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RE: Watch your updates

Thats why I always set my Automatic Updates options to

"Notify me but don`t automatically download or install them"

that why I can be sure of what I`m downloading first and that it won`t trash my system. Such as WGA, for instance which I`m never going to install. I`ve stilll got a service pack update waiting for Win 7 and I`m not sure I want IE 9 at all.

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RE: Play.Com – What Customer Service?

Seems to be a common thing with Play these days. Since they got taken over they seem to have really gone down the pan. Have you seen the stories of people having their accounts hacked and hundreds of quids worth of stuff ordered on their accounts? Police are not interested and neither are Play. I`ve taken my card off their records.

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RE: Cannot play back BBC iPlayer WMV

If it`s BBC DRM protected content then it will likely expire after a month or so and you won`t be a able to view it anymore.

The BBC do have DRM free content but it`s lower quality, typically 640x360.

RE: A quick "will this work" question

If you`re just want to use using hard drives internally and have a spare 5.25" drive bay then you can get a couple of brackets that will let you fit a 3.5" drive into a 5.25 bay, costs less than a fiver usually.

If you`re looking for a portable external hard drive you can pick up 1TB drives on novatech for 50 quid or so so you`d possibly be better off getting one of those and flogging the spare drives.

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