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RE: NTL users and WINDOWS XP

The way I understand it is that the dont support it, not that it does not work.

IE if you have a problem, there TS staff will not offer support on it. but that should change once they have had a chance to train the staff on XP.

RE: To Bear

"Time for last years joke again for newbies!

What has a happy scan owner and Lord Lucan got in common...."

Well I must be Lord Lucan ;)

Can not say for a fact bear, but i my self think the reasion you were removed from the site was more to do with the abuse that went with the posts you made than the subject of them.


PS hows the PIC programming going?

RE: Dubai Grundig GDV-130D Player

this player is made by TYT in korea, and the reasion for bad reviews is down to the firmware on the player. it has come a long way over the months. there are many players based on the same hardware with different cases. the scan SC2000, the logix 3000, the divido, the daewoo 2000, the Manhattan DVD2000 , the Emerson 2100 to name but a few, and there price varies from £130 to £250 for the same player in a different box. there is a users group set up for the TYT Clones you can find at were you will find lots of usefull info, firmwares ect.

RE: Auto-detection problems.


Come join us at

But think your problem is

1) many TV`s do not implement RGB correctly. Richard White should know if you TV model is affected by this (make a post to the above group if you whish to confirm this)

2) The aspect problem may be down to how you have set the player up, the scart cable you are using, the DVD you are playing, a fault with the TV or a fault with the player.

Double check that the player is set to 16:9, check the scart lead is fully wired. Check the DVD`d you are playing are anamorphic (not wide screen 4:3) and if you can test the player on another WS TV.

I know kung fu

may take a few min to download on a slower conection, but worth it.

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RE: Anyone seen the light in this DVD player jungle?

As Clatys says, the SC2000 will meet you needs, as will the DIGIQUEST (, Daewoo 2000, DiViDo, Grundig 130, Logix 3000, daewoo dhc 220k.

they are all the basicly the same player with one or two minor changes made each of them such as the casing or number of scart sockets fitted to them.
the cheapest one is the Logix 3000 from LG this can be found at Asda / Richer Sounds / / £139 inc VAT and P&P at Bigsave, £125 at Asda if you can find it. £179 at, icludes 4 DVDs.

If you would like more info on the join the user group at

ask your questions there with nearly 3000 members some one will know the answer to your question.

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RE: Logix3000 or Alba104???

the Logix would get my vote out of these two. :)

If you whish to know more about it, come over here


Oopps, Sorry. = fine site, dam good service. = I have never used them, and it would seem they are selling silvers.


used them a few times, fast, cheap and they are not silvers. they are the real thing.

RE: Hi Guys.......Ive just got cable modem:)

Got mine last week, an`t it just sweet!

RE: VCD sound on Manhattan

The Manhattan is another of the TYT Clone players (scan SC2000, Logix 3000, Grundig 130, Divido to name a few)

The problem you are having is down to the firmware on your player and there is a remedy to it. It involves updating your Firmware. The procedure for this is far to long (but very easy) to go in to here.

For more information come to the user group at

RE: Help please!!!! to choose a player for £150 - £200 that`s easily hacked to play reg.1

Logix 3000, asda £130. Fine player, Very easy to hack. 3 year warentee.

if you woulds like more info come join us

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RE: Scan!!

Well i dont feel you are giving this player credit for what it is, can not comment to much on the M5 as I have not seen it for my self. The logix 3000 another TYT clone and is basicly the same player and it will cost you £130.

The Wharfedale M5, is a rebaged sampo player which to in the past HAVE had their share of problems, which for the main part have been rectified.

as for the firmware releases, quote:

"I`m certainly not looking for a player which will be releasing constant firmwares for the problems with my player"

1) So when you do come across a problem with your player you would be quite happy to live with it?

2) The firmware releases over the last few months for the TYT Clones have all been about adding function to the player, such as the latest firmware with a media player (like the windows one).

If you take a look at you will find a Full review of the latest SC2000 and how they felt it has come on.

Here are some of the points made about its improvements

It looks the same, it feels the same, and in all probability it tastes the same, although we didn’t go so far as to test that last one. In our original review the SC-2000 player took a proper kicking for its sub-standard picture quality; now, the player has returned with what’s claimed by the manufacturer to be improved performance. Have eight months made a difference?

Luckily, the answer is yes. The picture in the revised SC-2000 is massively improved over the last machine we reviewed, with solid, rich colours that bring a film like Mission: Impossible 2 to life, as well as a welcome absence of jaggies. Small details were easy to pick out on screen and pictures were free of banding and jitter.

The sound on the SC-2000 was decent enough, but nothing outstanding. Whether through the standard stereo outputs or the two digital feeds

The new version of the SC-2000 will be a decent enough performer. The picture is as good as ANYTHING in this price range, and while the audio didn’t exactly wow us, it did the job well. Allied with a good remote and a relatively packed list of specifications, it’s a case of second time lucky.

Dont think it real worth getting into the my player is better than your player debate. Because at the end of the day each one of us is different and seeks different things from our player.

