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RE: Skybox Problem


It doesnt work like the old analogue system. You cant use someone elses machine and your card and visa versa.

The machine recognises your card


RE: American Werewolf in london SE

Yeah i saw that and was nearly going to buy it until i noticed the lack of a DTS option which the region 1 version has.

Gonna get it from play i think


RE: Scan 2500 - the current position

Well Bear ..... here we go again huh?

I know the sc2000 and the sc2500 well and without actually trying either of these machines you appear to have a great deal of knowledge on the subject.

Your scan campaign is as relentless and as futile as ever ...... If anyone was actually listening to your advice .. you would not see posts from customers.

Move on m8 ... something more worthwhile surely requires your childish attention........ like perhaps putting those toys back in your pram


RE: Has anyone seen The Sopranos (Any Region) Box sets at a good price?

Sorry have been without online access for a few days.

Yes the thread is closed as both noxsets i had have gone.

I ccan tell you if you really want the best sopranos sets you have to buy r1.

I had the austrailian versions and they are far inferior than the r1 bith in terms of quality and extras.


RE: Father Ted extras

I have been buying the Father Ted dvd`s as they come out and the commentary on the discs is one of the reasons as they are hilarious.

Ardel will make it even better i would have thought,

RE: Which Amp to go for ???

Would have to agree with above post.

Bought my Yamaha ax-620 on Saturday and am impressed beyond my expectations. DTS is slightly better than DDigital and is good with standard music cd`s.

Buy this amp it will make you happy.


Thinking of buying Marantz SR42000 Home cinema amp -good idea?????

Thinking of gettin one of these bad boys -has anyone got one and if so what do they think ????

Cheers in advance


RE: James bond 007 box set, cheapest price?

Approx £140 inc delivery.

Brilliant site, great customer service.

Customs might sting you though!


RE: Father Ted

I have bought the first couple and although the quality isn`t brillaint it isnt bad enough to warrant not buying them.

The commentry alone is a reason to buy them.


RE: is better than you lot say!

Cant complain about play as every order i have placed has arrived in 4 days.


RE: SCAM are at it again , ops I mean SCAN

You are welcome.


And thanks for advertising our group.

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Hi all

Me and the gf bought an LG3000e for her parents for xmas-bought it cos i got it cheap with a loyalty card thingy 20% off etc.

Well the bastard plays fine untill layer change and then starts having a fit of mammoth proportions -the usual -sticking,stammering,blocking etc.

What i want to know is -is this a known prob with this particular player-will a firmware upgrade sort it etc?

Cheers in advance


RE: SCAM are at it again , ops I mean SCAN

What a surprise -Shadowze slaggin companies --do you ever post anything else.

everyone knows about Scan -move on !


ps As i moderate the above forum and deal with complaints about scan everyday this is not about defending Scan.

Just bored hearing the same thing- try offering suggestions as to alternative companies to order from.

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RE: PC world after sales is rubbish

pc world= dixons=currys=pish!



RE: DVD swap

I am putting together a uk dvd exchange forum.

Watch this space should be up soon.


RE: DIXONS:thanks for nothing

I wouldent buy a blank video from these shower of bastards.

And that includes Currys and Pc world



RE: Region 4 THE ROCK - CRITERION or not ?

It is definelty not the criterion


RE: This must be the Mother of all dvd websites

Yeah, Bear was really out of control back then.

Strangely miss that................


RE: BT Broadband ADSL; Is it any good???

Considering getting it myself as it is half price untill the end of the month.

M8 of mine has it and he can achieve up to 50k/s but it all depends on the connection you are downloading from.

It also depends on how many people are using the service at one time and how far away you are from one of the bt adsl networks.

Hope this helps

RE: Escape From New York - Special Edition

Any information on the commentary that was on the laserdisc being slapped on the disc?


What versions of evil dead 1 and 2 should i buy???????????????

Which versions of the above films are the best ???????????

Cheers in advance


RE: Buying a new motherboard with on board scsi -any recommendations????


WIth Pentium 4 1.5GHz cpu ,ddr PC2100 ram

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Where is the cheapest place to buy a ps2 online?????????

Hi, a friend of mine wants to buy her boyfriend a ps2 for xmas and asked me to see if i could find one cheaper than the high street online.

Cheers in advance


RE: Forget XP this is the version of Windows to Get!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dont forget i have been firmware testing for the sc2000 and returns are never a problem for me.


RE: R2 star wars: phantom menace (what do you think??)

I have the region 1 and have compared it to the region 2 and apart from alot of swearing on the r1 disc there appears to be no difference although i think the region 1 has the edge regarding picture quality


RE: Father Ted series 1 region 2 - poor quality?

Plays very well on my sc2000.
Mate of mine bought the r1 as it came out earlier and there is no differences in quality.

Hope this helps


RE: poor customer service

Hi Nelley

The reason i havent mentioned the dvd`s arriving is because my pc has went down at home and i can only post from work at the moment.

The dvd`s arrived yesterday and i am very appreciative -It was a very generous gesture(phantom menace especially)- So thankyou.

I would like to say ,though,that the implementation of a good customer service policy would go a long way and both you and your customers would benefit from this.I work in the customer service industry and know how difficult and important it is to achieve customer satisfaction-especially heading towards xmas.


RE: poor customer service

Yeah it is a mystery why they continue to treat people like this -surely their sales and reputation have already dropped considerably due to the sheer amount of dissatisfied customers and customers that have been lied to.

Look through this thread --wed 3rd october i was promised dvd`s as compensation and was told they had been posted and i would have them last friday.

I am just in from work(12th october) and they still have not arrived- i mean how hard is it to send a few dvd`s?

Broken promises and bullshit are still the order of the day with scan.

If these threads are compared with scan threads from this time last year it is clear that their service has went from poor to down right appalling.

So Nelley -where are the dvd`s you promised me?
Where are the other dvd`s you promised other customers?


RE: poor customer service

Well I was promised compensation DVD`S last wed and i am still waiting.