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RE: Valentines Present ;-)

Oh no I don’t like eating out lately at all.
It’s just over priced and the quality of
The food awful . I rather cook at home
where I like my own cooking, and surrounding

RE: Valentines Present ;-)

My hubby order on amazon a lovely
SHINYY Envelope Love Letter Necklace for Women and Men Stainless Steel Engraved Locket with I Love You Secret Message Jewelry Pendant Gift for Couples and Family

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RE: 21 Year old woman claims to be Madeline Mccann

Totally agree test DNA results that will end it all.
Hope it happens.

RE: David Soul, passes at 80

Oh sad to hear about his death. Years ago and I am talking about over 45years ago I went with few of my females friends to see his concert in New York
City it was so crowded. So many screaming
Ladies n young girls omgggg . I didn’t
Expected that. Lol and David Soul ‘s partner made an appearance.

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RE: Merry Christmas everyone!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Love Brooky

RE: Seasonal greetings

Sometimes pets may know you better than others because they feel safe and loved by you.

Season Greetings

Missing being here, also had a bit problem signing in. But finally got in. Update me,
What have I missed?

RE: Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

Hi 👋 there sorry I haven’t been around.
Been taking care of home n family.
Plus even when covid was at its worst, I was on a waiting list for my health issues for surgeries.
Everything has calm down. Lost few friends
due to covid n other complications.
But excuse me I failed to ask have we lost
Any our members here , if we did my
Prayers n blessings from my heart.
Pardon for my late response.

RE: Rest at last, Matthew Perry

So sad to hear about this, but I just
found out.But how can you drown in
Your own jacuzzi.

RE: [VIDEO] All The Light We Cannot See

That looks very interesting, wish I had Netflix

RE: Let’s talk this year Films

Has anyone here seen any interesting films this year in theaters or tv?? Come on don’t be shy?

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RE: Let’s talk this year Films

Thank you all is back to normal thank you

RE: Let’s talk this year Films

Ok I admit I was bored before I happened to see The Pope’s Exorcist  like I said  but I also read about the making of the film 
also based on true stories, I feared a little about it.
Acting was good like I said before.     Now changing the topic Just before I came on here
I got a pop up saying something about the forum site size
I just click on it now I don’t know how to fix it back, helpppp!!
Pleaseeee !!!! Brooky

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RE: Let’s talk this year Films

Oh dear no one has not read my post?

Let’s talk this year Films

I was so bored with the tv one evening
I made a decision to look into whats
On cable in latest films. , looky what I found
Russell Crowe The Popes Exorcist,
I read on it based on a true story, Well
Let’s rent it.Made popcorn and soft drinks
Turned phone off. I won’t go into details
I must say it was very interesting and
The acting was very good. A must see it
My two oldest grandsons enjoyed it.

Helloooo So Glad

Sorry been away , been popping up
Also had problems with my phone
Looking into getting a new phone, any
Suggestions what models is good?

RE: [VIDEO] Napoleon

That’s looks very well done! Looking forward

RE: Missing Titanic Sub

It’s sad to hear how this happened and no
Survivors awful way to died.

RE: Vanished (RIP)

Hi oh I met Barry Newman in personyou can’t imagine where I met him , , I met
Him in hospital in New York years ago in
The recovery ward. I opened my eyes as
I turned my head and saw a nice lookin
Tan man looking at me and smiled, It was
my second surgery but my first time a man
In same recovery ward. I was totally surprised.
I said to myself oh I know that face but I
Was still coming out of it about 15 mins later
I knew who he was but I am too shy So I closed my eyes.Barry rest in peace.

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RE: RIP Tina Turner

I didn’t know much about her marriage to Ile Turner, sadly I wish I met her or even
Went to her performances in New York.
Funny n sad my parents had that kind of stormy
And physical abusive marriage that let
me to tell my mother when I was almost13
yrs old I beg her to divorce my father, because
All my childhood seen n stayed up to see n hear
Her crying all night finally I said divorce him he isn’t t good After school mommy I will go n work
Plus I heard he has to pay for our rent,
A classmate told me her mom is getting. My
Mother said with tears on her face but
Angry tone of voice he is your father
And you don’t know what love is. I
responded saying to her if thats what you call love
I don’t believe so and if that’s what
You want, I don’t want it and I cannot believe that
At all. Years later I heard Tina’s song 🎵 you all
Know the title. Amen Tina

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RE: [VIDEO] Post Trump fallout

Oh no no no I hope not. I met him in person years ago he isn’t good at all bad man.

RE: [VIDEO] Post Trump fallout

Is that true ? I cannot believe it finally
He is going downnnnn Omgggg

RE: Oscars

I totally enjoyed it but Hugh Grant
Was in odd form in
discribing his wrinkle skin somewhat

RE: [VIDEO] We Have a Ghost

Waiting , was it thumbs up or down?

RE: 2022 Top Ten Lists

Tv on our cable
Judge Judy
The View
Doctor Phil
The Good Doctor
Law and order
America’s Got Talent

Christmas Carol
On the Line
She Said
Elvis - had no idea what went on
A beautiful Mind
Mind Cage

That’s All Folks
Most of my time cleaning n cooking.😥

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RE: Happy New Year!

Where do I begin about 2022?
It was very hard and very unpredictable
with health issues and some family
Issues as well. Sadly it's dragging into
2023 scary right. The only good thing hubby
health is improving thank God amen.
Oh my Christmas baking was a hit
Cookies n bread came out great no oven issues.
Miss socializing a lot since covid. But
Hopefully We will get brave n travel.
Hope everyone here will have
Happy New Year n God Bless miss you All

RE: Have you had Covid yet?

My biggest fear when I go to doctors exams n dental examins

RE: Have you had Covid yet?

No I try hard to keep distance

RE: Christmas Shopping

Mark I totally understand what your saying Just the other day I asked a lady and she
Wasn’t a youngster but had a poor attitude
I asked her if she could look if this men shirt came in another color , she looked at me
Not moving at all and every is out , nothing in the back stock room. And I mubble to myself I bet I ‘ll find the damn shirt online.