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RE: PHILIPS BDP3000 Blu-Ray Player £99 from Asda

These have had pretty good write ups
- thought they were £97 though; they are in my Asda anyway.

RE: Low Priced ex rental dvds

Seems a decent site to me; OK I`m not a web designer but it looks professional enough and the prices seem good ... eg Superman Returns at £1.79 delivered for instance. I do like the promise of customer care (mainly the cleaning etc as I have bought ex-rentals before and they are pretty badly scratched).

The only thing I didn`t like was that we have to Confirm before going to payment details, so I didn`t see if the credit card payment was on https. I certainly wouldn`t divulge any of my details to any site without a https but that aside I will bookmark this as a number of films are ones I might only watch once and wouldn`t want to pay £10+ for that, plus this works out cheaper than renting the film.

So, if you can remove the "Confirm" bit before I have had the chance to see if the payment method is acceptable I would have no problem buying from this site.

RE: Typhoo---free soft toy

Will be on Ty.Whoo tea bags 160g packs.

The tea bags will still be made by Typhoo; they are just rebranding as they are in partnership with 20th Century Fox to coincide with the release of Dr Seuss Horton hears a who (starring Jim Carey).

The toy is Horton, an elephant.

Hamsterz for £14.97 instore at Asda, £13.93 online

Went in my local Asda today and saw they have this at £14.97 (and online I see it is £13.93 with free delivery for the Nintendo DS

This is the first of the Hamsterz games which I understand gets the player into the action quicker and has `talking hamsters` (whatever next !) whereas Hamsterz 2 allows your hamster to have babies (oh joy ?!)

Still, this is quite a bit cheaper than anywhere else I have seen (having been looking for this for my child!).

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RE: Buzz! Who wants to be a millionaire £16 incl buzzers and p&p

Arrgghh - so sorry !!!

Link below I hope!/s.jsf


All the best !

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Buzz! Who wants to be a millionaire £16 incl buzzers and p&p

Saw this online - went into my local Zavvi shop and saw the same article at £40 (which is odd as they say online that the RRP is £20) so a bit puzzled there. Mispriced solus? :o

This does state it includes the buzz controllers, and seems to be the cheapest around online and offline.

Given that the controllers are £12+ you can get this for a and this price includes postage it seems too good to miss for those wanting one.

RE: Infolithium batteries

I had the same expeience - wanted a spare camcorder battery for holiday and the price of Sony replacements (whether from Jessops or other places) was unreal (£70+ was about the best I could find).

I ended up buying one from a China Ebay listing (I was a bit worried at the time) but 7 months later everything is still going fine. I paid about £22 for TWO batteries which hold about 50% more charge than the original Sony ones !

The only drawback was that the batteries can`t be charged from the camera (but they supply a mains charger with UK adapter) and also I need a small cable when using the battery on the camcorder (between the camcorder and battery); but these were explained at the outset and are not a problem for me.

RE: Pirates Of The Caribbean At World`s End (2 disc) £8.94- Asda

Thanks to OP.

I agree that the film was awful - especially after the first two .....ranking right down there with "Thomas and the Magic Railroad"

However, my son loves the film - and it`s SO much better to get it @ £8.94 than the full price! Asda seem to deep discount on the opening day then put the price up to full ... and there it stays.... so this is a good deal :)

RE: FREE tickets for World Series by Renault (Donington park)

Many thanks to OP - that`s a great offer !!

RE: Cheap Diesel in Newport, South Wales (if your cheeky!)

Yes - many people are under the misapprehension that an advertised price is binding on the seller. It is not. You need to realise that in law an advertised price is merely "an invitation to treat."

For a contract of sale to be valid you need offer and acceptance.

It is you, the buyer, who ALWAYS makes the offer; and the seller ACCEPTS your offer.

Thus, here it is YOU who offers to buy at 9.59p per litre and the petrol station accepts or declines your offer, not the other way around. ;)

RE: Tesco MP3 player MP-906 at £4.97 (256 Mb) also use as a USB memory stick

I did mention this back in Jan

... but this is such a great bargain it`s worth mentioning again !

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RE: 1gb MP3 players - £9.99 in PC World

That`s a cracking buy!

Just looked on their web site and the cheapest Matsui 1gb MP3 players is £21.99 online. (:¦

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RE: 256Mb MP3 player - just £4.97 !!!