For me the TYT clones are the best players to meet my needs.

RE: bowing & bending of the picture!

a friend of mine (that repairs TV`s) tried to explain the reasion for this to me in detail.
I think got the basics of what he was on about, but not the details.

The one of the main reasions, but not the only one is down to the transformer in the TV being overloaded. That is the tube is drawing more power that the transformer can supply. this can be down to a bad transformer, but again there are other factors that can cause the tube to draw more power than the transformer can supply.

to test if this is the case, turn you contrast and brightnes down quit a bit, and you shoulds see the image strighten out. (hence the reasion for the teletext thingy as there a no bright images on screen)

Of couse another reasion is a duff / out of spec tube. Which some makers are renouned for with there WS TV`s. And not just the budget brands, some big names are guilty of this also.

If you used napster in its hey day, then you may want to look at this

Edonkey2000, same type of thing as napster but much improved.

1) resume downloads when you get cut off
2) down load 1 file from multi users, giving you the best bandwith
for you connection
3) Not just MP3 files, alsorts of other stuff too.

RE: newbie looking for sub£200 player

For any questions you may have about the scan player, try the Scan SC2000 users group were some one will have the answer.

RE: DTS problems please HELP!!!!!

May be a silly question but you do have a DTS amp?
and are you using the ditial output?

RE: sony davs-300 will not play region 0,,, HELP

I think you have answered your own question with out knowing it.
Region 1 DVD uses the NTSC TV standard.
Region 2 DVD uess the PAL TV standard.

If your TV is NTSC free as you say, then you can not play back NTSC discs.

Now that said most TVs made in the past 5 years will take NTSC signals.
Make sure that you are connecting your player to the RBG socket to the TV. In your DVD player setup menu set the output to RGB. And make sure you have a fully wired scart lead.

RE: DVD-watching Counter-Strike fans ?!

May be we could set up clans based around DVD player brands, then use this to start a DVD Reviewer league?

RE: One more time!!!!!!!! Get on your feet for the mighty Reds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bigwilko posted:

"I must have been really p***ed last night !! I dreamt I watched the UEFA cup final and there were 9 goals , 2 sendings off, a penalty and an own goal in the last minute....I then turned over the TV channel, and the deputy PM was on the news "chinning" some geezer !!!!!!!!
I must lay off the cider !!!!!"

:) Made Me Smile.

But not quite as much as the game its self did.

And as for the cider, if it makes things like this happen then i would stick with it.

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RE: scan sc200

"Still waiting zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz .........
still trying to phone with no sucess"

Just a few things.
1) Did you send several Emails, or fill out the online support?
If you sent a many emails, maybe they were filtered out by a spam trap.
and as i said online has been quick for me in the past, that said wesley did say he had lots on over the past few weeks.

2) I think your next step should be to Email yelsew[at]ku.oc.nacs that should get you a result. but send just the one see spam trap above.

3) If all else fails contact me with the details and i will pass them on to Wesley. and dispite me offering to do this many times rarely do i get contacted, 4 times in fact. So either some just like to have a good old moan, or steps 1 and 2 work.

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RE: scan sc200

I have got in touch with scan Re: returns and TS a few times.
Sometimes for information on products i wanted to buy, some times for help with some thing i had got from them, and once for help with a faulty product.
when I have done this a have done it online, and used my other email address. ( who ever dealt with it did not know it was me. As some of the staff know of Toy Car and the site i set up with a few others )
and the reply was quick, once with in 10 min of the request for help.
the longest was the next day.

So my advice would be to go the on line route. and give as much information of the problem you have, and any thing you have tried to resolve the problem.

RE: scan sc200

First a little introduction, I with a few other scan owners set up a user group for this player and we now have over a 1000 members. so if you want the opinions of them join the group and ask there.

1) Yes its a good player and in my opinion the best in its price range.
2) Yes it does work
3) Yes it is hackable and works with RCE disc`s with out any hassle
4) Yes

But this is my opinion based on what I need from a player. If you tell me what your after in a player I can point out to you how well the player would meet your requirments.

RE: Female needs some buying advice....

There are over 800 Scan users (or its clone`s) at this site.
if you have any questions, i sure some one will know the answer.

and if a had my choice again, i would buy a Scan.
I ran a poll of the members asking this question and about 93% of the those that took part said the same!

RE: Scan 2000 Long MP3 Filenames

come and join the 800 or so of us. :)

latest official Firmware is V2.33ScnVF
we also have a Beta of the LFN but using this will invaladate your warantee. :(

RE: Book on PIC Chip Programming

So long as you are not going to make a T1000 and send it after me, Then im glad i was of help to you :)

RE: Anyone Have a reason not to buy a Philips 711?

Hi Steve, I have just had a quick look around for info on this player posted by users and I could not find a single bad word posted about it. (This makes me suspicious, but that’s just who I am)

I also could not find any firmware updates or talk of firmware update on the Philips site. Are you sure it can be done?

The RRP for this player is £350, but is doing them for £180