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About this user: Having graduated with a worthwhile degree in Writing, David then spent the next five years being told that his degree is `useless`. He spends most of his time, hanging upside down, bitterly talking to the three gnomes who live in the apartment below him through the floorboards. He is a Taurus.

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RE: All three The Room games for less then £5 on Steam

Hahaha what a story Mark

I thought you meant the Tommy Wiseau The Room (that the James Franco movie The Disaster Artist is about) shame as that would be an amazingly crazy game...

RE: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

ere's my review. 
I liked it. Just missed something. I summed it up thus...
"Instead this film (much like the book) felt like a one-note joke. It just felt like once you got over the initial amusement of the usual prim and proper Bennet sisters now being bad-ass zombie killers you wait for the next joke. The problem is there isn't one."