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RE: VCD playing/menu help

Does it have to be Nero 5.9?

I`ve tried it with Nero and with no luck.


RE: h&b 5415 dvd how good

I have a mate with a 5415s and he is having a few probs with VCD`s. He can`t get VCD slideshows to play, and he has some VCD`s with episodes of 24, but when he puts them in it just comes up with like an explorer file browser and he can`t get them to play.

Any ideas of what he needs to do?



RE: Cyberhome ADL-528 Macro Free Rumour

Has anyone tried this yet?


Cyberhome ADL-528 Macro Free Rumour

I`ve heard that you can make it macro-free by setting it to a single Region instead of Multi-region.

Aparantely, setting it to Multi-region turns the Macro ON, but if you set it to a single region (ie R1 or R2 ONLY) then the Macro is off.

I`m considering getting one of these, and just wondered if it was true or not.



RE: Sick of Scan SC2000 - want something else!

Have you tried the Scan SC2000 User Group?

The earlier players did have problems with blockiness (especially if they used the CS4995). If your player has firmware v1.64 or above you should be able to upgrade using a CD-R to fix the problem.


Cyberhome ADM-512 Advice

Wanted some advice on the Cyberhome ADM-512 as I need to find a player that has:

Macrovision Off
A black case

I have a few questions though:

Is the MP3 quality any good?
Is the firmware update easy enough?
Can you record Region 1 to VHS (ie does it convert NTSC to PAL)?



RE: Wharfedale DVD-M5 Vs LG 3000E

Can you disable Macrovision, and is the MP3 playback any good - does it have long filenames on MP3`s ?




I know someone on here successfully burned multiple firmwares onto one CD-R and then used the blue screen and VOL+ to select which firmware they wanted to load.

Could you please reply back with instructions of how you did this, and what software you used.

I`ve tried already using Nero 5 and two files named TDVD-000.rom and TDVD-001.rom but the Scan always reads the TDVD-000.rom even if I have changed the expected filename to TDVD-001.rom using VOL+.

Thanks in advance,


RE: SCAN say

I agree firmware v1.80 now looks to be a bit dangerous, especially for the 00000001 chipset.

From now on we are encouraging people not to downgrade below their shipping version unless they know they can do so safely.

Could you tell us what firmware your next Scan comes with, and what chipset is in it?



P.S Visit for more important firmware info.

New SC2000 Site by Toy Car

Scan owners check out the newly updated SC2000 site developed by Toy Car, I`m stopping updating my page in favour of his.


To become a member.


RE: What`s the problem?

WOW! Thats quite a speech.

I too am a happy Scan owner, and I usually get the latest firmware updates from Nelley to see what the manufacturers have improved. Here`s my explanation of why we make small criticisms of the player.

Just now you will find that the Scan v2.23 has a problem with SVCD`s - they won`t play and are simply ejected. MP3`s skip the first couple of seconds on some files as well.

The only solution is to downgrade to V2.11 (which isn`t VCR friendly) or v2.08s (which is, but has the blue shadows). Also, neither of these fix the MP3 which is only corrected above v2.25.

At the moment all we want is VCR friendly, SVCD capable, no MP3 skipping, and no blue shadows. Unfortunately this isn`t available just now in a single firmware. I`ve tested v2.06, v2.08, v2.08s, v2.11, v2.14, v2.23, v2.25, v2.28 and the latest v2.29 and all have some combination of problems.

Nelley at Scan is aware of these problems and is at present hassling the manufacturers for this functionality, as well as long MP3 filenames.


RE: Time for bear to go me thinks

We should start two petition threads

"Ban The Bear" and "Ditch The `Duke"


Toy_Car - How do I use your Yahoo site. I`ve got a yahoo id of: nivz_scan
but I can`t do anything. No message posting and no file uploading, and I have some new info regarding new firmware.


RE: SC2000 sparkles on left of screen on red (firmware 2.14+?)

I`ve heard that there is some Video Filter value that they can tweak in the firmware, but I`ve not notice too much difference in some versions. Then again, they claimed to have SVCD sorted out and that was a lie to.

It is getting better though. Versions above V2.23 have SVCD enabled and MP3`s dont skip the first 2 seconds. I`ve noticed a freezing problem when watching the Matrix above v2.23 and Nelley has informed TYT about it. The `cursor` (well I think it looks like one of those gfx mode cursors on old computers) which flashes at the left side of the screen is also supposed to be cleared up in newer versions.

More info tomorrow after I test v2.29 ;-) Fingers crossed.


RE: Nivz in here

Toy Car - My yahoo ID is: nivz_scan

Can you give me access, and tell me how I can edit/upload files.



RE: Nivz in here

I`ll join later today and send you my ID. Nelley has just sent me v2.29, but I`m away from home today and won`t be able to test it till tomorrow.

I`ll give it the usual MP3, SVCD and Matrix tests.


RE: SC2000 sparkles on left of screen on red (firmware 2.14+?)

They already know about it. It`s fixed in newer firmwares (I tried v2.25), but there are still some problems in this version. I`ve downgraded to v2.23 for now and am awaiting news from Scan.



Latest official release from Scan is v2.25, but I`ve found a few probs with it already. The v2.27 (or v2.28 which is now available) from the TYT site are NOT good for the UK Scan. I put v2.28 onto mine and had the same problems (ie No PAL - multi or NTSC only and NO REGION FREE).

