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Floral tributes left for intruder stabbed to death

From the Independent on Sunday
 " Detectives are questioning a householder on suspicion of murder after an intruder was stabbed to death at his home.
Two men reportedly forced their way into the house of Vincent Cooke, 39, and threatened him before one of the assailants suffered fatal knife injuries.

Mr Cooke was initially home alone at the time in Bramhall, Stockport, but his wife, Karen, and their 12-year-old son returned during the incident. They managed to escape unharmed.

Police were called to the scene in Midland Road at about 7.50pm yesterday and along with paramedics gave first aid to the injured intruder thought to be aged in his late 30s but he died shortly after.

Floral tributes to the dead man - referred to as "Ray" and "Raymondo" - were left today by his family members outside the large detached house. One tribute read: "Love you son. Going to miss you more than anything."

RE: News of the world scrapped.

smurfette says...
I can`t wait for the UK version of the Huffington Post, personally

That`s this week isn`t it?


That was two days ago.......

good site but annoying chrome pop-up initially......

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RE: LG BD550 BD Player under 50 Sovs...

Is the dvd part hackable for multiregion - seem to think you can`t make the bluray multi.
No sign of a hack - is it multi out of the box ?
Sounds like a good overall deal even so..... - One to avoid ? - that`s SAVERPOINT

Anyone had any dealings with this company?
Think they used to be known as Savapoint.
They seem to sell a wide range of computer equipment, some household goods and also give `loyalty `items away for cost of postage only.
Only problem is when you order and pay for items, which are apparently in stock, they remain pending for weeks and so any saving has to be considered on the basis of the inconvenience of waiting forever for your order.
Complaining doesn`t seem to achieve anything as they send automated replies to emails querying delivery dates and suggest that they receive so many they cannot reply individually - at least they are honest about the fact that they are unreliable.
Unsurprisingly I will be avoiding SAVERPOINT in future.

RE: Tablet PCs again.

Waiting for one with an optical drive - which can be really useful for watching dvds ;) . Wonder if anyone`s noticed the lack of such a useful piece of kit.
Bet they put one in the keyboard addition to the Asus Transformer at some point.

RE: AVG. grrr can`t uninstall....

Perfect uninstaller might work - demo download on their homepage -

Seems to get rid of things that the usual methods won`t touch :)

An Easter treat for chocolate lovers

Delicious Easter Egg Baskets - recipe:-

Ingredients:- small box of the large shredded wheat (not mini shreddies). 3 X 230gram Cadburys Dairy Milk Chocolate, Large packet of cadbury mini eggs.

Equipment:- A glass mixing bowl that will fit in a pan of boiling water so that the bottom of this bowl can touch the water in the pan. Bun cases and table spoon.

To make:-

Crush all the shredded wheats into tiny fine bits ( throw away or eat any that don`t crush)
Boil water and put in pan.
Put glass bowl into pan on top of water so water is touching the bottom of the bowl.
Keep on very low heat and add broken pieces of all the chocolate bars into the bowl.
Steam heat will melt the chocolate. Keep stirring until chocolate has melted.
Keep on low heat and gradually add all the shredded wheat into the glass bowl whilst stirring.
When all shredded wheat covered in hot melted chocolate, use table spoon to remove shredded wheat into bun cases - makes 12 approximately.
Shape with fingers into nests.
Leave to cool and add mini eggs.


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RE: X Factor Fans Dodge Premium Phone Voting - and vote for nowt if you get free weekend calls

oops, free2call lines all closed

Lines are closed because there`s no-one to vote for yet ;)

Will be interesting to see what happens when all the voting shows go live and the income dries up from the premium lines :)

Zero 7 - new album - Yeah Ghost

Good stuff - check out this 4th cd from the lads - think it`s still streaming on their myspace page (below) :)

RE: BBC News - Under-fives `should shun animals`

Nothing wrong with raw chicken - but always remember to cook before eating - oh and always avoid under-fives if you`re an animal :)

X Factor Fans Dodge Premium Phone Voting - and vote for nowt if you get free weekend calls

From Sky News:

"X Factor fans will be able to vote for their favourite act without paying for premium-rate phone calls.

By using the website, viewers can dodge expensive phone lines in return for listening to a 15-second advert.

Voting this way costs the same as a local call because the rest is paid for by advertisers, a concept similar to the one used by free music service Spotify.

It costs around 35 pence to call X Factor from a landline but "considerably more" from mobile phones.

The service will launch ahead of the live shows of the talent contest and could eventually be used for other phone-in votes, such Big Brother and Strictly Come Dancing.

"Due to the credit crunch, people are staying in at the weekends to watch shows like X Factor but they don`t want to pay so much to call," managing director Mark Hillman told Sky News Online.

He said does not break any rules and has been checked by the regulator Ofcom.

X Factor bosses should welcome the idea as it will encourage more people to vote, he said.

An X Factor spokeswoman confirmed they were aware of the new service.

"We are making enquiries into the claims made by - which is not an official voting line for The X Factor and is not authorised by talkbackThames/Syco or ITV," she said.

"We would urge viewers to think carefully before voting via any method other than the official phone lines, which are promoted within the programme, to ensure that their votes are properly counted."

