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RE: Oscars

I totally enjoyed it but Hugh Grant
Was in odd form in
discribing his wrinkle skin somewhat

RE: [VIDEO] We Have a Ghost

Waiting , was it thumbs up or down?

RE: 2022 Top Ten Lists

Tv on our cable
Judge Judy
The View
Doctor Phil
The Good Doctor
Law and order
America’s Got Talent

Christmas Carol
On the Line
She Said
Elvis - had no idea what went on
A beautiful Mind
Mind Cage

That’s All Folks
Most of my time cleaning n cooking.😥

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RE: Happy New Year!

Where do I begin about 2022?
It was very hard and very unpredictable
with health issues and some family
Issues as well. Sadly it's dragging into
2023 scary right. The only good thing hubby
health is improving thank God amen.
Oh my Christmas baking was a hit
Cookies n bread came out great no oven issues.
Miss socializing a lot since covid. But
Hopefully We will get brave n travel.
Hope everyone here will have
Happy New Year n God Bless miss you All

RE: Have you had Covid yet?

My biggest fear when I go to doctors exams n dental examins

RE: Have you had Covid yet?

No I try hard to keep distance

RE: Christmas Shopping

Mark I totally understand what your saying Just the other day I asked a lady and she
Wasn’t a youngster but had a poor attitude
I asked her if she could look if this men shirt came in another color , she looked at me
Not moving at all and every is out , nothing in the back stock room. And I mubble to myself I bet I ‘ll find the damn shirt online.

RE: [VIDEO] RIP Kirstie Alley

I always enjoyed her as an actress and what lovely eyes she has sorry she is gone may
She rest in peace and may the heavens
Welcome her♥️

Christmas Shopping

Hello 👋 everybody miss you all.
Sorry I haven’t been on it’s just been
sometimes didn’t have much to say not
good or bad. I never thought I have
enjoyed shopping online more so.
Since the pandemic started I slowly was
amazed how well it went finding things
And good delivery.
Has some of you enjoyed it too?

RE: Is there an Artist in You

Hi all miss you all, hope everyone is doing well?
Can’t believe Christmas is so soon.
I am having a hard time what to purchase
for hubby gifts Anyone here has the same dilemma?

RE: Is there an Artist in You

His name is Bob Ross , I am thinking of ordering his books or videos, he is on American cable He is on early morning n sometimes afternoons , btw he is deceased. I only found out recently.

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RE: Is there an Artist in You

Thank you Alfie . I am going to look up on Bob Ross and Nancy Kominsky, wish me luck.

Is there an Artist in You

I have been watching on tv artist drawing , paint in oil water coloring and acrylics , I am thinking
taking up a hobby now , tired sewing did some jewelry making , baking, ceramics. So I figure I will give it a shot. But I am confuse with the
Paints , any experience artist s about?

RE: Hurricane Ian

I live in Lol quiet New Jersey, I am ok
all we got after Florida got tt, last week we go a hit of rain, I live in a no flood area, I checked that before purchasing my house. A good thing!

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RE: The Moors Murders

Missed this story, was this an unsolved murder or murders? When did it occurred?, Here in America sadly some families when after a time
some families will have an close casket funerals,
Others would have an memorial services for closure.

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RE: [VIDEO] His Dark Materials Season 3

Damnnn what was that all about?!

RE: [VIDEO] The Queen

Last night I finally sat down to watch
the entire final day ,it really got to me,
Watching the end when the Scottish
bagpipes playing as he walks down away
I cried I didn’t expect to cried out omg.
Done so beautiful.

The King

Well Long Live the King,
Wondering how everyone thinks will the
King be good or overwhelming with
Whats in front as far as tasks n public
appearences.? Don’t be shy now

RE: [VIDEO] Results Came In

Ohhh dear saw his video , he likes to do
Odd shockers , not my cuppa 😒

RE: Results Came In

Well you stated it finish it now Mark
I am curious 🧐

RE: Results Came In

Yes , thank you but I have to ask why you don’t
Like Robbie Williams?

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RE: Results Came In

Yes I am very happy n sad and still afraid
But realize so many of my friends and family
Weren’t so lucky like my friends son age 7
pass on and my late auntie Miriam murder
by the hands of a stranger at the age58
And my lovely youngest sister Christine
Age30 complication from asthmatic
attack. I am up there in age can’t
Complaint and me family and friends
And you lovely ladies n gents in here thank you
letting me type here thank you again🌺

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RE: Results Came In

Oh yes love tomatoes are so yummy
But zucchini grew so naughty lol
I refused to take a photo , some might
Think 🤔 I want to selling it to
PlayGirl magazine👀, btw are they still in business? Thank you you for responding grea
to hear from you😜

Results Came In

I was outside in my garden checking
on the tomatoes and zucchini , went in to wash
my hands and notice my phone had a call
It was about 10 am this morning , didn’t
recognize the number so I dial back
Line was busy so I hung up. After
an hour later phone rang againit was my doctor
Well Millie got results all negative
No Cancer at All!!!!! I just started to cryyy
So hard n happy n sad I thank the doctor.
Doctor said don’t forget your follow up! Byeee

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RE: Olivia Newton John has died at 73

I remember her lovely voice and her
delicate beauty but I laugh so hard
When she sang Let’s get Physical lol,
Rest lovely Angel

RE: It what’s Next??

Thank you SJ for the google search,
I don’t know who he is but thanks to you
Now I know, but why dislike him?

RE: It what’s Next??

Hi SJ , Omgggg Did I misread something wrong again lol .., btw who is Robbie Williams?

RE: It what’s Next??

Thank you Marksparks , just read a bit of your profile just because I don’t remember a few
because of all the drama with my health
issues I missed all your chats lately, Mark how can you dislike Robin Williams I really
liked him as an actor n comedian, I think I
agree about Brad Pitt sadly in the other hand
He is a good looking man I must say.., have you seen him Once Upon a time in Hollywood, give it a shot you might like it. Again thank you
I too keeping me fingers crossed 🤞, waiting for results, thank you all ladies n gents.

It what’s Next??

I know here we report what’s in the news ,
What’s going on in the world n so forth.
Well I have news but nothing to do with
World wide or Youtube or films,
Tomorrow morning at 5:30 am going to
hospital on the 4th floor to have surgery.
Having some of my bit’s removed to find
Out if its cancer. Well Ladies n Gents
Wish me luck a little prayer be nice,
Hope to hear from you byee👩🏻‍🦳

RE: [VIDEO] My Chess Set (well nearly)

I wish my hubby would teach me to play chess. It
looks complicated. , is it? That would explain
why he hasn’t bother, lol.