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Great Outdoors Superstore - No Customer Service whatsover, one to avoid

I bought some boots from this company and they sent me the wrong size.

I have since sent them about 10 emails about the error to which they have never bothered to reply.

A really terrible retailer and one to avoid.

RE: Play.Com - Very Crap Customer Service

`Replied with an email with typos` sounds about right.

The replies I have been getting from Play have been littered with grammar errors and some of them don`t even make any sense.

It`s like they have outsourced their `customer support` to a non English speaking country.

Play.Com - Very Crap Customer Service

Ordered a External Hard Disc from them on 11th July.

They claimed they posted it on 11th July, and now 3 weeks later still no Hard Disc. They took payment on 11th July.

I have emailed them for an update on the order and they keep on telling me the same rubbish about how they posted it on the 11th July. I asked them which courier they used and whether they have a tracking number and they have stopped replying.

Seems to me they are lying about posting it on the 11th July.

RE: Low Priced ex rental dvds

Prices look pretty good.

Just ordered a few via paypal.

SVP selling shockingly bad media

I bought some media from SVP a few days ago.

They weren`t the cheapest discs and I thought paying extra mean`t I would be getting reliable discs.

It has been burn out after burn out. I don`t think it is my dvd writer as I recently bought the same brand disc from choicestationery and successfully burned every disc with not a single failure.


delete post

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RE: Big Pockets Sale

Their stupid site didn`t even work properly during the sale.

Word of advice to Big Pockets, if you want to advertise a sale at least make sure the site works on the actual day.

PC World Online Reservation Utter Cr@p

I reserved an item on Monday to pick up on Tueday and when I got there the price went up by £15.

I showed them my reservation email with the original price and the manageress finally decided to make an appearance and told me I would have to pay the higher price. She told me in a rather arrogant tone that if I did not want to pay the new price then I should buy something else.

I informed her that I had to drive 8 miles to pick up the item and she told me I should have rang up first before I came to collect it. Daft Bint!

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RE: SVP 99p shipping but words of warning too

Also check the media reviews. They have been selling a lot of duds recently as my last pack of dvd-rs were terrible.

RE: The Shield - Season 3 (INSTORE ONLY) £12 !


Love that show. Awaiting season 7, seen all of the first 6 seasons.

RE: CDWOW for sale ????

HK$500 million turnover is about £31 million. Their fine is estimated at £41 million so it looks pretty certain they are screwed.

I reckon they will file for bankrupcy before paying the fine. Damn the BPI and their stupid rules!

If cdwow do fold I sense they will be back under a new name.

RE: Ebay listing 10p

Sadly all the other auction sites are pretty crap which is why ebay can get away with raising final value fees in the first place. Lack of competition sucks and monopolies are very unhealthy.

Phones4U Pathetic Customer Service

Bought a £90 phone from their clearance section in May, only for it to arrive without a battery so I cannot use the phone. Also did not come in the original box and the item overall did not look brand new.

I emailed them on the day I got it and they told me that a replacement battery would be sent in 5 days.

2 weeks later I enquired about my missing battery and they sent me the same automated email, a replacement will be sent in 5 days.

I phoned them up in June and they told me that because 28 days had passed they cannot do anything about it. I now have to get my credit card company involved, I cannot believe how mickey mouse this outfit is.

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RE: Ebay listing 10p

It`s 10p to list dvds and vide0 g[at]sem anyway.

It`s the rather high 9% fees that grEedBAY charge that is the problem.

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Incompetent Royal Mail Going on Strike Again!

Incompetent Royal Mail going on strike again on Thursday 12th July.

I don`t blame the workers but the pathetic management who despite making millions still fail to keep their service running smoothly.

The quicker we get a competitor, the better.

RE: SVP Buyers` Club 99p Delivery

Also they don`t stick the arm in with surcharges for Northern Ireland deliveries, unlike some of their competitors.

But they do take the pee by making N. Ireland customers having to spend over £50 to get the 99p shipping promotion which is far too high.

