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unlocked nokia 7600 from carphone warehouse - no signal

for your information!

if you purchased a 7600 from carphonewarehouse on `3` and had it unlocked and now have `orange` or another sim in it you`re likely to experience problems.

I`m in manchester and my phone stopped getting an orange signal a few days ago...
the reason for this is that the 2g operators are now starting to turn on their 3g the nokia 7600 detects the 3g orange signal and locks onto it and of course `3` didnt expect you to want to use a 2g sim in it!

you see an ugly symbol on the phone which comes up when you manually select a phone operator which means it`s getting a 3g signal - it`s like a 3 on top of a G!

but the problem is - these 3g signals (except for the `3` network) are currently in the trial stages and our sims will not be authorised to connect.

so, you`d a menu option in the phone to allow you to select if you want to connect to a 2g signal or a 3g signal.

well, if you look in your manual you`ll see in phone settings there`s an option `network selection` which allows you to select operation via GSM or 3G signal.

but your 7600 was supplied by `3` who cunningingly disabled this option - which means whenever the phone detects a 3g signal from an operator it will ignore the 2g signal. there`s a reason for this - it costs `3` money whenever their phones go via the 2g network.

I discovered yesterday, driving down the motorway how the orange reception comes back as soon as you leave an area where the orange 3g signal isnt in service (yet).

apparently the solution to all this is to get the phone `hardware reset` to factory settings - if anyone knows a shop or shops in manchester who do this on a 7600 please let me know. carphonewarehouse tell me they havent the software in yet to do this but expect it in within a few weeks.

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RE: Movietrak - dvd rental by post - experiences of abismal service

1. personally I think it`s a good idea to promote other rental web sites - there is a large untapped rent by post market at the moment and very little choice in terms of supplier. so by all means keep plugging !

2. I have considered using these `fixed rate` sites but they dont appear to have much in the way of latest releases (last time I looked) and 1 site was pretty poor in terms of layout/ease of use etc (no offensive intended - please take this constructively). typically I`d want to order a film on a wednesday in time to view at the weekend and also want to have a specific new release! eg. ghosts of mars!

RE: Denon, Sony or Teac? which make does it for you?

thanks for all your comments - mucho appreciated!

other half has ordered a denon from

and a special hello to clayts - good to see a familiar name here!

RE: Movietrak - dvd rental by post - experiences of abismal service

re: dvdoptions

thanks, I have already used them on occasion and now I will probably be using them regularly.

Their web site isn`t as slick as Movietrak`s but my experiences with dvdoptions have been a lot more pleasant.

For a start, when you email Dvdoptions, they actually reply!!!
And DVDOPTIONS know the meaning of the word CUSTOMER!!!

Denon, Sony or Teac? which make does it for you?

her indoors is looking at purchasing a CD mini system and has it down to either a Denon DM50, Sony DHCMD373 or Teac Reference 300.

I`ve tried to get her to go for one with DVD included but apparently there isn`t much choice out there plus if you want best CD audio sound then you shouldn`t go for a system which is DVD/CD! I`ve offered to give her 10 quid towards it if she changes her mind! I`m generous or what!

So my question is ... Sony, Denon or Teac? which make is best? it appears from the reviews I`ve seen that Denon is a classy make - is this true? is the stuff Denon produce reliable and is it quality kit?

all comments appreciated?

Movietrak - dvd rental by post - experiences of abismal service

I`ve been here in the past recommending these people so it`s only fair that as they aren`t up to scratch anymore I`ll be just as vocal!

In my opinion and after my experiences... Recently their service has declined big time.

Steer well clear!!!

donate your idle time to cancer research

a reminder in case you haven`t already heard of this one - please make a pain free donation to cancer research - look in the info section under `help fight cancer`.

if you arent already doing it then please join the 1,000,000 plus people world wide.

I`ve setup my details on `` specifically to `advertise` this cancer research idea.

RE: ITV on Sky Digital

I live in manchester (granada) and had no problems.

but I dont watch much ITV.

