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RE: [VIDEO] Rick Mercer Rant against the Government

Almost verbatim a Bill Hicks sketch from 1994.  `go back to bed America`.

True then, true now :-(

RE: Share your Flickr/External site picture links thread

Thanks Mr RJS!

I like Grandma Acorn, Mushroom Parasols and Thistles...

(Do you do a lot of post processing?)

RE: Share your Flickr/External site picture links thread

Here`s Mine


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RE: John Barrowman does a Spider-man and Wonder Woman mashup

Personally I`m not a lover or hater of John Barrowman (or anyone else particularly)
I don`t of think any of us are but, but it is is painful to watching an untalented person making a good it envy maybe.

There is a semi-serious point though...people like him give the message that mediocrity and banality is acceptable and good enough to succeed in the entertainment industry....that is not ok and there are plenty of `Barrowmans` out there polluting our radio and TV screens.

RE: People you hope to not hear about in 2012

Jamie Oliver (Smug conceited wt[at]t)
Alan Titchmarsh (Smug conceited wt[at]t)
Martyn Lewis (Smug conceited wt[at]t)
Louis Walsh (Smug conceited wt[at]t)
Tony Blair (Smug conceited wt[at]t)
Lorraine Kelly (Smug conceited wt[at]t)
Alan Shearer (Smug conceited wt[at]t)

RE: Have you heared about the Irish baker?

...and his glazier pal...Paddy O`Doors

RE: From the `No **** Sherlock` files - Payday loans make personal debts worse

If the high street banks offered short term, lost cost (interest) options like this, these loan companies would be able to trade.
The greed and inflexibility of high street banks is partly to blame in my view.

The irony is that that these companies are borrowing the money to lend out, FROM the high street banks!

RE: Cheeky request: anyone have a Usenet account I can borrow?


I`m no techie, so apologies if this is not the same thing but, If it helps, I`ve got a unlimited Newsdemon account your are welcome to use.  Drop me a line and I`ll share my login details with you.

Hope it helps,


RE: One in four riot suspects had 10 previous offences


Couldn`t you reword that was 3 out of 4 riot suspects had no previous convictions?
I don`t think`s the wider analysis... in four people had committed more than 10 previous offences. Three in four of those who appeared before the courts across the country had a previous caution or conviction and one in 20 had more than 50 previous offences on their record, the Ministry of Justice figures showed.

RE: Hacking scandal: is this Britain`s Watergate?

No, the WMD/Iraq war debacle was our Watergate but Blair and Campbell got away with it.

This is arguably worse; if any politicians/police are found to have known and did nothing, hang the f*ckers.

RE: Please tell me the News of the World is going down for this

Shame on these scum well as the paper closing, someone should be personally responsible too. Someone needs to suffer for this personally, like the families have.

There is just one unanswered question though; how come this information has only been released now, even though it was known as long as 3 years ago, that poor Millie Dowlers phone was hacked? Why did it take so long, is there another agenda?

RE: Photography forum?

I would like to see a photography forum.

RE: Civil service/ Public sector strikes

You mean 14 billion on average per year

Wouldn`t be surprised...not that the numbers can be verified because they haven`t actually broken any rules.
Tax experts, auditors and company lawyers are weak,spineless maggots when it comes to standing up to chief execs and MDs etc... They have just as much responsibility in my view.

RE: Civil service/ Public sector strikes

every loophole going so they pay next to nothing, free company perks

There are very few personal loopholes now...most benefits/perks are taxed through a P11d (Car, petrol, housing allowances etc...), it is very difficult to hide those perks from HMRC. However I would agree that large organisations do exploit loopholes and cost this country millions.

RE: Civil service/ Public sector strikes

If the top richest 10 000 people in the UK paid taxes proportionate to their income

They do. 40%/50% on all earnings above approx. £40k.
Losing these high earners to another city (bankers for example), would leave a massive void in the tax revenue income.
It would take 50 people earning £25k per annum to match the revenue collected on a bonus of £500k.

HSBC Website Troubles

Hope someone can help.

I`m having trouble accessing the HSBC website and internet banking. Called HSBC and they said they haven`t had any complaints.
I`ve tried all browsers, same problem. There`s nothing in the firewall settings thats blocking it and I`m totally stuck now.
Can`t access it on my phone either.

Has anyone got any ideas?


RE: Jail time `linked to reoffending`

It clearly shows that for some crimes short sentences are not the answer

Either that, or the time inside was not punishment enough (easy, relaxing, access to fellow hoodlums etc...) and not a deterrent to offending.


RE: Loathsome Politicians - Ones who make your skin crawl

Martin McGuiness - Terrorist
Gerry Adams - Terrorist

These two make Nick Clegg look like Gandhi

Gordon Brown - weak,pathetic maggot.

