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RE: Superman Boxset Faulty DVDs - Replacements arrived yesterday!

Heh. Mine arrived today. I sent the email on the 19th of March.

Oh and for those who`ve lost the address it`s 0891namreB[at]moc.liamtoh

You get a letter saying they`ll send you the discs once you return your own in the prepaid envelope. The thing is, the replacement discs are already enclosed and the envelope isn`t pre-paid. Heh. I guess they`re not expecting the discs back, it`s just a generic letter.

EDIT: Oh this is for R1 btw

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RE: Philips PET706/05 portable DVD player

Just got this in a sale at my nearest Homebase. The following region hack has been tried and confirmed to be working on the PET706/05...

Open the disc tray
Go to "Preferences" & Press OK
Press 212225
Current RC should be displayed
Press the button for the desired RC (0=codefree)
Close the disc tray

Hope that helps!

RE: HELP! Durabrand dvd/vhs combi multiregion hack needed.


I just got this today. Can`t give any opinion of it just yet but it`s replaced a SCAN SC-2000 player on it`s last legs in my bedroom.

Would appreciate a hack!

RE: How wierd is this!

We had this at work. We cancelled the phone line but wanted to keep the ADSL up and running and were told at the time it would be fine.

For months, nearly a year our ADSL continued to work until there was some fault at our local exchange and they had to do something to the database. Obviously it was then they realised our phone line had been disconnected and decided to swithc our ADSL off. BT told us that we should have been told the ADSL would be fine as it HAS to be on a working line so we had to re-activate the line in order to have the least disruption. Otherwise it would mean ordering another line and getting that activated...a possible lead time of 2 weeks.

So yeah, ADSL does often keep working after the phone line`s been cut.

RE: BTTF Part III - Replacement Disc

My disks arrived in little plastic wallets with an apology letter about the first set of disks being so wrong.

I`ve not done a proper comparison yet but the picture quality is fine and there doesn`t seem to be any contrast issues on the 3rd part.

RE: BTTF Part III - Replacement Disc

I just gave the above number a call, got transfered around a bit but spoke to a very polite chap who said if I write a letter and send some form of proof of purchase i.e. a reciept or a scan of the back cover and send it to:

Customer services
Chippenham Drive
Milton Keynes
MK10 0AT

They will send you back discs 2 and 3 in clear plastic wallets at no charge within a week or so.
N.B.: You do not need to send them your "faulty" discs, just proof of purchase.


Got mine yesterday and I am totally knackered since me and my girlfriend sat up all night watching nearly 4 hours of film and then we started on the extras...I kind of passed out though it was so late.

RE: What`s your favourite Comic Book/Superhero movie?

I think I`d have to say Superman: The Movie

It`s the one and only review I`ve ever done for this site. :)

I think it`s a great film and each time I watch it, I have to rewind it at the point where he`s just finished his tutoring from his father and flies for the first time right at the camera. Love that bit. :)

RE: Essential Playground rituals...

We played something similar to that Poddy game but we called it 52 bunker.

We also used to play Bulldog which I loved. There were variations, two of which I remember... Touch Bulldog which just meant you had to have both hands on the victim for the duration of you saying "touch bulldog 123" and then there was British Bulldog which involved divng at the poor bastard and dragging them to the ground. Guess which one we got banned from playing? heh.

Another game we used to play was Kiss Chase. It was either girls chasing boys or vice versa. You know when you`re a kid in primary school kissing a girl is like having to eat your own poo or something equally unpleasant so it was quite a laugh. :)

RE: Philips PW6006 - Engineer codes, picture needs moved to the left...

oh wow!

I messed up my telly with the service menu but these codes might jsut save the if only my remote wasn`t on the blink....

RE: TV licences for students

Personally I think TV Licencing is antiquated. They should get rid of TV licensing and the BBC should start making decent programs and make money from marketting those shows round the world. I know they don`t have advertising revenue but the BBC is such a huge corporation there`s many many ways they can make money without making their services any worse than they are now.

RE: Lenoxx HT600 home theatre DVD region hack?

I`ve been eying these systems up jealously since I bought my HT500 for 130 quid nearly a year ago but I wasn`t aware that you couldn`t, from what you`re now saying, make them multi-region.

RE: Dyson vac cleaners

On a slightly related note, my girlfriend was dragging me round a boot fair recently and we spotted a Dyson upright. The DC01.

I asked about it and was told it was a tenner but with no guarruntees. He wouldn`t even say if it worked or not. I thought, well for a tenner it would even be worth the cost of buying it and getting it repaired.

So we go it home and switched it on. Fired up and make hoover type noises! GREAT!!
So tested it for a bit and realised the dust inside wasn`t spinning round. When it was turned off, all the fluff it had sucked up rather weakly got dumped back onto the carpet. Hmmm. On closer inspect it also turned out the hose on the back was totally screwed. Holes all over it.

So what to do? I went to the Dyson website and looked around for support, expecting to email someone or find out where the nearest repair centre was. Instead I found a guide on how to take apart my dyson and check for blockages.

Lo and behold after undoing 3 chunky screws on the bottom of the hoover it turned out the previous owner had decided to hoover the entire contents of a sofa. The pipes were clogged full of like grassy/horse hair stuff they used to fill sofa`s with.

I got our old hoover out and sucked that crap out. Hey presto! Working hoover!! :)

After a little more prodding around I found some replacement parts. The hose cost me 19 quid delivered! HOORAY!

