases - any stinkers?

DMZ...De-Militarised Zone R3. Not that it`s a bad film, it`s just that it has no subbies!! What a plonker! :o

RE: When Johnny goes marching down the wing, O`Shea, O`Shea... SPOILERS

dunno what to say 4 once.

How about.....Oh bugger!! ;)

RE: tv liscence..why should we pay?

Interesting, more BBC whore`s in here than I give credit for!

But your argument is flawed. The license is for having the equipment.

If your now saying....." I don`t wish my payment to go to funding the BBC" then that`s a different argument. Still pathetic....but different. ;)

RE: tv liscence..why should we pay?

If you dont like reading a certain newspaper then you cant buy another newspaper to read else you will be fined and face a jail sentence...some f***ing choice.

But you can buy another one.....same s***, but you can. And you don`t need a license for that either. ;)

RE: Burglars charter

It seems to me that most people are expecting to be burgled, otherwise why would so many of you boast about what you would do if confronted by one?

If you confront a burglar you generally have nothing with you. It will also scare the crap out of you coming face to face with them. Your first instinct will not be to smash them over the head with whatever you have in your hand (unless battering someone senseless comes natural). You have to be face to face with them to do that and that is the last thing that you (or them) will want. A burglar has broken in to steal your goods, not kill you or your family. Confrontation is not something that the burglar wants (let`s face it they are stupid).If it`s a case of me or them, why risk your life for a few insured items?

You will want them out of the house and that is something that they will also try to do as soon as they have been rumbled. If you have confronted a burglar in your house you will understand what I`m saying. If you haven`t and you think you`re Charles Bronson, you`re in for a rude awakening if this happens....unless of course you`re already a psycho!! ;)

There`s a difference between the burglar and the homeowner. The homeowner has a sense of responsibilty. Unless you`re a total loony, stop talking bollox!!

If I was a burglar and I thought that you would killl/maim me.....I`d get the first strike in!

RE: MGM Widescreen controversy

I`d agree with Chris on this one.

Let us not forget that HDTV will soon be upon us (whether you like it or not!) and Plasma SED ( Surface-conduction Electron-emitter Display) is also on the horizon. We will be viewing our favourite films in a different way. But the correct aspect ratio of a film should be the one it was originally shot in, IMHO.

RE: Nike Id`s - the greatest trainers in the world??

Funnily enough - I can see why they don`t let you use ASICS on their shoes! if you wanted ASICS shoes youshould lobby them to design-on-line. don`t say? I thought humour was just a thing of the past!! :o

RE: tv liscence..why should we pay?


If you don`t agree with the license, don`t buy a TV (or equivalent)!!

If you don`t want a driving license, don`t drive!

If you don`t want to own a gun license, don`t buy a gun!!

It seems to me that the ones who whinge about the TV licenses subscribe to Sky and then moan about it when the Sky subscription increases, but still feed Murdoch his pocket money and complain about choices!! Do you think the TV license will disappear if the Beeb decide to go for advertising revenue? You obviously prefer force fed TV and all the propoganda that goes with it? :/

And when did Sky produce a worthwhile TV programme? They may buy them but, do they commission any?!!

RE: When Johnny goes marching down the wing, O`Shea, O`Shea... SPOILERS

Excellent game!! Ref tried to ruin it but failed. Why can`t ref`s be consistent? Ashley Cole dives booking. Rooney chips the ball towards goal after being pulled up for an offence....booked! I am a fan of neither side but, this is just inconsistency beyond understanding. Never mind, I for one enjoyed it!! ;)

RE: How much does it cost to send a DVD back using recorded delivery?

SEnd back cos it`s faulty? They should send you a pre-paid jiffy to send it back! :o

RE: tv liscence..why should we pay?

Aslan, you don`t work for the beeb or the TVLA gestapo by any chance do you?

No. I speak from experience. Many years ago I was `fined` for not having a TV license and I only had a VCR. I had binned my TV and couldn`t afford another one at the time!! Made no difference in court though......VCR = TV License. :(

This question has been put on a BBC site somewhere before and they themselves said if the appliance was not tuned in and connected to an aerial a licence is not needed.

So If I unplug my aerial and slightly de-tune my channels each evening....I don`t have to buy a license? :o

the simple fact of owning a television set does not and never has required licence cover.

That is ludicrous!! The license is for having a TV or some other signal receiver. It has nothing to do with receiving BBC channels, it`s a pre-requesite for having the equipment. If you cannot receive a BBC you think you don`t have to have a license? Think again. ;)

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RE: so-so news!

Well I certainly don`t live anywhere near the Devon/Cornwall area but..........the guy was spot on!!

Eat your heart out Kettley!! ;)

RE: Nike Id`s - the greatest trainers in the world??

Well I`ve just tried to design `my own shoe` leaving out the NIKE logo and irritating tick and it`s just not possible. Won`t even let me replace it with ASICS either. Spoilsports!! :(

RE: tv liscence..why should we pay?

Apparantly, if you do not use a device which receives TV signals, there is no reason to pay for a licence at all.

That is incorrect. If you have the apparatus to receive a signal (TV, Video recorder etc) you HAVE to have a license. It has nothing to do with.."I only play my PS2 on it", I`m afraid. :o

And finally, other countries don`t have such an independent voice and it seems to do them no harm at all.

Well I can name one or two Middle East countries which would contradict your argument!! ;)

RE: Roundhead or Cavalier?

Any Jewish contributors like to add their 2 penneth? :D

RE: Division One here we come - Forest sell Dawson and Reid to Spurs for £8m

Look on the bright side. At least your getting 8m for them. Look at all the clubs that have had to off-load their big earners for next to nothing to cut down the wage bill.....Sheff Wed and Leeds spring to mind!!

Di Canio and Carbone, bought for a few million and sold for feck all.....Shefqi Kuqi..given away to Ipswich. This is the sad state of affairs in football today. :(

RE: Where would you prefer to live USA or UK?

I don`t have the choice to move to the US and neither would I want to move to the US. :p

RE: Who is Englands greatest footballer - 80`s and onwards..

This should be named England`s BEST footballer.......there have certainly been no GREAT ones since the 80`s onwards! ;)

I could have sworn Henry was French? Or did you mean Henry VIII? :/

RE: Jacko, guilty or not???

Choagy, I assume you were banging 2 coconuts together when you wrote this?

"Brave, brave Sir Robin..."

"I told them we already got one..."

Jacko?....Hang the weirdo!!!! :p

RE: tv liscence..why should we pay?

One simple argument out of many.

The Beeb is funded by the license payers and not by large businesses who fund other channels with advertising revenue. Thereby creating an independant channel as opposed to channels who are scared to show something in case it`s `pot s***ters` don`t like it. Try asking Murdoch for a reduction in your Sky payments cos you don`t watch it on a Wednesday! Try getting a refund for your driving license cos your not driving a car at the moment!

Try using a decent argument instead of bloody whingeing about "I don`t watch BBC anymore". If you don`t watch the BBC channels any more you`re either lying or you have awful bloody taste! Football on the Beeb......suits me sir!! ;)

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RE: Jurassic Park DVD`s withdrawn?

You can get Region 2 `JP & JP2 Boxset` from Play for £17.99

RE: The thinnest aspect ratio DVD film ?

Yes true Cinemascope with Stereo sound

And of course not forgetting....`Vibrasound` ala Earthquake! :o