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RE: really are brilliant!!!!!

Do Play and Amazon reply to people on Forums?

They don't need to....... they actually deliver the items people buy of the sites!!! Shocking isn't it, I mean you buy something and you actually get`s unbelievable, too good to be true!!!!!

We are Data protection registered and fully compliant we never share customer details and take customer privacy very seriously.

So posting possible members names on the forum, how does that look? obviously the post has been edited by you or a mod.

But you can still see the original in one of the my previous posts page 3 or 4 ??? minus the possible members name that is....

This item was edited on Wednesday, 30th May 2007, 00:30


OK, any chance of finding out what is happening with my order :
Ordered on March 11th and sat for 6 weeks in "Sent to despatch" Then miraculously despatched on the 23rd of April, never arrived, The despatched date then changed to 8th of May, still never arrived. Guess what? Now it says despatched on 25th May. I doubt very much this has been sent out either. What is happening here?
You state that e-mails are sent out, yet I have never recieved anything apart from " A member of staff will shortly be in touch with you!". Guess what? NOTHING EVER!
You`re site says that it cannot act until at least 14 days after despatch, yet this never can happen as it appears despatch dates are changed every 14 days!
I welcome your reply!


I have checked and sorted out your order, please check your email for my message and let the guys on here know if everything is OK.



Anyone else I can help?

Well done if you like that kind of service......but I highly doubt CJH thinks highly of Foxy now that it is now sorted out.

I think CJH would prefer a more generous gesture as he has waited over 2 months, wasted his time and effort for something that should have taken less than two weeks to arrive. Just like the rest of us on this forum, but some like :( got nothing...



Email or Private Message me and I`ll send you a voucher to try us out and you can make up your own mind.

Not sure what the other dude`s problem is but maybe I`ll get an order number and I`ll find out?

Can anyone else help me out here? How do I respond to all this?

This item was edited on Tuesday, 29th May 2007, 23:47

Was this a mod or marcusq "who played Guess Who", who edited this post???? as I just spent the last 20 mins looking for the damm thing >:(

This item was edited on Tuesday, 29th May 2007, 23:58

RE: really are brilliant!!!!!

Tell you what, instead of asking ex-customers (and amused non-customers) their order numbers, why don`t you go and answer the email enquiries and complaints that have already been sent?

Still waiting for the reply.....I sent an email/details though your web site.........order number included!!!! and still nothing....


I hadn`t actually posted anything when you first posted.

Is that ************* then I presume from your website?

I just have to figure out who the iQue poster is now

Email or Private Message me and I`ll send you a voucher to try us out and you can make up your own mind.

Not sure what the other dude`s problem is but maybe I`ll get an order number and I`ll find out?

Can anyone else help me out here? How do I respond to all this?

Learn to read :B and reply to the email`s sent though foxy's website and don't ask for order numbers on this forum, you don't see Amazon or Play asking for them do you? looks very unprofessional :/

Foxy!! Does the data protection act mean anything to you? I think that's the number 2 "element" of why foxy should not be used!!!! :p


Nobody`s buying it, sweetheart.

That`s funny.... it`s just made my day.



Unfortunately Foxy lack several........well for now let's call them elements "" but let's focus on Customer Service thing.......

1. Customer Service

Customers like to be treated with respect. If a customer emails you they expect a reply back???

But if like me, your order disappeared in the post ......"or never go sent in the first place" expect to get a reply from the 30 or so email I sent over the course of 6 weeks..."give or take a few days"....."which might I add I received back from Foxy.......yep nothing , zilch, nada....... despite adding my order number, address, name, date of purchase, and my autobiography" failed to reply to even one of them....and they were polite and nice.....may be Foxy can post a few on the forums as proof.

Simply because of this very important element, it's highly unlikely that people will use you, no matter if you give them voucher codes.

And Foxy is cheap but they can be cheaper if they want just like the many more two bit internet shopping sites, that are all based in "Jersey". It`s something to do with Tax?? not 100% sure I think I read it on BlahDVD's or Blah!! website which are also based in Jersey and have very good Customer Service skills...."They actually reply to your email's"...."WOW"..... new stuff or what!!!! .......and then there is Amazon Jersey.

With that said , again thanks for reading and i hope you guys/girls/people learnt a few things.........if not read the whole thread from page 1.

PS: Marcus, "PS Does nobody here have real names?"......that would be a firm NO!!!!...............

I design online shops for a living and No-one reviews sites saying:
"I found what I was looking for very easily using their search bar and result filter options. Although I`m always scepticle of new online websites I thought I`d give them a go as they were the cheapest (I hope) and was very surprised when my order arrived just a few days after ordering it. As long as their prices stay low I`ll keep going back."
5 STAR excellent

We have hundreds of thousands of happy customers, sounds like this one was a bit of a techie, don`t know, could have been a friend of one of the staff, I couldn`t say.

con artist....

This item was edited on Friday, 25th May 2007, 21:30

I think there is a typo right here -> -> are brilliant !!!! ---- "You Wish"

I originally come across this thread though searching on Yahoo! (in the first top 10 results) trying to get some contact info for Foxy after they decided not to reply to any of my emails......and I think threads like this one are very important for today, and the future.

It makes other people think twice before they buy from two bit internet shopping sites. Sadly for Foxy it was my first and last purchase.

I learnt the hard learn from your mistakes..... and others, stick to what you know (Amazon, Play) no matter how much the price is!!!!

Make sure the company is established....first so do a little research like read these types of threads, before you read the price tag. Because it might not be saving you will be throwing you money away and not to say your life!!!!!


This item was edited on Thursday, 24th May 2007, 21:06

RE: avoid FOXY.CO.UK !!!!

Sorry keeping this thread alive, but with a more recent problem about foxy......I totally have to say they are terrible when it comes to customer service but are great at taking your money.

Anyway I placed my order and my item status on the site said ready for picking or something this was the same for about 5 I had to email them and ask them what was the holdup.....yep no reply to my email but then the status did change to now dispatched...."surprise"....

So about 20 days later may be longer, yep nothing received. I have several emails, no replies to any of them and they have been a few. I have done all the checks it says to on the website and nothing.....

John, if you still read this fourm???Quote:
If your problem has still not been sorted, please email us and we will do everything in our power to to sort it out and regain your faith and trust in us.

How, when you don't even reply?

I would just like to take this opportunity to say that our main priority at Foxy is customer satisfaction. I have noticed from reading these posts that there are a few people who are unhappy with our services

Customer satisfaction, take some time out and read some emails or forums like this one and take note....

Overall foxy is a waste of time and I should have paid the extra £5 and got my item from Amazon, at least they send you actual items.

I will try the phone number above tomorrow and see where that gets me? But what I don't really understand that they state that all items are sent recorded so it shouldn't be a problem to prove it was sent or if it got lost, surely the delivery company can confirm this? So they can do some customer service and get the item resent or refund the customer there money back, at least.......