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RE: What`s the problem?

Changing firmware willy nilly as you describe by having a bunch of firmware discs by the side of the player - sounds dodgy to me. You don`t want to have to have the worry that if you get it slightly wrong that you might knacker your player.

Besides, upgrading the firmware changes all the settings back to default. You don`t want to have spend extra time after the 10-30 secs upgrade re-entering your own TV, audio settings etc.

I also await the firmware patch that fixes all the niggles in one. I`m sure the Koreans will get there eventually, in the meantime I`m happy to wait. NiVZ does a great job of testing these releases from Scan before we all get our dangerous hands on them.

Surely this forum IS for people to ask questions about problems they`re having, or to get information on new things they need to buy.

RE: RCE do they work on DVD-ROMS for pc`s????????

You can if you use DVD Genie, you can set your region code to a specific region with it. It supports several of the PC DVD software packages, such as PowerDVD and WinDVD


PS. shouldn`t this question be on the software forum

RE: Time for bear to go me thinks

Unfortunately even if he was kicked out, he`d probably just respawn as another name, like: ironduchess!


I`ve been trying to work out where you get off interfering in threads that don`t concern you, all I can think is, Hmmmmmmmm.......Why?


Xeno was right, my comment was obviously a joke. I wouldn`t stoop to Bear`s level and be a complete tosser. I simply wanted some replies stating (as a couple did) where people think Bear might come from. To threaten someone on a forum would be about as useful as the features on a Sony DVD player - i.e. not very (and who wants an integrated DD encoder anyway?)

Ironduke, I suggest you chuck the crinklecut chip off your shoulder into another thread, maybe even Bear`s mouth.



Why would you stand up for Bear, Mr.Ironduke? Or are you one and the same?

(Ironduke == Bear)


I know where you live Bear...

RE: SC-2000 Firmware / Hardware Survey

Some people are giving the wrong answers to this, the last field was supposed to be the lowest firmware revision downgraded to... so here goes (same as NiVZ incidentally):

ADV 7172 00000003
Feb 2001
1.80 (2.06 > 1.80 > 1.80 > 2.14 > 2.23)

RE: TV System on my Wharfedale 750 - AUTO, PAL or NTSC ?

> Does AUTO switch the signal to NTSC or does it just convert it to PAL ?
Yes it switches to NTSC.

If set to PAL, the 750 does a conversion from NTSC at 30fps to PAL at 25fps. This is very noticeable when you play R1 NTSC discs, and I think unwatchable. Not sure why Wharfedale couldn`t convert the NTSC signal to PAL60 (which also runs at 30fps).

Therefore you should set your 750 to Auto so that it will output R1 discs to your TV in NTSC - assuming your TV can use this.


RE: wharfdale 750s

Not that I`ve heard of, it would need a hardware mod. :(

PS. Took mine back to Tescos for a refund and got a SC-2000, which does... ;)

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RE: Scan SC-2000 `MP3 Fastforward and rewind` New functionality

I can only get 2x forward or rewind on 2.14. If I press the forward or rewind a second time in succession, it just goes back to play again.
What am I doing wrong? (no that`s not a cue for a tosser reply Bear!)


PS. Would also be handy to get ID3 v2 tags as well as ID3 v1?
PPS. Is this worth adding to wanted-features list in your FAQ NiVZ?

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RE: Scan SC-2000 died upgrading to official 2.14 Firmware

U were right MalcolmM, firmware upgrades are risky - as I found out.

I took the risk of trying it again - upgraded to 2.14 OK now. Maybe I did something wrong last time. This time I used a CDR instead of CDRW, wrote at 1x instead of 10x. Followed the instructions in NiVZ`s FAQ to the T and all is fine.

Somegeeza ;o)

Scan SC-2000 died upgrading to official 2.14 Firmware

Anyone had the same problem...

1) Bought machine early Feb with 2.06 firmware installed.
2) Downgraded to 1.80 twice as suggested on this forum.
3) Upgraded to 2.14: Scan died - no TV picture or LED display thereafter.

I used official release 2.14 from NiVZ site.

Scan replaced unit next day - thanx :o)

RE: mp3 players

Anyone heard how good the Pine D`Music SM-200C+ is?
Info on them is at

Should I buy one?

RE: A sony Man that Bought a Scan

Like my Sony home mini-hifi system which lost half it`s LED display within the first year you mean?

RE: A sony Man that Bought a Scan

> Give it time,give it time............

You mean giving your slow brain time to work out another tossy anti-scan comment?

Come on - dredge through those memory banks, there must be at least one more unfunny predictable tosser comment left teenage-geek-boy??


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RE: Scan SC2000 & AV6

I got the same package but haven`t had a chance to try it out properly yet.

Have you had any feedback from Ryan yet?


RE: My two pence worth in support of SCAN...

Only 6 hours to think up that witty response!

Thought that might shut him up, the Bear is sleeping now, not so grizzly now. ;P

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RE: mp3 players

Thanks Ugg, seen the site, didn`t realise there were so many portable CD MP3 players out there. :)

RE: mp3 players

I`ve seen this for sale at at £69.41

Anyone else know of any good cheap MP3 CD players that can play CD-RWs and possibly ID3 tags?

RE: My two pence worth in support of SCAN...

I bet Bear`s one of those young nerdy geeks who has no friends who can veil his appearance and personality by using a keyboard and the internet.

I wonder what witty response he`ll have to that? ;)

PS. He also gets off on Scan owners getting upset - so we`re just fuelling his weird `sense of humour` (as he/she puts it)

RE: NiVZ you got new firmware for scan-2.13/2.14??

I`ve just got my SC2000 today & have been reading a lot about these firmware upgrades.

If I`m not happy after installing a new firmware revision, am I able to downgrade to a previous version?

Looking forward to long MP3 filenames & Macrovision disabled in one bundle... :)