So a perfectly usable Dyson DC01 for 29 quid. :)

RE: picture messaging?

the person`s phone needs to be able to receive picture messages. The person`s sim card needs to be able to receive picture messages. Some sim`s aren`t set up for this automatically but a quick phonecall to the service provider will get that switched on.
It`s not network dependant. You can send picture messages from any network to any other network.

RE: the abyss - quick question

I recorded it when they showed it on C4 years ago. It was a psuedo widescreen presentation but it includes the rat scene. Still have the tape.

It was cut for the later Widescreen video release and the R2 DVD. (both of which I also own)

From memory the liquid is called oxygenated flouro carbon emulsion. But that`s from memory and I`ve not watched the film for a while.

I used to be this films biggest fan but I`ve not really been all that keen on watching it recently. Still one of my faves though.

RE: Who bought The Animatrix?

I agree with what most people have said. The end of the Animatrix shorts really did start to send me to sleep or just leave me wondering "buh?".

My favourite one was the sprinter one, can`t remember what it`s called as I`m at work.

That one really grabbed me.

RE: Help: EGG:Terminator and Terminator 2 (R2) easter eggs?

You`re pressing the numbers in too quickly.

RE: Digi Boxes on the cheap

Cheers. I may look into that at a later date. CBA with getting another box right now.

RE: Digi Boxes on the cheap

I got myself a digibox a short while ago for 90 quid. It didn`t pick up a single channel so I took it back as I was reluctant to try an arial upgrade since the web site said I was out of the reception area. My mate lives about 1/2 a mile away and gets perfect reception so I`m wondering if upgrading the arial could well do the trick.

what should I expect to pay for an arial upgrade?

RE: GP32 portable console

It`s unlikely to drop in price it seems.

RE: GP32 portable console

I`ve just got one of these too. The 128 meg SMC I ordered from another site hasn`t arrived yet so I popped out and bought the cheapest one I could find... 16meg SMC for £7.99 in my local Jessops. Okay, so I can`t put movies or anything on it right now but at this present time I have (on a 16 meg card)....
A PCEngine emu wih about 20 games installed
A NES emulator with about 4 games installed
A Master System emulator with about 4 or 5 games installed
An arkanoid clone,
A tetris clone,
A SNES emu with 2 games installed (although they`re dog slow right now)
And a windows copy cat thing called "Wind-ups" which I`m yet to figure out the full value of.

All this on a 16 meg card AND I`ve still got about half a meg free to plonk a few more games on.

So far I`m very impressed. :)

RE: GP32 portable console


Is Raiden much cop on the PCEngine?

Ooooh, I want mine now! I need to track down a place with cheap/decent rechargable batteries. A min of 8 AA would be good cos I`ve got a digital camera too.

RE: Sequels they should have made but did not.

This AVP film/script you guys are talking about is actually in the shops as a comic book. In fact there`s AVP2 in comic book format out IIRC.

The basic story is that the predators breed aliens and dump them onto planets, wait a while and then go down and slaughter all the aliens that have bred.

Trouble is with the particular planet in the stories they didn`t plan on the "human factor". Either they weren`t aware of the humans or didn`t care.

People die etc etc from the humans emerges a woman who ends up rescuing a predator who later returns the favour. She fights along side the predators to kill all the aliens and when the predators leave, they snap off a finger from the alien and brand her forehead with one of those marks you may have seen in the film Predator 2.

I haven`t read the 2nd one for a long time and only browsed through it in a shop but IIRC it involves the woman joining forces with the predators to fight aliens. I can`t remember if it`s by choice or if the predators cock up again.

But THIS is what that script`s been based on. I think the comic book came out first and someone wrote a screenplay based on it.

RE: GP32 portable console

I`ve just ordered one of these too with a 128 meg memory card. Looking forward to it arriving actually. I ordered from that webby and I`ve also found a forum where the owner reads and posts about the GP32 but I can`t remember it right now. GP32 extreme or something.


Oooh, I just remembered someone managed to sort out their code thing error thingy whatcha ma call it by remembering to actually format their Smart Media Memory card. Apparantly this is necessary. :)

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RE: Scan 440Lsi


Any response?

RE: Problem with Scan - can anybody help?

It really is an uphill struggle for Nilesh. I`d feel sorry for you if it wasn`t for the fact you`re still at Scan after all this time. Haven`t you learnt yet?

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RE: Scan...again...

*tries to act surprised*

Nope, can`t do it. I`m not sure whther you`re making things worse or better for Scan`s reputation by trying to "help" in here.

Either way your team are making you out to look rather foolish Nilesh.

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RE: Lenoxx Sound HT 500 Home Theatre System - £129 @ Safeway from 18th Dec


I have a suspicion that this player outputs NTSC as PAL-60. Can anyone confirm or deny this as I notice a little judder like I used to when watching NTSC converted to PAL on a TV that didn`t support NTSC signals.

Any word on the macrovision?

RE: London Tubes...why? why? why?

I left work at 5 and got home about 15 mins ago.

I work halfway between liverpool street and old street and live in Canterbury in kent (yes a long way away).

This means I have to walk for 20 mins to get the 17:30 train at cannon street. As it takes me 20 mins to walk and not 15 mins on the tube (the central line being out of action and the circle taking too long and being unreliable) the train is pretty much full when I arrive at cannon street.

So I have the choice of standing for an hour or waiting 25 mins till the next train (assuming it arrives/leave on time). Wonderful.

"Great" Britain eh?

Even when the train is running on time it takes over 2 hours door to door on a 60 mile journey. Pitiful.

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RE: Scan 440Sli

Glad to hear that Mark. As I said before the Scan DVD players are great...when they work. Just a shame about the shoddy customer support behind them.