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RE: Where is the web site with firmwares for Scan SC2000 ?

Come and join us at

A site run by & for Scan SC2000 owners, with interest and support offered by Scan.

RE: My Only Problem With Scan DVD Player.

All you can do is try and persuade Scan to do a drop and pick. You are still under guarantee, and this is a software problem.
Also come and join us at

RE: which budget dvd

Consider the Scan SC2000 carefully. It is now a good player. Firmware is upgradeable. I did find customer services slow to respond (or even answer the phone), but my player has been swapped, and the new one is great. Plays anything I throw at it. Good picture and sound quality.

RE: Scan 2000 DVD player problems please help

hope your drop and pick actually happens toomorrow......

RE: Scan Customer Services

Scan assure me it will be delivered tomorrow. Trouble is there will be no one here for the drop & pick, so Citylink will just leave a card. And then Scan tell me, it is my problem to sort that out. This could go on for weeks.

Over the past few weeks I have e-mailed Nelley & Wesley many times. Did eventually get a response after 4 emails to Nelley, agreeing to the pick & drop but with no details. Have spent hours on the phone trying to get anyone to sort things out. Left a message on Wesley`s answering machine, but he never replied.

I would never buy anything else from this firm, and could never recommend them to anybody else.

Scan Customer Services

I have just wasted a whole day waiting for a drop and pick as agreed with them.
Eventually rang, waited the usual 20 minutes on hold, and then they admitted it hadn`t even been despatched. They couldn`t even be bothered to ring and say there had been a problem!!
What do Scan actually think of the customer? No need to answer that, bear, I`m totally p***ed off and wish I had never been stupid enough to get involved with them. :-(

RE: Scan owners look in here Membership Now Open

OK now. My fault: I hadn`t verified my e-mail address with Yahoo!

RE: Scan owners look in here

How do I get in this this group. t tells me it is open membership now, but all I can do is red messages. It tells me I am a "pending member".
Confused ;(

Scan Customer Services does work! Eventually!

After a lot of useless phone calls and e-mails, Nelley has just agreed to swap the machine.
Maybe I shall be able to join the Scan fan club soon!

RE: Is Nelley still on the planet?

I wish I could get some response. They don`t reply to e-mails. The phone goes dead on you.
Scan, I am p***ed off, and want some response!

RE: What do you think of the Scan SC-2000?

I spoke to Nelley on his direct line and the line went dead. I have since e-mailed him twice with no repsonse.
I tried the customer services contact from their website but have yet to get a response to all the points I raised.
Less than six months old, and I am already having to think about dumping this machine and buying another, which I cannot afford.

RE: What do you think of the Scan SC-2000?

I wouldn`t touch Scan again. Bought SC2000 in October. Before upgradeable firmware. Have problems reading various disks, and with a display panel that blacks out.
Customer services is a joke. When you can get through to them they either don`t want to know, or line goes dead.