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RE: really are brilliant!!!!!

Responses to my message here last night concerning my order :
22:58 March 29th
I recieved an email from Marcus Quinn, informing me that he had reordered another copy of the DVD to be dispatched to me, and that this time it will probably be sent out from the UK warehouse.
12:40 March 30th
I recieved an email from FOXY Staff telling me that my order has been requested from the warehouse, it will be checked then queued to be packed. I will recieve a further email when this is complete.
13:12 March 30th
I recieved an email once again from FOXY Staff telling me that my order had now been cancelled, my account will be refunded for this item.
13:13 March 30th
I then recieved an email from JOHN ANDERSON saying he was sorry, but he has had to cancel my order as it is not currently in stock, and that a discount voucher code would now be sent to me.
13:59 March 30th
Another email from Foxy Staff saying that my card had been refunded, but may take upto 4 days to show on my account.
17:26 March 30th
An email from Customer Services giving a 10% discount code on my next purchase from

I will respond again when I find out if my account really has been refunded. I would like to thank Marcus for getting something moving, although I feel it was only through pressure from such forums like this that actually ever got anything done at all, which is a poor state of affairs.

One good thing is that the DVD I initially ordered over 3 months ago, is now down to £3 with some ebay sellers brand new.


OK, any chance of finding out what is happening with my order :
Ordered on March 11th and sat for 6 weeks in "Sent to despatch" Then miraculously despatched on the 23rd of April, never arrived, The despatched date then changed to 8th of May, still never arrived. Guess what? Now it says despatched on 25th May. I doubt very much this has been sent out either. What is happening here?
You state that e-mails are sent out, yet I have never recieved anything apart from " A member of staff will shortly be in touch with you!". Guess what? NOTHING EVER!
You`re site says that it cannot act until at least 14 days after despatch, yet this never can happen as it appears despatch dates are changed every 14 days!
I welcome your reply!

RE: avoid FOXY.CO.UK !!!!

Reading these threads must be like deja-vu for everybody who uses
After seeing a DVD £4 cheaper on Foxy than anywhere else, I ordered, yes it was in stock 9 weeks ago when I ordered and has been so ever since, I ordered on a Saturday night and recieved a confirmation within an hour that it was in stock and was being picked. The following morning my order now read sent to dispatch. - Amazing I thought! It then sat in "sent to dispatch" for the next 6 weeks. All emails went unanswered, yet guess what? unlike any other retailer who don`t debit your card until your order has been sent, Foxy take it straight away!. Amazingly after exactly 6 weeks my order then changed to dispatched - unamazingly this has now been 21 days ago and no DVD and still no reply to any emails.
I urge everyone who has been conned by these obvious fraudsters, to inform their credit card company that they wish to issue a chargeback against the purchase and then follow it up with an email to TV`s Watchdog programme. If enough people complain to them, at least their scam will be highlighted nationally and hopefully warn off future buyers. Another plus would be that the coverage may put them out of business (If they ever had one in the first place!).