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RE: [VIDEO] Suspicion

I wonder if it will go on regular cable
channels, with all the money I paid for the cable
service you would think they would knock off
some of those old sitcoms and add newer
Films .

RE: RIP: Sidney Poitier: Hollywood star dies aged 94

Yes Sidney rest with peaceful love

RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

I got all vaccines , the second shot I felt fatgue and sooo tired hubby was watching over me, six months later which was October left arm
Was very heavy n sored other than that I felt great.
Getting all three shots doesn’t prevent
Getting covid , you won’t die , most of the
people who are in hospital n dying are the ones not vaccinated , that didn’t believe in getting
vaccinated. So be happy n wear masks n wash hands n shower a lot .Me skin getting a bit dried.🤓

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RE: What Christmas movie will you be watching today ?

We watched your previous Ambassador Shelley Temple Black when she was a little girl actress singing and tapping, it was a marithon
Special all her films , she was sooo cute!

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RE: Hey Merry Christmas

Happy New Year from New Jersey USA

RE: Hey Merry Christmas

Omg!!! Sorry I was sooo tired when I typed it. I mean how is everyone miss being here.
Admars please take care cold with homemade chicken soup n cuppa hot honey tea mmm good.
I am soo happy to be here thank God,❤️

Hey Merry Christmas

Sorry missed you all been trying to sign in
had a hard time but finally got in.
Why does that happened? I almost got a complex.

Anyway glad to be back , so far our
holiday has been pleasant n calm , baked alot of cookies mmmm good, plus my hubby’s favorite Paella with chicken , chorizo n seafood.
How are you everyone?

RE: Death Penalty

Humane method to execution of murders
Really? Sorry but my Auntie was killed murder rape throat cut n dumped in a garbage dumpster,
Oh he got caught trialed given 40years
No death sentence like my Auntie got.
Do I wish him dead in unhumane way
Yessss yessss!!!!!!

RE: Stent

Well I am at Deborah heart n lung hospital
again for his third stent surgery which he
Is a bit more nervous, you see the first
two stent where put on to his wrist while he was awake and he was so proud to admit as it was going on it wasn’t as bad as he thought.
But after we both went to his follow up
Doctor Patel said sorry but the third stent
has to go thru your groin, hubby asked
no other way!? I just knew that wasn’t going
To sit well with him.
I don’t know why men in general get to
nervous when anything goes near the groin
area? I have to say us ladies after going
to gyn every year for examines , giving birth
and females episodes in our groin bits
nothing surprised us anymore.
I tried all week to explain hubby he meaning Doctor isn’t going thru your penis just
Groin area. He said we shall see , I doubt
It luv you might be out for this ☝️ one relax.

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RE: [VIDEO] Christmas adverts 2021

When I was about 6 and up I had good memories in Woolworth lol, I use to run n hide
in that store,it came to a point me mum stopped taking me there😞.

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Halloween 🎃

My daughter just surprised 😮 me
With her latest hidden talent.
Emily my daughter has the talent in
Carving Pumpkins! Any one here has any hidden talents?

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RE: Stent

Yes I still served his meals and I keep a good
home.., plus he still make me breakfast.,

RE: Stent

We are home at last yay!!!Just came online to let
All went well had a bit problem waiting for a car service to pick us up to drive home, George was afraid I might get lost , I got tired waiting for
car service , so I left took my iPhone and me purse n car keys. had Siri give me the directions
No highway no tolls easy driving directions and
Siri delivered me perfecto! I arrived called
Hubby He right away said where are you been waiting I have arrived where are you
In hospital parking lot He 👀 look oh I see
You , I made it , I told you Siri hasn’t failed me 😉,Yayyyyy …,BTW Mark , oh really rubbish! Lol

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RE: Stent

Thank you Rob , finally got a call surgery went well, I will find out if he will be released
tomorrow. But he is very depressed.


