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RE: £5 off codes....

From what i just learnt, the french soundtrack is just a Sony mistake :only english and german languages on those dvds .Or could you check it out for me ? I`d appreciate the move.

RE: £5 off codes....

Thanks, but you are refering to the Fox edition...i need the Sony one

RE: £5 off codes....

Help me !!! Please, my French girlfrien`d birthday is coming, she loves "the L Word season 2"

i`ve ordered 2 boxsets already from 2 different stores, and unfortunately , there was no french soundtrack at all !!. Yet, i know there`s been two different editors for this box set, one from SONY with FRENCH and the other from Fox WITHOUT French.

Have you guys ever seen any boxset SEASON 2 with French soundtrack IN-STORE ??? i don`t trust their written details anymore !!

Will offer 2 vouchers from play if you can tip me !!!

RE: avoid FOXY.CO.UK !!!!

guess i` ll wait one week more and after will complain to my bank. >:(

avoid FOXY.CO.UK !!!!

avoid FOXY !!!

I`ve been awaiting dvds (about 65 £ ) from those bastards since... 18 AUGUST that never came !! After a dozen of mails, see the mail i received last week :

Hi there,

The only thing i can think of that could have happened is that your order was too big to get through the post box, so they would have been taken to the local sorting office where they would be awaiting collection. If they were not picked up within a week then they would be sent back to us.

Kind Regards,

...... >:( :* :$ >:(

RE: £3 E-Voucher @ HMV

Hi, everybody

i plan a trip to London soon, do you guys know if the "5£ voucher for 30 spent" is also valid in-store ?? and is the so-called voucher easy to find inside the stores or should i have bought something else before ? because i might buy 50 dvds and would like to split them , to get many 5 £ rebates

thanks for your answers