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RE: avoid FOXY.CO.UK !!!!

I have also had similar problems with this lot. Item did arrive but was damaged. Packaging was unmarked so I believe it was packed damaged. Reported to FOXY but took about 20 e-mails before I got reply. They told me to return the item for replacement. I sent with proof of posting but that was 6 weeks ago. I have sent over 60 e-mails and they only replied to one (strangely the only one out of the 60 that was abusive). I am now £13.75 out of pocket and no goods. They said in the one e-mail that most of their customers tend to be liars and never send the items back ? (I have proof of posting?)
They said they would send another and guess what? it has never arrived.
I intend to persue these people (Foxy/Marcus Quinn). I have already reported them to Jersey Trading Standards and urge anybody else with similar complaints to do the same.They only act on multiple complaints. These people need dealing with ASAP.
New customers ....think twice ....they are 100% risk.

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