Glad to be of service, Joanna.
God Bless :x

RE: 256Mb MP3 player - just £4.97 !!!

Hi Joanna - the answer to your question generally lies with the charge that is in the battery you are using (measured in mAh).

Alkaline batteries have a high mAh and can therefore last longer than other batteries including rechargable batteries - bu t they are disposable.

I tend to use rechargable batteries where I can and have found that using NiMh rechargable batteries the best in my Technika MP3 player - I usually get 8 hours play from mine.

Basically you can get two types of rechargables - NiCd and NiMh. Briefly and crudely :

NiCd are great for low power, long use, low drain items (eg TV remote controls, smoke alarms etc) because although they lose power from the word GO, it is over a long time scale and the drop in power isn`t critcial to the unit. Think of NiCd as a long drawn out death.

On the other hand NiMh hold their full power very well ....but only for a few days. They will deliver full charge and then die instantly (digital cameras, MP3, torches etc). So these are high stamina but only have short lives.

So I would recommend NiMh for MP3 players as you want full-on power during use (you don`t want to turn the volume up incrementally every couple of tracks) but the NiMh battery will need recharging even if not used after a few days.

Make sure you get an NiMh with a high amperage (measured as mAh) - 900mAh or higher. The higher the mAh the longer your MP3 will play.

BTW you will need an NiMh battery charger if you don`t have one; or buy a charger that does both NiMh and NiCd then you can buy both types of batteries for different uses.

Hope that helps. :)

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RE: Asda own brand DVD Player £9

Julianf - I can`t diagree with you at all. Guilty as charged.

Started with a DVD player .... then a multi-region player ... and that`s all I could possibly need .... until I saw a hackable one that can be macro-vision free. There that has to be enough !

Then along comes the portable ones that can go in the car - so two kids = two portable DVD players.

Then the Asda Durabrand for £17 (extremely cheap at the time - almost disposable price at the time) ... then along comes DVD recorder/players - so bought a Liteon. When that went wrong after 23 months I replaced it with one with a hard disk, and then found that Liteon had a 2 year warranty and would repair the other one free.

When the TV went wrong (probably as too many DVD players were connected !!) we got another DVD with hard drive free with the new TV (I must admit even I thought "Oh no - not another DVD device!)

Then with the HDTV you notice that DVD doesn`t look as sharp on a big screen - so along comes the upscale DVD player .... and that WILL be my last purchase ........... probably. ;)

WARNING - save yourselves!!
Let this sad story be a warning to all techy freaks out there ........ only thing is I`m still in denial, but with help I`ll make it through. I comfort myself with the thought that things will be better with Blue-ray .... or will it be HD ......

(It can be summed up by the tagline of one web site "things you don`t really need .... but really, really want!)

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RE: jan sale offers inc £200 discount!! of Gerry Anderson

Thanks for that OP.

Tried ordering the Complete Saint, but when I click on Confirm order, nothing else happens. :( Anyone else find that problem?

RE: Asda own brand DVD Player £9

The DVD player is the Durabrand 1005. See the press release here

I bought one of these about a year ago - and it is a great little player - hackable too to play multi-region. You cannot go wrong on this deal. I have about 10 DVD players - might just make it 11 although I`m struggling to think why on earth why I need another ....??????

256Mb MP3 player - just £4.97 !!!

At the moment Tesco are selling a 256Mb MP3 player made by Technika.
Spec reads :

256MB Flash memory
Stores up to 80 tracks (based on average file size 2.9mb)
Up to 8 hours music playback
High quality MP3/WMA playback
Supports DRM encoded tracks
Battery included
Includes earphones
Instructions & Windows drivers available on

OK so it doesn`t have LCD readouts etc - it is just a bog standard player with volume control and next/previous tracks. the casing has a lovely tactile feel to it and download couldn`t be easier by a USB under it`s cover.
Couldn`t believe the price, so bought one with a pair of speakers for £9.94 the pair.
Haven`t listened to the speakers yet, but downloaded a number of tracks onto the MP3 player - and it is amazingly good quality ! :)

RE: Sony Sat Nav NV-U50 (with partial France/Belgium) & full postcode reduced to £99.99 at JS

No good for safety cams apparently?

