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RE: SC2000 sparkles on left of screen on red (firmware 2.14+?)

Where are you all getting these versions above 2.23??? Are they official releases, and does this matter?


I dont know why all you Scan haters are getting hard-on`s over Sony products... my Sony a/v amp has just packed up, and Sony wont answer the phone, or emails for that matter...


RE: Anyone have a VideoLogic DigiTheatre DTS?

A friend of mine experienced this on DTS tracks on DVD`s.

He emailed VideoLogic, and they said there was a flaw in the electronics built into the sub.

He sent away his sub, and they fixed it for him :)


RE: SC-2000 V2.23 and SVCD

"I have also noticed a post from someone saying their machine arrived with 2.14 installed--as far as i know this version has never been shipped with the sc2000 and the latest out of box version is 2.07."

This person is me... I bought the machine about a week ago. I go to the secret menu (blue screen), and it says my firmware version is 2.14.


I have not tried updating the firmware either...

Also, and I quote:

"audio output from RF mode to LINE and LT/RT to LO/RO"

What do these options actually do??


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RE: Advice for a new SC2000 owner

Thanks for your reply.

I was playing in `HI-RES` mode... is there much difference between this and `NON-FLICKER`?

...and how do I know for a fact that my flash ROM is compatible with older firmwares lol??


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RE: Advice for a new SC2000 owner

I just bought a Scan, and it is shipped with firmware version 2.14. While playing Saving Private Ryan (R1) I noticed quite alot of `blocking`. Reading the Scan FAQ it says to try downgrading and then updating to the latest FW. Do you actually recommend doing this now though? Is going to 1.80 sensible considering the player is/was shipped with 2.14??

Im confused now, lol...


RE: OKAY !!!! Who`s pinched DVDSILVER`s web site

Is this site for real?

They have the Godfather Trilogy on DVD, and Phantom Menace? These cant surely be ligit DVD originals?

Are these DVD`s ripped/pirated?


RE: Official SC2000 Firmware V2.23 Online

Can someone please tell me what `VCR friendly` actually means? lol

Nice to have this one cleared up...


RE: What do you think of the Scan SC-2000?

Thanks, that is just the link i`ve been searching for!

RE: What do you think of the Scan SC-2000?

Thats cool then...

I`ve been looking for firmware updates but im having trouble locating any?

Please help..! :)

RE: Firmware upgrade on Scan SC 2000

Could anyone send me a working link to Scan firmware?...

The previous one is broken..??



RE: What do you think of the Scan SC-2000?

Thanks for your input.

Would someone give me the url for the latest firmware, or email it to me at this addy:


Does the Scan hande RCE discs ok?



What do you think of the Scan SC-2000?

Hi, im thinking of buying the Scan SC-2000 DVD player. Anyone who knows this player, what do you think of it? Have you encountered any problems with DVD`s or the drive itself?

I have heard of a `lip sinc` problem on some DVD`s is this true?



Replacement for my Wharfedale 750?

Hi there,

Very recently I have been experiencing problems while watching DVD`s on my Wharfedale 750, through my Sony HTK-315 cinema system.

Intermittently, while watching DVD`s that have played perfectly before (R2 - Snatch, Perfect Storm, Abyss, etc) the sound breaks up during playback. This `stuttering` can become so severe at times that the audio cuts out altogether. The picture remains consitent throughout. I’m using an S-Video connection for picture, and an optical cable for sound. Now, I have tried to troubleshoot the problem to which device maybe causing the problem, and it seems that the cause is either the DVD player, or the Sony amp.

So, in the mean time, I am going to replace the Wharfedale with another player, to try and eliminate one of the devices. Which £200 player would you recommend to replace the Wharfedale 750? Picture and sound quality (DD5.1 and DTS) are of the most importance, as is the ability to play multi-region discs (including Region 1 RCE).

Please can anyone give their opinion to me, on what player I should buy, or even what might be the cause of this sound stuttering?

Many thanks,

John. W


-replies via email welcome