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RE: Friends Re-united message scam...

wait? what?
people are using friendsreunited still?!


you really have to stop downloading jazz mate.

RE: Falling Skies

I liked it WWAW

RE: The Dice Man- Anyone read???

i dont remember it being a particularly easy read, but i think i liked it

I bought the sequel any how

RE: Cell Phones Give You Cancer!!!

i hate ambi-sexual airplanes

RE: Cell Phones Give You Cancer!!!

so do fags. shall we make a list?

Kittens, red wine, out of date milk, and `bad pond smell` will also give you cancer

RE: Copper who pushed over Ian Tomlinson...

Was the policeman acting in self defence then?

RE: Tin Tin Teaser Trailer

isnt it written by adam and joe joe cornish?

he dun attack the block innit. looks alright that does

Tintin is by default, a good thing

RE: Prince announces Hop Farm gig Sunday 3rd July

this is fifteen mins away from me

i am there!

RE: Mind-blowing Facts!

with its eyes?

i am going to try it

RE: Mind-blowing Facts!

with their eyes

RE: New Beastie Boys


great to see Dwight from the Office.
Shut up Crime!

RE: Legality of a parking fine in a supermarket car park

this sort of thing makes me mad.
when it happens to a mum I go hulk. c***ing bastards, the lot of them!

watchdog covered this sort of caper.

RE: New Beastie Boys

i shall watch this laters

RE: Dog Flea Treatment - how much and how often?

I never use any!
should you?

RE: The John Hill trial on 9th May (7/7 ripple effect)

think there was a panorama on this.
was good

RE: Help identifying a sci-fi film please...

not altered states?

or, dreamscape.
they are eighties style

RE: Focus DIY appoint admistrator.

i dont get it.
if its closing down, why is focus hiring a new admin?

RE: Android blocking tethering in US (UK no doubt to follow)

read that earlier.

its interesting, but your link is broke

RE: I finally got a Vectrex!

that looks bloody brilliant!

RE: New Beastie Boys

oh happy day