Stick with v2.23 for the moment as it`s stable and you only miss SVCD and the first 2 seconds of some MP3`s skipped if they are encoded with MMJB.


RE: ANYONE TRIED 2.27 ON SC2000???????????????


I`ve been messing around with the firmware.

V2.23 (Official Scan)
Video is okay.
Matrix plays fine.
MP3 skips first 2 seconds on MMJB encoded MP3`s.
VCR Friendly.

V2.25 (Official Scan)
Video is okay.
SVCD DOES works.
Matrix has a glitch. After Neo sees the Woman in the red dress the image freezes and the blue shadows come back.
MP3`s play fine.
VCR unfriendly.

V2.28 (TYT release)
Video is okay but in NTSC or MULTI modes only (No PAL).
Matrix has a glitch. After Neo sees the Woman in the red dress the image freezes and the blue shadows come back.
Never tried SVCD or MP3.
No SCART mode option for S-Video or Composite.
I`ve forwarded this information to Nelley and I`m back to version 2.23


RE: Scan owners look in here

Toy Car, I`ll give as much help as I can. How do I provide files for the site?


RE: SCAN Korean Support

Remember this is the OEM firmware for the TYT DVD-2000 and as such may not work on your player. I don`t think SCAN would be happy if people were installing this version. I always wait for the official Scan release from Nelley. You have been warned.

The download URL for the ADV7172 version is:

Username and password are both: tyt2000


RE: SCAN Korean Support

Yeah, just figured that one out. Follow this link to get the TYT website translated into english for you.



SCAN Korean Support

Don`t know how many of you know this, but I think it`s quite neat. If you go to you`ll get all the latest info about the SC-2000 and it`s clones - that is if you can read Korean.

ECEPT that if you go to the Korean page you want to view and copy the URL then go to and fill in the details it will translate the Korean text to English.

Pretty damn cool.


RE: Tytelstar FW 2.26 is here (Scan 2000 and Grundig compatible)

How do you get Altavista to translate a Korean page?


RE: SC-2000 Firmware / Hardware Survey

1. ADV7172 00000003
2. V2.06
3. February 2000
4. V1.80


RE: Advice for a new SC2000 owner

Thanks TOY CAR. I think thats probably the most sensible warning to give - ie Don`t downgrade below shipped firmware version.

Not much help to those that are stuck just now though. I`ve mailed Nelley asking him to check this out, and I`ve suggested that those that are stuck just now try installing V1.80 twice (one after the other to get the `WRITING` and `DONE` messages) and then try upgrading again. I`m also trying to get V1.95 to see if that will fix their players.



WARNING! - Make sure you know which chipset your SC-2000 has before downgrading to V1.80. A few people with firmware V2.07 have downgraded and are now stuck - no other firmare will load.

Could those of you stuck with V1.80 at the moment try the following:

Load V1.80 following the instructions in the FAQ and then load it again (ie twice). The first time you may not get the `WRITING` then `DONE` message, but you should the second time. Now try upgrading again.

Post here if you have any success. It mught also be worth trying V1.95 (since it supports the multi chipset) I`ll see if I can find a copy of this to make available.


RE: Advice for a new SC2000 owner

Hi folks,

I WILL update the FAQ to warn about downgrading below V1.95. I`m sorry to hear about the folks having problems with the downgrade to V1.80. My player has always been fine doing it (I have ADV7172 00000003 shipped with V2.06) and apart from the V2.07 batch I`ve never heard of anyone else having problems until now.

I think we shouldn`t encourage anyone to downgrade below V1.95 (the multi code version) anymore as it`s too risky.

To clear up another few points I`m just a Scan customer like everyone else - there is no link between me and Nelley.

All the info in the FAQ was collected from here, Nelley at Scan, hdubios website and the TYT website to provide some helpful info to other Scan owners.

The link to the firmware download from TYT was posted on here a while back - I can`t remember the link. It`s not that great anyway, all you get is the latest ADV7172 firmware for the TYT DVD2000 and a document with some info about the player.

I`m away to e-mail Nelley just now and I`ll update the FAQ pronto.


RE: SC-2000 V2.23 and SVCD

I`ll try and post up a link to V2.11 today so that people who want to watch SVCD`s can do so, although I might put up V2.08 as it`s VCR friendly and also does SVCD`s.

Xeno - I only watched the Matrix, and I always thought the background was noisy in it, but it looked a bit better in V2.23. I went straight from V2.14 to V2.23.

I had heard that some changes had been incorporated in V2.20 to improve the picture, but I also heard that SVCD was back on from V2.19 so maybe it`s not all true. Have to wait for Nelley to get the official Firmware Revision History.


RE: Official SC2000 Firmware V2.23 Online

Nelley doesn`t want that info posted up on the board - I think Scan and TYT are getting major hassle from the `/x\ vision` people.

Let`s just say my VHS collection is growing ;-)


RE: How do you record from Scan SC2000 to video?

Plug a SCART lead from your To TV on your SC-2000 into the back of your video. Turn on the video and select the AV channel on the video.
Put a DVD into your SC-2000, start the movie and press record.

Make sure your SC-2000 is VCR friendly.

Read the FAQ for more details: