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RE: Lite-on dvd recorder @ TESCO`S

Is the recording in stereo or mono?


Yes, this is what you need to be aware of with moviesville, good prices, good r3 releases but one hell of a long wait for shipping and a very, very tiring customer services communication channel. Chances are you will get your product but you will have to fight tooth and nail over a long period to get it!


As I recollect you do have to wait aaaaagggggggeeeessss. In all I think it was around 9+ weeks. They are slow. They don`t respond very often BUT it is likely your order will turn up, maybe 2 months down the line lol. The product is good, the prices are good but the shipping speed is the slowest you could ever believe.


I can`t edit the first posts title unfortunately because its too old apparently. Im in the UK and didn`t get any customs charges - that may have been because the item was below $40 anyway which is when our customs charges start (approx £18 ). I believe the says that they will pay for customs "fees". I didn`t notice anything specific on the parcel about price of the goods or whether it was a "non commercial package".

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Well my order finally arrived today,well packaged and undamaged despite its lengthy journey which took exactly two months after the order was placed :D

My apologies to LingLing, you obviously didn`t lie that the order had been shipped. I guess the end result of this is that can be trusted by international buyers.

My observations for international buyers are just to beware that shipping CAN take upto 8 weeks, which is a long time for `in stock` items, BUT they will arrive and I believe these guys keep their word.

Would I order from again?

Yes. Now I know that if I choose standard shipping I could be waiting 2 months or else I will choose a faster shipping method. I will be interested to see what courier option becomes available but in the meantime Im prepared to wait because the product is good and at good prices.

LingLing, its good to see that orders now have a warning that they can take upto 8 weeks. My only suggestion would be to make this a little bigger and more visible - it may take some of the heat off your customer service guys at the end of the day.

My apologies for any negative image this posting may have created of you or your business.

RE: Warning!!! Rip-Off Merchants

I can offer full refund no problem

..and that is all that was asked for from day 45. If this happens then I will retract any doubts I have cast here. The dvd buying community is there to help each other make choices when the market is ridden with e-tailers whose words (when you can manage to get any that is) seldom match their actions - Splash, DVDSoon etc.

Will only cause an arguement and you would rather argue in private surely.

Absolutely. And we don`t want store credits. We won`t be buying anything from you again. And we dont believe you shipped the dvd`s. And we will never receive the dvd`s. And we still stand by the comments in the original post. And this is a place to warn other potential buyers of what they can expect. And 58 days and no delivery/refund... :(

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I have contacted the "customer service" web form on many occasions. Its 57 days since I ordered. I order a lot of dvd`s from Asia and the US and nothing has been delayed even remotely. My longest outstanding order is #22025798. No delivery, no refund. I cannot vouch for your genuine authenticity with these statistics.

RonaldMacdonald - an average DVD enthusiast.

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lol, i wouldn`t have minded too much except its not even my order they have posted - so I guess thats at least 2 people then that haven`t received anything, oh well 55 days and counting...

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RE: Warning!!! Rip-Off Merchants

our new policy is to allow 8 weeks for delivery...

6 weeks, 8 weeks what`s next?

I still haven`t received refunds for all my non-deliveries, if I ever do get a refund(s) then I will retract any comments made here, however, I have a feeling that my comments will hold.


Warning!!! Rip-Off Merchants

A warning for anyone considering purchasing from this site, I ordered some discs 50 days ago and they never delivered. Examine the site closely and you will see that they have NO contact names, NO contact address, NO contact telephone number and only accept communication through a web form which they NEVER reply to! Splash eat your heart out..

Oh and the final thing to notice that should ring alarm bells...notice there policy of not refunding/shipping until after 45 days? Let me see, how long to Paypal allow you to issue a chargeback? Oh whats that 45 days? Shock how very convenient >:(

I would avoid at all costs unless you like throwing money away

RE: Kung Fu 1970`s TV Series starring David Carradine Complete 1st Series £16.35p

Great spot, cheers - just ordered with, £13.08 with new user $10 discount!

Bargain :)

RE: Scarface Deluxe 3 disc set ~ £12 inc. P+P!

Cheers- bargain of the year for me so far.

Confirmed £10.59 on my account statement shipping to UK using cheapskate shipping option! :)