In fact you can download the full list of speed cameras as POI`s on the NV-U50. :)

I haven`t done that yet though.... I`m still umming & erring about another feature it has which I really like the look of - TMC.... but as with all things there is :

The good : With TMC the sat nav will adjust your route automatically to steer you clear of heavy traffic build-up in real-time.... and

The not so good : from what I see to use the TMC feature you need a Sony NVA-CU3T Cradle which costs £££.

Oh well, life is full of choices. :/

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RE: Sony Sat Nav NV-U50 (with partial France/Belgium) & full postcode reduced to £99.99 at JS

It does support the full postcode - have tried it today and it works a treat. :)

Sony Sat Nav NV-U50 (with partial France/Belgium) & full postcode reduced to £99.99 at JS

Just saw this on another site, and went to buy one immediately.

Sold in John Lewis for £200, Amazon for £242 etc. Shows on J Sainsburys web site at reduced to £150, but in-store selling off at £99.99


Very well built unit. I love the fact that it can navigate using full 8 digit postcodes, and has partial maps of France - ie Northern France (& Belgium by the looks of it) !

Selling out fast - and only a few stores in my area had them so worth ringing ahead and asking them to hold onto one. The customer service when you ring through to JS at each store I rang is very polite and helpful.

Vivitar DVR510 for £70 at Superdrug

Saw this product in Superdrug which seems a stonking great deal for what it is.

Digital Video Recorder / still camera / MP3 player / Audio Recorder and PC camera

It has an internal 32MB memory supplemented by SD cards. Has a 5 mega pixel CCD sensor and 2 inch colour LCD screen all for £70. Watch out for similar deals which state 5 megapixels but when you look closer you see they state in small writing it is an interpolated 5 megapixel. Also this has a CCD sensor and not the cheaper, inferior CMOS sensor.

Another lovely feature is that it runs off 2 AA rechargable batteries; not those special little `phone` type batteries that cost £25+ to replace or get an additional one.

Full product details here :

RE: Sat Nav/Speed Camera GPS device for £99.00 @ Asda

Hi Richard,

I don`t have one (yet) but I have read on the MSE site that some people who do have this unit complained over the `accuracy` of the speed camera detection.

Their gripe is that the speed camera detector triggers when you are in the vicinity of the camera positions. Thus you get the warning even if the camera is one the other side of the road, or even in a parallel road or adjacent road and they don`t want that on all the time as it`s crying "wolf" a bit too often.

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RE: Sat Nav/Speed Camera GPS device for £99.00 @ Asda

Ah, I understand.

Thanks Rossington :)

RE: Sat Nav/Speed Camera GPS device for £99.00 @ Asda

Two questions

Q1/. Is the speed camera facility something that disables/switches off after the 6 month free period; or does it continue to function based on the latest camera position at the end of your 6 month subscription period if you choose not to pay the extra £30?

Q2/. What do they mean by a "one off fee of £30" .
To me a one off fee means no further costs for life. Thus every 12 month months you get an update for your one off fee of £30.
But the way it is written could equally be interpreted like an annual subscription of £30pa.

Can someone shed some light on this please. Thanks !

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RE: Sat Nav/Speed Camera GPS device for £99.00 @ Asda

What is the annual subscription price after the free 6 months; and who is it with please?

Sounds very promising from your inital impressions.

Travelodge £15 a room Deal


Every now & again Travelodge have Supersaver rooms going for £15 a night. They are mostly Sunday nights especially in popular destinations; but well worth checking through.

Not sure if the URL above will work - but it`s at

RE: avoid FOXY.CO.UK !!!!

Not to distract from your obvious anger and upset; I think this thread would be better placed under Retailer Reviews where everyone can read your comments on this particular retailer.

Hope your DVD`s turn up soon. If you paid by credit card you can threaten to inform them - give them 7 days to sort out otherwise you inform the credit card company who are pretty good in applying pressure, and can refund you if you have not received your goods.

Best of luck.

RE: King Kong 2 disc special edition - £3.99 @ CDWow...

Got mine finally come through today, but as stated was not too bothered as I knew it would come along in time. CD-Wow have always played an honest game.

Reminder and request that we do the same, by returning any duplicate received.
It doesn`t do any of us any good in the long run by shooting ourselves in the foot!

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