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RE: Blair Witch...Question.

When they`re running around the woods, The showdown in the house at the end particularly.

It`s essential to watch in a darkened room, as it`s more Psychological(?) than anything.

RE: Film 2003 Poll - Worst Film Ever

Pearl Harbour by a long long way!

BTTF Box set at woolworths

Wooly`s are selling BTTF for £15 - anyone know if this is Version 1, 2 or 3 of the botched discs?


I sent back The Hours too. It was juddery to say the least.

The Others is fine. It isn`t anamorphic tho`....but for a fiver what can you expect :-)

RE: HELP! - An Authority on Philips DVDR880

Thanks for your opinion there Mark, much appreciated. I went out last night and got the One-for-all 6, hacked it to multi region and all seems fine, I have tried regions 1,2,3 & 0.

Recording seems okay too. However I rarely record anything it`s an occasional thing.

I have taken the risk and so shall see how things go. One thing I will say though is that hacking it using the 1-5-9 method via the supplied remote (as detailed on this site) is a really bad idea as it will lock your machine after 25 switches.

Once again thanks for your thoughts.


HELP! - An Authority on Philips DVDR880

This machine, would appear to be a nightmare to hack, as on this site the hack either doesn`t work on my new player or the 001-002 code does work but only as a toggle and only 25 times before it locks! (this isn`t pointed out on the hack pages).

There must be someone out there with an all conquering(sp) method of making this machine multi-region that isn`t going to mean that I`ll lock it to region 3 with an Asian language setting :-)

CD WOW!.....Wow!

Ordered 3 titles (R1,R0 + R3) on Friday afternoon, Dispatched on Sunday. Arrived in the UK from Hong Kong this morning - that`s pretty good in my book.

Any other el cheapo R3 sites worth checking out?

RE: That bloody news ticker ^

It saps the life out of my G3 too. It`s obviously a mac thing. The challenge is on to see if you can sort it!! I`m using OS 8.1. Explorer 5.1. It does the same thing in Netscape 4.

RE: Exorcist NOTHING sacred????

Yes indeed it is a prequel. Starring Stellan Skarsgaard (spelling?) as Max Von Sydow`s Character when he first came into contact with the devil/evil. Saw some screenshots in a recent Empire, looked pretty spooky. If it`s done in the same spirit as the first film then it might be okay.


Ascomdog has got the meaning of the film spot on, however I must disagree and say that I thought it was, an excellent film that deserved a bigger budget and wider release.

RE: Dolby Digital 5.1 Echo...

mmm...I get this problem with some films through my Yamaha Processor. If however I turn of any effects, I.e just the clean DTS or DD track it seems to be fine.

Just a thought.

RE: It`s a fact!!,Lord Of The Rings DTS is a joke. Discuss...

Yes, I have quite a collection of DTS films.

And yes I take it back Ludacrus, my friend. I did a bit of a comparison last night as this thread had cast the seed of doubt in my mind. Yes the DD track kicks ass...and the DTS track is limp and quiet.

Oh well.....

RE: It`s a fact!!,Lord Of The Rings DTS is a joke. Discuss...

R2 Version:

To be honest, I think some of you are appearing a little fussy. The DD is great. The DTS does seem a little of an after thought, but still sounds pretty good.

I have not experienced any of the sounds glitches that have been mentioned through DTS or DD. I`m running it all through a fairly OK system. Yamaha DSPE 800, Highend hi-fi and Mission speakers all round. Admittedly though I`m still gutted that my Little Yammy sub doesn`t pic up the explosion of Sauron at the start :-(

RE: Pearl Harbor - a much better film as a directors cut..

Ah, so, Michael Bay has managed to gloss over the crap script, acting, production and directing with this release then.....

RE: Amelie : R2 2 Disc set vs. R1 2 disc set

The situation is a complicated one. Momentum pictures intended to release the 2 disc version over here on R2, however it appears there were problems and for some reason they released a 1 disc stripped down version. An R2 2 disc version my be released but I wouldn`t count on it. I bought the 1 disc R2 version, because I`m impatient. Great quality disc and Jean Pierre Jeunet`s(?) commentary is amusing but not essential. But I`d go for a 2 disc set if it were available.

RE: This will be the worst World Cup in my life so far!!

Only my subjective opinion and all, but I think you`ll find both Japan and Korea are both fairly decent sides. Both play attacking football, but are defensively dodgy.

You might be pleasantly surprised.

Superfi are Super!

Just used them to buy a yamaha dspe800, it was cheap, service was fast and effective and the kit arrived next day. It`s good to have something nice to say for a change about internet mail order.

What`s going on with Amelie DVD?

I Love this film and I am glad that there are 2 versions to choose from - or are there?

According to It was due out on the 25 march. Then it got put back to 15 april. Now the 2 disc edition has been withdrawn and only a directors commentary is on the new disc.

Anyone know what`s going on with it?

RE: Pearl Harbour. Buy now or wait?

Buy at all? A bit of a Turkey I thought even if it is getting the Red carpet treatment.

Kind about PLAY!...Honest

There seem to be a lot of disgruntled Play247 customers out there, in-fact I`ve posted as one at times, but I thought that I would redress the balance a little. My experiences in September October Were`nt good. But they`ve been steadily improving to their old quality service recently and seem to be a company worth using again. I realise there will be those who are still unhappy. But I`m a happy customer who has decided to speak up for once.

RE: Is PEARL HARBOUR any good ?

Shockingly bad movie in almost every way, avoid like the plague!

RE: question about Columbia tristar offer at play

That`s why it`s 2 for UNDER 20quid

RE: Play 247....usually dispatches in must be joking!!!!!!

I had similar probs, with Swordfish. They seem to be turning things around now aftrer a crap patch. Ordered 2 DVD`s and a Cd since and they`re back to thier 4 day turnround.

RE: Sick of Scan SC2000 - want something else!

To be honest if you`re looking at budget players, any of the Toshiba models are unbeatable for picture and sound - worth the extra £50 anyday.

RE: Amelie was released in France a year ago - know where I can get it?

Yeah, the french version is available but there are no subtitles - i`m gonna sit tight and hope it comes out here really soon

Schindlers List

Not Necessarily a popular thread, but it`s probably my fave film of all time and so i`m pretty desperate for it to arrive on a superfantastic, all singing all dancing DVD (I know there`s loads of extra material out there). This movie was particularly personal to Spiels when he brought it out - anyone got inside info on when he might release it?


E-mailed them enquiring about my Swordfish order which hasn`t moved for a week, and also warned them of the disgruntled threads on this site. They`ve been having a series of probs with their phone system. Which they hope is sorted now. They`ve also got a backlog of e-mails as a result. They`ve asked me to bear with them while the problems are sorted. I`ll be happy to do that for the time being.

I think they`ve just completely underestimated the increase in business.

RE: The Others an excellent movie.


In total agreement, a well made film, allow your self to be sucked in and you won`t be disappointed and you`ll probably jump through the ceiling. Made in an eerily understated way, made me feel uncomfortable all the way through. Should make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up if nothing else. No gore, no explosions, no hollywood rubbish. Old fashioned filmaking at it`s best.


I`ve just got a Sony Vega, widescreen and when I play a disc through to it via scart from my Samsung player set to RGB. It looks fantastic, however the TV is just set to normal scart mode - If I set the TV to RGB input I loose the picture - anyone any ideas why?