Premium-rate phone lines became mired in controversy in 2007 when it emerged callers were wasting money dialling in for competitions they had no chance of winning.

ITV was fined a record £5.7m by Ofcom last year."


It`s a series of simple steps...

Find the specific Free2call number

Go to Free2call and find the specific 03 type number for the person you`re voting for. The plan is it`ll start with X-Factor then add other shows as they air. Voting hasn`t started for the X-Factor yet, so no numbers are displayed.

03s are a relatively new number range, that do not generate revenue for the company called, and cost exactly the same as normal calls to UK landlines (ie those starting 01 or 02). Plus if landline calls are included in your free minutes, then these 03 numbers will be free too.

Listen to a 15 second advert

Once you`ve dialled the number you`ll listen to a 15-second advert. After that, the service will route your call to the actual X-Factor number where you should hear confirmation that your vote`s been registered. Wait for this announcement to ensure your vote`s counted.

If lines are shut - indicating you`re too early or too late to vote - you`ll hear an engaged tone.

The cost of the more expensive routed call to X-Factor is paid for by Free2call with the revenue generated by its advertisers.

Will it work?
This is a brand new site which won`t fully launch until the first X-Factor live voting show, so is still untested. Certainly the concept should work, though until the first voting week it`ll be impossible to tell.

However we wanted to bring you the news first and we`ll be monitoring the service. An update will be included in the weekly e-mail before the first voting weekend.

The telecoms regulator Ofcom says the service seems to be compliant with relevant rules, though X-Factor is very keen to point out this isn`t an official route to take the place of votes and it has nothing to do with it.

We are still waiting for final confirmation from X-Factor that the votes will count, yet Free2call is adamant votes will be placed directly with the show; it is simply playing the middle-man and transferring your call.

Of course, the worst case scenario is you pay for a local call and listen to an advert for no reason.


RE: Have you missed a Celebrity death ?

Think somebody has posted Tommy Cooper`s demise on youtube - all rather sad but at least it addresses the last comment :(

RE: Nothing to do and BORED stupid!!!

you could always come and hover for me

If he could hover there`s lots of interesting jobs available, like ladderless windowcleaning :)

Have you missed a Celebrity death ?

Isn`t it just so annoying when you miss the announcement of a famous celebrity calling it a day for one reason or another.
You might be watching a film with friends or a Keith Floyd documentary and suddenly someone says, "Oh - isn`t he/she dead?" - and you didn`t know - how embarrassing !!
Well why not bookmark the Wikipedia celebrity deaths page which you can then consult on a weekly basis so as not to be caught out by a sudden kicking of the bucket in the well-known but little seen ageing or otherwise celeb department.
So here it is..............

RE: getting rid of old computer.

I think you should give it to a charity - they are always in need of funds which they could easily raise by extracting and using the bank and credit card details from your old hard drive - another problem - sorted ;)

RE: Lily Allen the anti-file sharing campaigner apologises for pinching copy

Update - The Big Boys join the fray - Elton John and James Blunt join Lily Allen`s anti-file sharing campaign - anyone found downloading any tracks either legally or illegally by these artists needs to stop watching the X-Factor and/or believing in the existence of honesty in the music business

Lily Allen the anti-file sharing campaigner apologises for pinching copy

Lily Allen has apologised for copying a post from a technology website without crediting the source.

The popstar used the text from a Techdirt story about 50 Cent on her It`s Not Alright blog before adding her own comment, but she did not link back to the article or say from where it came.

Founder Michael Masnick told TorrentFreak: "I think it`s wonderful that Lily Allen found so much value in our Techdirt post that she decided to copy - or should I say `pirate`? - the entire post.

"The fact that she is trying to claim that such copying is bad, while doing it herself suggests something of a double standard, unfortunately."

He added: "Also, for someone so concerned about the impact of `piracy`, I`m quite surprised that she neither credited nor linked to our post.

"Apparently, what she says and how she acts are somewhat different. Still, Lily, glad we could help you make a point... even if it wasn`t the one you thought you were making."

RE: Text message joke (may offend)

Man walks into a library and asks for a book on
Tourette`s. The librarian says, "F*ck off, you c*nt !"
The man says, "Yep, that`s the one."

At Last - The Beatles - Entire Original Catalogue Remastered - scheduled for September !!!!!!!!

Start saving now, this won`t be cheap 8)