Well I must say this is one of those unpredictable
week full moon has encounter our lives.
I am waiting by my phone at home ,
this all started on Tuesday evening George my
husband telling me he started to feel on his left shoulder and arm a sharp pain and travels
to his back thru his chest, but he said it
Could be from a fall , I think we should
go to the ER now, so we start to get dress
After twenty minutes pain went away
he said Oh the pain went away it was gas.
I said it won’t hurt to go n check it out
He said No! I am fine! So we stayed home.
I kept awake during the night checking
On his breathing was good. We both woke
Up Wednesday morning ate breakfast
Scramble eggs n toast coffee , about two
hours later pain came back real bad,
I said that’s it we going to ER now!!!
We went to our local hospital and was admitted
was transmitted to Deborah heart n lung
Hospital for a Stent procedure. Everything
Is happening so fast now waiting, we talked
this morning at 5 am he call me I’m at
Deborah Hospital I was surprised he said
don’t drive here yet until I well come home
Its a very long drive, so here I wait for now.

RE: Not Savy online

What I notice all you gents are very all
smart and know a lot about the internet
Years ago I had a small friendly
chatroom in yahoo oh it was so nice
Still speak to a few people from my room all from the UK. But not as often life has a way
taking time away from computer. And falling behind all the knowledge of the internet
world. I guess I won’t bother with that
App , thank you all I guess I will stayed
Here and read on and enjoyed our chats here.
Thank you

RE: Not Savy online

So is it like here? Or is it like weirdos
or something I shouldn’t go there ,
I’m a nana n mommy ,don’t want bad
Sorted nonsense.So tell me pleaseee.

Not Savy online

I was told to sign up in an app to chat
Called Whats up or something like that.
I fear going any site I don’t know. Anyone
Can tell me about that site or other
Places good to chat?

Hey Guy’s

What ever happen with Chick Flicks?
Not even some romantic comedy or Historian novel?

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RE: [VIDEO] Ghibli Crafts

It took me So many new passwords to get in

RE: [VIDEO] Ghibli Crafts

Rob have you update cell phone format?

RE: [VIDEO] Ghibli Crafts

Hi Rob sorry to bother you but I’m been having
trouble signing in plus getting updated format,
Please send me the info please.
Yours sincerely,

RE: What were you doing on 9/11?

I woke up early as always watering my herbs n
Flowers outside , came in to make coffee
Woke up my uncle to go to kitchen made his breakfast it was about 8:30 am . I went
to make up the beds n get the laundry sorted
Then I put tv on to hear morning news as
always. Got me coffee n me ciggies , those days I use to smoke. And I started to brush my
hair got up to get me toast I saw the Twin tower
Saw the plane go into the Tower I froze drop
Me toast Scream Ohhh Nooooo!!!!!

RE: New Films

mbilko? What you type doesn’t work. I clicked on it nothing appeared.

New Films

I heard about two months ago Liam Neeson
Was on location in Germany filming.
Forgot the title , has any one know latest
News on it?

RE: New ABBA music...

My favorite is Chiquitita , funny when I
first heard it on radio I thought they
were latin like Mexican,later I found
out. They still sound great very sweet

RE: RIP: Girls Aloud star Sarah Harding dies aged 39

So lovely so sad, I can’t imagine how
her mum feels seeing her daughter suffering and
dying. May she Rest In Peace

RE: Travelers

Ohhh no that’s a problem , why don’t
they listen it’s serious, over here in New Jersey
plenty don’t like wearing masks.
I wear my masks in some places I wear two.
I am just so bored I can’t even think where
to go. So I stay home and clean n clean my
home,thinking getting back to make some custom jewelry,or sewing. I am tired of baking.
But in two weeks I got an order from my oldest
grandson he wants me to bake him cheese
cake for his birthday Whoopee😲

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Wondering how traveling is now a days?
How is it in the UK? Welcoming travelers?
I am skeptic still , I just don’t know what
to do so far…,plus this is a horrible night-
mare. I am so glad they came up with the vaccination but now so many don’t want to get vaccinated. It’s so unbelievable can’t under-
stand what’s next. I don’t know why
some don’t want to get vaccinated..,
So strange????

RE: Paypal

Thats news to me Snaps, I wonder why?