They are denying it`s the discs and are trying to blame my dvd writer firmware which is utter tosh.

I`ve had that from them myself, they claimed it was my writer`s firmware when they sold me s#!te discs. Recommended that I visit the manufacturers site to get latest firmware, the drive wasn`t even a month old.

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CD Wow really slow service

I ordered a dvd from cd wow 3 weeks ago and it still has not turned up.

They took the money within 48 hours and have now stuck `preorder` on my order. It is not a preorder. Usual no replies to my emails, they really are proving to be a shambles.

RE: - when did that happen

101cd are renowned for their misprices which appears to be a ploy to attract visitors to their site.

I thought maybe they would change their ways once Blah owned them but sure enough the same thing happened again when I ordered 3 dvds from them yesterday. Again they claimed they were mispriced, that`s got to be about 20 misprices in less than a year!

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I got a bad tub from them a year ago and they offered to replace them but as most of the dvd+rs had been used and stored sensitive information like company accounts etc I could not return them.

Had to recopy the information onto new discs I bought from WHSmiths. SVP do sometimes get the odd bad discs.

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RE: Las Vegas - Series 1 (Six Discs) Under Nine Quid!

I`ve lost count of the amount of orders this crappy company has cancelled on me, due to `a problem with their suppliers`.

More like a problem with their pricing but they are too gutless to admit it.

RE: MagicFreebies? maybe not!

Magic freebies posts are the only thing that make me visit this site. 10/10 from me.

RE: Mr Bean: 10 Years of Mr Bean (3 Disc Set) £14.99

Cd wow just cancelled my order for this claiming I used too many of their vouchers.

I used a 75p off link and a 50p voucher. They shouldn`t keep doing bloody promotional discounts if they don`t want people to use them. >:(

RE: Help with HMV

I`ve had two dvds go missing with this outfit and still no repsonse to my emails.

What a terrible retailer, they need to sort out their department and web site.

RE: SVP 99p delivery weekend

Just placed an £80 order with a different company.

Oh well looks like SVP have lost out on my money.

RE: SVP bias ratings

SVP do occasionally have some real stinkers. Just becuase you got a good lot does not mean others will.

The datawrites I got were terrible some people got good ones and many got bad ones. I tried them on several different writers and they were bad on all of them.

I think they had failure rate of 1 in 4. I ran the discs through DVDInfoPro and CD Check and they were definately not right compared to the last lot I got. There were errors all over them after the scans, even befiore I used them. I hope SVP are not getting conned into buying cheaper fakes

RE: SVP bias ratings

I submitted a rating for a product of theirs which was a fairly lacklustre product and gave it 6/10 and they did not publish it.

Later I added the same review of the product but gave it 9/10 and lo and behold they published it even though it was an inaccurate rating.

Doesn`t look like a very accurate system if they only accept good ratings.

I submitted a review for some really poor datawrite discs I bought from them. My review too has not appeared on the site despite having posted it twice. The review had no expletives of any kind. It does appear that it is slightly bias.

RE: softuk free delivery code plus 6% off plus pro evo 5 xbox360 6.99

Tried to order a game from this site about a month ago.

Order never got dispatched after a few weeks, so in the end I had to cancel, wouldn`t go near this lot with a bargepole.

RE: xbox games from £1.97 - woolworths

Woolworths are rc[at]p when it comes to honouring low priced goods.

They pulled the same stunt last year, typical get everyone to visit their crappo site with a few unobtainable bargains then cancel all the orders.

I`d also like to take this opportunity to say their customer service is pathetic.

RE: Anyone know where can pick up cheap HAYNES manual for Renault Clio 2002?


You could try a good book buy Louis Frenchman entitled "comment réparer l`ordure" (how to repair junk) it can be purchased at


Only joking, good luck with your quest.

Yeah, British cars are so much better...

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RE: HELP! Web site address Bargain of the day - Woolies, Argos, Co-op, etc.

Hot deals is a quality site for bargains, Highly recomended.