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Searching SCAN SC2000 firmware for CS4955 chipset

Searching the scan v223 firmware for cs4955 chipset.
If nelley read this message.

Can you send it to this email adress : resniala[at]rf.eerf

many thanks in advance


RE: Tytelstar FW 2.26 is here (Scan 2000 and Grundig compatible)

Did you have any password to enter the dvd buyer ?

Searching SCAN SC2000 firmware for CS4955 chipset

Does anybody could send me if he got it the firmware for teh scan SC2000 CS4955 chipset (V180 with VCR friendly) and V223 (with vcr friendly) ?
Email for sending it : resniala[at]rf.eerf

If Nelley read this message, can you please send it to me ?

Thanks in advance

RE: searching scan firmware v180 and v223 for CS4955 chipset

You should know your hardware inside.
Please buttons " OPEN - SETUP - STOP - STEP - MENU "
If ADV TV encoder inside , appears ADV717X. => select and download ADV7172/0 code.
If CS4955 TV encoder inside, appears CS4955 or none of device name osd. => select and download CS4955.
If you download wrong code to your system, system may me killed and can not be recovered.

searching scan firmware v180 and v223 for CS4955 chipset

Searching scan sc2000 firmware V180 and V223 (vcr friendly) for CS4955 chipset.

Send it to : resniala[at]rf.eerf

Thank in advance

RE: scan sc2000 and grundig gdv-130

beware you must use the firmware for the good chipset if you have ADV chipset then you must use the firmware for that chipset and if you have the CS4955 chipset then you must use the firmware for that chipset.
Actually I know all grundig are made of ADV chipset so you can use all the scan firmware on it.


NIVZ can you enter in contact with me : tasevreh[at]moc.liamtoh
Important news

RE: Secret menu Scan 2000/EMERSON 2100

NIVZ can you enter in contact with me (Important news for you) here is my email :


There is 2 kind of firmware update, one for the CS4955 and one for the ADV7175 chipset.
That is why some players are killed when they are upgraded.
If you use a firmware release for a CS4955 instead of a ADV7172 and vice versa... then you kill your player.

So you must use the good firmware to update. Just ask you local dealer for teh update.
To check which chipset you have it is very veyr easy. In the SSW menu check TV ENCODER DEVICE name .


Why not asking for the MPEG4 playing. Some korean manufacturer like REVOY plan to do that on their players.


Yes it increase, but if you put your payer in standby mode, and then check the menu the name of the file is STILL TDVD-000.ROM .
That method to change the filename is not working I think.

I have tested it on the DAEWOO ONE.

RE: SC2000 Bright Colour Smearing

In the video setup menu try "MULTI" instead of PAL or NTSC.
and for scart use always : RGB

HERE is firmware upgrade history

(1) DVD hi-light disc menu was improved (when TV 4:3 aspect mode).
(2) ADV7170/ADV7172 support with same code
(3) When press STEP_KEY of front panel continously, STEP function works slowly for stable.
(4) Support TV encoder ADV7170/7172 with same code.
ADV7170 = 4 DAC (When SCART RGB mode , out RGB and COMPOSITE signals, When SCART COMPOSITE/SVIDEO mode,out SVIDEO and COMPOSITE
If user ant to watch video via SVIDEO , user have to set COMPOSITE/SVIDEO mode in setup menu.

ADV7172 = 6 DAC
always out RGB (or YUV) / SVIDEO / COMPOSITE simultaniously.

( actually, no different action with previous code with the same VFD H/W platform).

(1) Improved VFD time display function. not fast enough to display.

(1) Improved Mixed and Enhanced CD detect function.

(1) fixed MP3 / VCD detection under some rare conditions.

(1) Changed SETUP FRONT KEY LOCK item`s OSD.
(for only one custumer)

V2.02 only
(1) Improved Screen Saver function . Only V2.00 had this problem.

(1) keeps digital audio out during SKIP , FAST, SLOW, STEP, PAUSE working.
(2) improved MP3 right channel sound quality.

(1) Mixed and Enhanced CD can now play.

(1) Beginning , RED color problem. fixed.
(2) Enhanced CD and Mixed CD detection

(1) Support to update program code on Multiple Vendor`s Flash ROMs.
(1) Adjust the waittime of MP3 mode to 5 minute.

(1) limited Step of MP3 Fast Backward function. ( 3 step - 1 step)

(1) DVD trick mode under some rare circumstances does not work properly. fixed.

(1) Can play title "Madonna: Truth or Dare".

(1) The Previous function goes to the same chapter or track`s beginning.
(for only one custumer)

(1) "America: the land of the legends" can now play from the title menu.
(2) Improved Error concealment function of DAMAGE disc.
(3) "TARZAN" (SPAIN/NETHERLANDS version) play

RE: DAEWOO DHC2200 K and grundig GDV130 firmware are here :

The vcr friendly firmware is the 1st one the 152..the second one 205 is the same as the scan !
that means re-install the 152, turn off the macrovision and isntall the 205 one over...macrovision can be de-activated.


RE: Scan Firmware Question

All the releases softwares for the scan sc2000 are on that url :

you can grab them all.

RE: Scan SC2000 Firmware 2.08 experiences

does the firmware 208 still enable macrovision removing ?

RE: My Scan SC-2000 Problems

Dave can you send me the new firmware for scan sc2000 ? 204s ?
to this email ?

happy new year and thnaks in advance !

RE: Scan Firmware version 2.04s....

Can you send me by email at siobudh[at]rf.eerf the new firmware ?
Many thnaks in advance and happy new year :))


RE: My Scan SC-2000 Problems

Big thanks to Dave, I received your fimware ,this morning. Now I must take the tim to upgrade.


RE: My Scan SC-2000 Problems

I would like that firmware too can you send it to taht e-mail ?

thanks in advance !

RE: My Scan SC-2000 Problems new firmware

hello I just read that you got a new firmware for the SC2000..I live in france and will be happy if you could send me by mail the new firmware.
the troubles I have is that I cannot read the second dvd bonus from "SAVING private ryan" I always got a msg saying "Parental vioaltion code"..and in the setup menu I didn`t check on the parental guidance.

Thanks in advance !