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SC2000 sparkles on left of screen on red (firmware 2.14+?)

I noticed something since I upgraded above 2.08 on the SCAN SC-2000, which is that when you have an orange or red area (including menus) that is on the far left hand side of the screen, you get flashes/sparkles of green/blue lines about an inch long (on a 21inch TV) into the picture from the left hand side.

I`ve seen this on two players now, and downgrading back to 2.08 takes the sparkles/flashes away. I was hoping that 2.23 would have cured this, but it hasn`t - this was the reason I wasn`t using 2.14.

Anyone else noticed this one, or can see it now mentioned? (Bear in mind it only happens when you`ve got a strong orange/red image or menu on the far left hand side of the screen.) Any idea how we raise a `bug` report to SCAN to make the manufacturers aware and fix it in a later release?