RE: What are the new channels on Sky Digital???

I think I`ll be cancelling my `family` pack if it`s going up to almost £20

they gotta be joking!!!

RE: NTL Digital Cable

with regards to SKY - as far as I know they have a policy where they will replace a box for about £50.

if not then I suggest you cancel your subscription - the threat of cancelling should make them offer you a replacement box - when you ring them to cancel they will transfer you to another dept called `retentions` you wont know this of course! and this dept`s job is to try and stop you leaving them!

if all else fails, cancel sky and then try to resubscribe again using one of those cheap offers.

RE: NTL Digital Cable

Also - if you opt for the `free` phone line - beware - you dont get caller display - so if you scrap your bt line and you have caller display phones then you`ll also miss that!

Also - the pricing structure means that NTL works out slightly more expensive than SKY if you opt for all the programs!

BUT the broad band is fast and very reliable but it was a major pain to install - they sent me a guide to install it on your pc - which arrived a week after the engineer had been to install everything!

RE: NTL Digital Cable

I live in the manchester NTL area (formerly cable and wireless) - I opted for Sky a couple of years ago because I`d heard about all the problems with the cable system here - it freezes etc.

A couple of years ago I was selling my previous house and was showing a couple of dudes around - I told them that cable is available in the area but I have sky - they said something along the lines of - "we work for cable and wireless and it`s crap, sky is much better".

I still have sky but recently purchased NTL for the broad band - I`ve put the ntl tv box on the spare TV and the picture qualify compared to SKY is pants - when object move you can see them go fuzzy! Also the program guide is slow, cumbersome and generally a joke! See you SKY program guide - well you`ll miss it big time!


oh god!

someone please delete all these duplicates - it looks sad!


is the site down? I cant get it up! (on my browser)

ezydvd - is the site down?

I`m having problems getting it up!

ezydvd - site down

I`m having problems getting it up!

ezydvd - site down

I`m having problems getting it up!

Ezydvd - web site down?

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RE: Memento

it`s also on sky box office at the end of this month (before its available on retail)

RE: Best widescreen tv for £300?

I have the goodmans 28in widescreen - good picture but 2 problems:-

1. the sound isn`t good at high volumes - speakers distort.

2. it doesn`t auto change to/from wide screen - you have to manually change the screen format from 4:3 to/from 16:9 using the remote - and this involves pressing the button about 3 times in order to select from 1 of 4 screen layout options! it`s also a pain cos sometimes it`s not obvious that it is or isn`t a widescreen program! so you dont know if you need to change the format!

RE: poor customer service

so where`s his DVD?

RE: True Lies (R2) - sound problems

it goes from the dvd player to the tv via scart.

it only has the film and a s***e trailer on it.

but thanks for the advice.

RE: True Lies (R2) - sound problems

goto chapter 27 (dentist scene!) and listen to the sound carefully...

as they talk all of a sudden the level drops...

the same feeling you get when you`ve got an ear wax problem!

(this is through the tv - no fancy dolby etc!)

become a member or else!

I`ve just joined up!

RE: True Lies (R2) - sound problems

I sent mine back to play247 yesterday.

I`m not happy!

why release dvd`s which are p*** poor quality?

poor customer service

things must be bad if xeno is being critical.

RE: To Nelley

considering the amount of very valid (and mostly constructive) feedback on here - your responses are starting to sound arrogant.

why is it when I first came here at the beginning of this year all the scan comments were so negative and yet 10 months on - nothing appears to have changed.

and the best you can do is take the p*** out of someone by offering to supply the phone number of bolton trading standards.


True Lies (R2) - sound problems

Anyone else experienced problems with this new release? I watched it last night and in various parts of the film the sound `drops` - ie. suddenly goes quieter. very annoying. I use a scan 2000 and have never experienced this before.

RE: Star Wars : Episode II Attack of the Clones

sheepdip - dont be daft!

it`s clones of your mate - dolly the sheep!

RE: Abyss

the scene was cut so as not to offend any rats that might be watching.