The Beatles entire original catalogue has been remastered by Apple Corps for release on September 9th. Details are as follows: Stereo CDs: Each of the CDs is packaged with replicated original UK album art, including expanded booklets containing original and newly written liner notes and rare photos. For a limited period, each CD will also be embedded with a brief documentary film about the album.
Box Sets: On the same date, two new Beatles boxed CD collections will also be released.
Stereo Box Set:The collection comprises all 12 Beatles albums in stereo, with track listings and artwork as originally released in the UK, and `Magical Mystery Tour,` which became part of The Beatles` core catalogue when the CDs were first released in 1987. In addition, the collections `Past Masters Vol. I and II` are now combined as one title, for a total of 14 titles over 16 discs. These 14 albums, along with a DVD collection of the documentaries, will also be available for purchase together in a stereo boxed set. (Within each CD`s new packaging, booklets include detailed historical notes along with informative recording notes. With the exception of the `Past Masters` set, newly produced mini-documentaries on the making of each album, directed by Bob Smeaton, are included as QuickTime files on each album. The documentaries contain archival footage, rare photographs and never-before-heard studio chat from The Beatles, offering a unique and very personal insight into the studio atmosphere)
Mono Box Set:
A second boxed set has been created with the collector in mind. `The Beatles in Mono` gathers together all of the Beatles recordings that were mixed for a mono release. It will contain 10 of the albums with their original mono mixes, plus two further discs of mono masters (covering similar ground to the stereo tracks on `Past Masters`). As an added bonus, the mono "Help!" and "Rubber Soul" discs also include the original 1965 stereo mixes, which have not been previously released on CD. These albums will be packaged in mini-vinyl CD replicas of the original sleeves with all original inserts and label designs retained.
:) :) :) :) :)

Better Off Ted

This new US sit-com has the fresh and lively feel of an officebound version of "Malcolm in the Middle" in terms of style and sensibility.
It stars Jay Harrington ("Desperate Housewives") as a research-and-development exec at a soul-deprived multinational corporation
Harrington gets to play off of a grand trio headed by "Arrested Development`s" Portia de Rossi as a ruthless witch of a hatchet woman who somehow manages to make cold assassination funny.
At the heart of "Better Off Ted`s" comedic genius is its rat-a-tat-tat dialogue that actually seems real, not forced. One also can tell how much care was taken in the casting based on the level of chemistry evident among the characters. Carrying it all effortlessly is Harrington, who looks to be fronting a sitcom with great instincts and promise

RE: Easter Bunny

There`s nothing like a hot bunny at this time of the year ;) ;)

RE: Jade Goody dead..

Just to set the record straight on the previous comment which referred to Natasha Richardson indirectly as `some overpaid luvie on broadway who in all reality contributes very little to society`.

"Natasha Richardson`s service to AIDS organizations here and in the United Kingdom includes work with Bailey House, God`s Love We Deliver, and Mothers` Voices, in the US; Aids Crisis Trust and National Aids Trust, for which she is an ambassador, in the UK. Received amfAR`s Award of Courage in November 2000".

RE: Jade Goody dead..

"Stephen Fry said Goody was "a kind of Princess D from the wrong side of the tracks" as tributes poured in online."

Writing on Twitter, he said: "Poor, dear Jade. She was a fellow guest on (Jonathan Ross`s chat show) a year or so back & I warmed to her immensely. All impulsive spirit & smiles. What a life. Jade lived life under a magnifiyong (sic) glass. Magnifying glasses magnify (obviously) but they distort and they burn. I suppse (sic) she was a kind of Princess D from the wrong side of the tracks."

Stephen Fry - What an idiot - this is becoming increasingly ridiculous >:( >:(

Reverend Jonathan Blake, who officiated at Goody and Tweed`s marriage ceremony, called the bride "a saint from Upshire and a princess from Bermondsey".

Expect soon a call to rename Mother`s Day - in future to be known as Jade`s Day in honour of the "People`s Ming (oops) Celebrity" (:¦

This item was edited on Sunday, 22nd March 2009, 13:39

RE: Jade Goody dead..

Am now expecting the following:

Gordon Brown expresses his condolences and praises her contribution to the early detection of cervical cancer - does not however attend the state funeral but hopefully sends Harriet Harman who`s good at looking solemn

Numerous special edition publications appear to commemorate the "event" - with contributions and lots of false tears from the many who couldn`t stand the sight of the self-promoting non-entity.

Posthumous honour such as hospital wing/facility to be named after the blessed minger suggested by her "fans".

Paris Hilton announces that Jade was her inspiration and expresses a wish to carry on her "work" - starts by getting friendly with Jack the lad and buys a new video camera.

Bored now >:(

RE: Robson Greene I`m an idiot fishing guide for Geordies

Stick him in that show where they hunt for monsters - but never find any - he`d be good at that. A non-entity looking for non-entities while wearing comedy shorts and saying "C`mon Give Us Some" (think that`s what he was saying before I went looking for something less embarrassing to watch) >:( >:(
W**ker >:(

Spielberg`s United States of Tara - Weird or What !

Up to ep 10 of 12 of this new adult comedy from Steven Spielberg and Diablo Cody starring Toni Collette on US Showtime channel (which also has Californication, Secret Diary type shows in America).

Very well done and clever show about the a woman with multiple personalities and the effect on others when she changes to be another alter/person (I know how she feels).

Don`t know whether the UK will get the chance to see this for a while but available from the usual sources ez ly enough. ;)


RE: teen burglar killed,oh dear.

I don`t think he has written a statment that is libellous though

not statment assumption of though innit :)

RE: teen burglar killed,oh dear.

What a nice poosy cat is tis it Robson Greene I`m an idiot fishing guide for jordies >:(

RE: teen burglar killed,oh dear.

I just assumed MerryPrankster was taking the p*** out of JC

libelous is that assumption of the taking of according to some peeps :o

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