Bad people.

RE: Not every cloud has a Silver lining :-(

I just can`t stand the bloke

Fair enough, we all have our list of people we`s mine current list... lol

Gok Wan
Jamie Oliver
John Barrowman
Alan Titchmarsh

RE: Not every cloud has a Silver lining :-(

Those 2 tossers from sky...

Are you suggesting they should never work again?

I know it has been discussed at length in another thread, so apologies for dragging it back up, although Paull did really. :)

RE: Bill O`Reilly is an idiot

...who think that, because they don`t understand something, it must be wrong.

I don`t understand it, but I just can`t judge that it`s right or wrong. That turd has made his mind up, instead waiting for the facts.

I just hope that when the s*** comes down, me and Bill O`Reilly will be in the same place up `there` and I would have had 80 years of fun, pron, sxe, bad music, impure thoughts about women dressed as nuns and parties and he didn`t. :D

RE: Save our Forests...

The forestry commission only looks after less than 20% of our forests. The privately owned, commercial forestry companies can invest more than government funded organisations. They are bound by the same rules as the forestry commission as far as protection of the forests are concerned.

Access to forests are restricted usually because of abuse by the public... ramblers, cyclists, quadbikers etc... Whether they are privately owned or government funded, the protection of them is the priority.

RE: Banks dossier handed to Wikileaks

Thing is, who gets to decide?

...a small number of rich and powerful people...

RE: Train drivers to strike over pay

I`ve just started using trains since I changed is my experience.

Arriva - 10 trips, stood 7 times, 1 time late & missed my connection, 2 times on time.
First Great Western - 10 trips, stood 4 times, 3 times late, 3 times on time.
No apologies, just a bad attitude from ticket checkers when I sit in "1st class" when no other seats are available.
The costs are equivalent to 25% higher than if I drove, but because of traffic, it works out about 20 mins quicker.

I know it`s not a long time compared to some train users, but it`s s***e start. I don`t know what they earn, but their service is crap.

RE: Programme to record streaming radio.

Hello Paull,

Don`t know if your mate wanted a free one or not...but TotalRecorder is a useful tool, it records any media streamed or played on the PC.


Hope this helps.

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RE: Wikileaks founder charges dubious or geniune?

Not sure why he was remanded in custody, as neither he or his lawyer were presented with evidence or details of the allegations.

That bloke who is wanted in South Africa was given bail even though the allegations are for murder.

Seems weird.

RE: Coallision near collapse on student fee vote

That boy made a good point, but he made it badly I think. However bright and clever he may be, using language like `solidarity`, `comrades`, `what little food we had` (WTF??) and `post ideological`, will just alienate a group of people whose attention he is trying to get.
The last time we heard language like that was from some late 70`s early 80`s labour MP`s, and all it did was strengthen the position of the liberal and conservative groups.

He was a good speaker though!

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RE: Coallision near collapse on student fee vote

No surely the fault lies with the Uni`s and it`s the students who are paying for it

Not really, it was a Government policy/drive to give ALL pupils the opportunity to go to Uni. So, new courses, buildings etc... had to be created to accomodate the policy. What they didn`t reckon on was that the `worthless` courses as you call them would not generate an ultra-skilled workforce that would pump millions back into the economy with high earnings. Couple all that with a highly skilled european workforce edging accross the channel and we find ourselves where we are now...

I don`t have an opinion really on this coalition policy, because someone has to pay and as a tax payer, either way, I`m getting shafted :/

RE: Coallision near collapse on student fee vote

How manyof todays older generation who say students should pay where the ones getting University free years ago

There were 3 times less people going to University back then, therefore more people working and paying tax. There are 1.75 million less people working now, than there was 10 years ago (Uni, incapacity and unemployment), thats a lot of missed PAYE revenue.
The economics of it have changed; more courses, more lecturers, bigger campusses (campi? lol). The `right` to free university education is a great thought, but it is not affordable anymore.

My son went through Uni, it cost ME a fortune in support and accomodation, yet three of his house sharing mates had grants gallore and quite a nice social life. It`s hardly a basis for forming my opinion on this (but I will anyway ;) ), but the three who were given grants and free funding didn`t finish the course.


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RE: Lenses for EOS 450D

I`ve tried n tried, got the books, sat with the manual... but I just can`t get my head around manual settings

I was exactly the same, until one day I thought sod this, I`m going to stick it in manual for a few days out and try to figure it out. Then wallop...DOF, ISO, exposure compensation and aperture all made sense and...I was finding I could create situations like blurred backgrounds etc... by myself, rather than by accident LOL.

Keep at it, when it does click (excuse the pun), it`s make the tha camera so mych more fun.