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Avoid Select Cheaper

Made an order three weeks ago for a dvd and these muppets sent me the wrong title. They sent me some cheap and nasty dvd worth about 2 pence. I have been sending them countless emails and no reply.

I know there is already a thread on this useless company but I felt that their company needed a more fitting title. I advise all to avoid this company and alert your credit card companies to this fraudulent outfit.

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RE: Cheap basic mobile phone

You do get the odd muppet who has a problem with people buying more than one item, they don`t intend on buying the item themselves but have a whinge anyway.

I bought one for me and another one for my nephew as a Christmas present, but it is my money and I shouldn`t have to justify why I buy more than one.

Most of the bargains in these forums expire after a day so you really have to be quick in buying whatever is posted.

RE: Cheap basic mobile phone

There were plently when I ordered two yesterday.

RE: £3 E-Voucher @ HMV


Not if we don`t get our vouchers it won`t be.

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RE: Family Guy Seasons 1-4 £43.99

Season 2 is less than a tenner at HMV and Sendit.

RE: Family Guy Seasons 1-4 £43.99

You can get them all for a tenner each. So your paying £4.00 for the extra cardboard holder.

The release of Season 5 must be driving down the prices.

RE: avoid FOXY.CO.UK !!!!

7. The package was abdupted by a UFO. The aliens watched all the dvds and now plan to invade the world as they were not very happy with how the humans treated each other in the movies, for which they believed to be d0cumentaries.

It is very important that you forward the details of the dvds you ordered to NASA and the US congress in order to avoid a major international incident.

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RE: CD WOW delivery improving?

So i only use them now when i`m not in a rush or i`ve got a voucher that needs to be used.

I never use cd wow without at least £2.00 off as their vouchers just seem to be available all the time.

RE: avoid FOXY.CO.UK !!!!

If they have not turned up but have been dispatched several weeks ago. There could be a number of reasons.

1. The postie helped himself, quite rare but a possibility.
2. The postie couldn`t fit it through the door but did not have a pen to write message so took it back to office. In this case he should redeliver it.
3. Posted into wrong door.
4. Incorrect address on item.

In any case it is down to Foxy to send you a replacement. If you do not receive goods within a month I would contact credit card company and do a chargeback. I have never used foxy but their prices did look too good tobe true for a relatively new company.

RE: POLL: Who is the Worst E-tailer out there

I`m going to have to add CD WOW to this list as they have just cancelled another one of my orders.

I bought a dvd from their sale a week ago which claimed to have 8 in stock. Clearly they had non in stock.

Damn their incompetent stock controller! >:(

RE: CD WOW delivery improving?

These a$zholes have just cancelled my other order. What a joke, they best refund me quick.

Just when I think these guys are getting their act together they go and mess up my order again.

RE: CD WOW delivery improving?

CD Wow have always taken payment at time of order.

For my last 3 orders prior to this one they didn`t take my money until the item was dispatched.

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RE: CD WOW delivery improving?

Looks like it is only one of my dvds that has not arrived, the other one hasn`t even been dispatched yet even though the money was taken out of my account on the day I ordered it!

What happened to their `we only take out the money on dispatch of your goods`?

RE: £5 off codes....

Got my codes but I`ve already used them.

RE: CD WOW delivery improving?

I`ve been waiting over a week now for two dvds so I`m not too overly impressed.

They used to take no more than 4 days.

RE: CD WOW pre xmas sale

If the stock levels are to be believed, the sale will probably end in the next couple of hours. All titles are down to 7 or 8 units from (some titles) 6000.

Most of the dvds had 7-8 units available for quite some time. I don`t thrust those stock reports at all. I will be pretty impressed if they manage to honour all my orders. Still awaiting acknowledgement on some of the items I ordered.

RE: Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories - PS2 £6.97 Delivered

Order cancelled, thats 3 orders these pathetic @ssholes have cancelled on me.

It`s always tesco Jersey that do these pricing f+*# ups.

RE: Which companies do you hate and love?

Cd Wow have been pretty crappy lately.

They cancel orders and claim their vouchers are being used too much. Well if they kept tabs on what vouchers they gave out they wouldn`t be in such a mess.

RE: Battlestar Galactica Complete Season 2 £12.99

The one at cd wow is the genuine Complete Season 2 one with all 20 episodes.

The other ones released prior to the full set were Season 2 Part 1 which had the first 10 episodes and Season 2 Part 2 which had the later 10 episodes.

2 part dvd box sets are an absolute con as they are incomplete and overpriced.

RE: 3 Free Golf Balls

Never got any last time so I don`t think I`ll bother this time.

RE: HMV 20% off this Friday and Saturday (20/21 Oct 2006) online only

says not recognised...

Today`s Thursday. ;)

RE: HMV 20% off this Friday and Saturday (20/21 Oct 2006) online only

Nice to see the box sets I was going to buy have all gone up by over £10 overnight.

Won`t be buying anything.

RE: Charmed Season One Boxset - £6.97

Out of all the companies Asda pick to supply them they pick The Hut, a company who has a bit of a reputation for screwing up prices and not honouring them. Not quite as bad as 101 but still pretty p*** poor.

RE: Which companies do you hate and love?

Crap list

>:( The AA - Refused to cancel my policy over the phone. Had to send these twerps 3 letters because they kept claiming they were not receiving my cancellation letters. Never use them for anything. Since using them I have noticed other companies charge a lot less than them.
>:( Ebay - Customer service is pathetic.
>:( Paypal - Customer service is non existent
>:( Currys - Bought a freezer from them which broke within 11 months. Gave it to them to repair, 2 weeks later picked up the alleged `fixed` freezer and it was in the same state I gave it to them.

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Note to Maria at Gamestation. Take off the bloody games you do not have from your website. The five games I ordered are still on there.

RE: Never Buy DVDs From 101CD (Personal Viewpoint)

This useless company is renowned for its pricing errors.

In fact I think that is the only chance they have of ever getting people to visit their site.

It`s a conspiracy, they do a few pricing errors and people will visit them. It`s too much of a coincidence that they keep screwing up the prices on such a regular basis.


Received a reply from this incompetent company.

It appears that all 5 of the games I ordered are not in stock so they cannot process my order.

I replied asking them if they do not have them in stock why the fog do they still have them listed on their site as in stock. I have cancelled my orders and bought them from a company that does have them in stock. >:( More Like GameCRAPATION

Ordered 5 games from this stupid retailer in September.

No order update or reply to emails. Credit card chargeback is on the horizon.

Don`t know how they can advertise the games I bought as in stock when it clearly looks like they haven`t got any of them.

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RE: James Bond: From Russia With Love PS2 - £4.99 delivered

I could either buy it for £4.99 or rent it from my local blockbuster for £4.50 for two nights.