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RE: Scan SC-440LSI beware!

You will be offerd a free DVD next......

RE: JUST watch the two towers on DVD

Harry Potter 2

LOTR 2 towers

Gangs of new york city.

Ghost Ship

All on SVCD ....And all of them sailing on the high seas under the jolly roger.......suppose to be very good quality!

Sooner wait for the DVD`S myself......Honest!


Jurassic Park, Well all them guns and nobody`s ever managed to shoot a Dinosaur yet!

Also why did they not send somebody to get ready to turn the power on to reboot the system, they would have avoided the Raptors and Mr Jakson and the Hunter would not have got munched!

And pheraps they woudn`t have got out and the film would have been crap and I WILL STOP TALKING BOLLOX...In this thread anyway!

Why don`t they release these DVD`s

Could somebody tell me why the likes of Star Wars/ Indian Jones have never been put on DVD for the masses to buy.

Surely they would make a fortune out of them, they dont hang around with the Lord Of The Rings....and they are not excactly new are they.

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This seems to have turned into a thread for parrots!

RE: Policeman Killed In Manchester

"Any white faces in Tesco"....How do you know he is not talking about a Native Red Indian that works there ?

RE: Back To The Future trilogy only £19.99 at CDNOW

Poor bastard only joined us four days ago...give him a break!

RE: Bloody Play

quitelad .....You ain`t Gareth Gates by any chance?

RE: Problems playing audio CDs and certain discs on Wharfedale 750S

Classic symptoms of the laser saying good buy to the world, use it for DVD`s till it dies, could give lens a clean might help but I doubt it.

Clayts had an article on is website that showed you how to put a new drive in a player, don`t know if it can be done to the Wharfedale or wether is worth the cost or bother, I mean you can get a new player for £60 to £80.


Bloody hell I think I will stick to VHS!

RE: Finsbury Park Mosque Raid

Yes, some people were dragged off the streets and sent to jail for no good reason - or did you miss all those miscarriage of justice cases?

Did I imagine this .A couple of years ago Leader of China come a calling to see the Queen at Buckingham Palace, and all the protesters were suddenly blocked out by a large number of police vans, and some of the protesters were arrested.

Wonder who was in goverment ..Hmmmm oh YES Blair and is cronies!

One you missed I think!


Where the hell did that second Island come from in the Jurassic Park Sequels..Like they wouldn`t they have mentioned it in the first?

RE: Michael Owen is a gambler - front page news ?

Look Im a jealous bastard !

Still I suppose he could drink himself stupid for the next 40 years and buy himself a new liver!

Poor Kelly is name is mud!

RE: Finsbury Park Mosque Raid

Would I rather a murderer got away with it than an innocent person got banged up? Yes, I would.

Well considering the sentencing policy of the Judges in this country they get away with either way.

Bloke in Leicester killed two little girls at a bus stop got a big powerfull car could not controll it, crashed into bus stop, no insurance,tax.licence ect.

This peice of s*** got out after three years arm in arm with is girl friend walking the streets of Leicester.

I would have hanged the bastard at the bus stop!

RE: If you download MP3 from the internet you support "Drugs and Prostitution" so says Kim Howells

To be honest I think it helps to sell the music, kids listen to the stuff then buy it, they want the booklets and free poster you sometimes get and the real item.

People also asume that every thing that you D/L is something that you would normaly buy, not so!

I D/L stuff but also buy a fair amount of DVD`s and CD,s from places that charge a fair price, and a fair price is the answer to piracy.

Bought Goldmember from W.H Smiths sale ( plus others ) for £8.49p,
two other shops I went in it was priced at £16.99p.
Am I suppose to assume Smiths never made a profit.
I bought four DVD`s from WH Smiths, nothing from the other retailers, The music industry as ripped us off for years and people like CD WOW do more to beat piracy with fair prices then anything a bloated MP has ever done!

And as for prostitution.....Well MP`s are some of their best customers!

RE: Finsbury Park Mosque Raid

The day any kind of weapon was found in that place it ceased in my view to be of a place of worship but a arms dump! Send in the bulldozers!

I blame the leftie Socialist Workers Weekly/Guardian readers. Whenever you see a civil rights protest or like last night a protest outside the Finsbury Park Mosque, you always find these people with an arm full of the Socialist Workers newspapers and banners. From under which rock do these people crawl from.

See you have met Alan then...

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RE: Finsbury Park Mosque Raid

Glad to see you agree!

RE: Finsbury Park Mosque Raid

They should have bulldozed the place and shot all the bastards in it!

RE: Not only will the british army be ducking from enemy fire but also from the dumb ass americans t

Any body else remember a couple of US pilots who cut a Ski Lift wire with the tail fin of their plane and it fell about 300-400ft and killed all the tourist.( in Italy I think)

They were court marshelled and found guilty of basically p***ing about.

To be fair to the Canadian accident the pilots planes system was telling them that they were under attack.

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RE: Matthew Kelly arrested for abusing young boys

The thought of it.... Matthew Kelly having a tommy-tank over Baloo The Bear!

Now that is funny..LOL.....I got the stich......LOL.....Oh the tears!

RE: DVD into the bedroom...?

Before i start chopping wires and "experimenting" does anyone know if it is possible to hack off the end of scart lead and mate it with a co-axial ?

Dont think so! Could try one of those wireless video senders?

RE: Michael Owen is a gambler - front page news ?

Depends on your definition of earns!

RE: Tonight Mathew (It just had to be said)

If it`s false, then a popular entertainer has worthlessly been robbed of his livelihood by headline grabbing tabloids.

So he was not arrested then and questioned following a complaint by a alleged victim!

And I thought News Papers were suppose to report the news!

It was also the lead story on the main BBC/ITV news and hundreds of radio stations.

Pheraps it should have been coverd up and hidden under a stone ? The only democracy in this country ( and it saddens me to say it ) is the red tops.

RE: Matthew Kelly arrested for abusing young boys

So Mathew Kelly goes half way round the world to watch a Disney Cartoon...........

RE: How long should I wait for a parcel?

I orderd T2 about 1am in the morning about 36 later hours checked my order on website and there was nothing there, (twats I thought) went down stairs and it was there on the passage carpet.( thank you postie).

Brilliant buy at £5.99 single disc /directors cut.DTS

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RE: Policeman Killed In Manchester

Ok Alan

YOU`RE full of s***!"

RE: How to fill up your injet for a couple of quid!

No! The money I save on ink I can afford beef!

RE: Favourite Movie Theme/Score?

Once Upon A Time In The West.

James Bond On Her Majesteys Secret Service.

So many already mentioned like Jaws.

How to fill up your injet for a couple of quid!

I kid you not, A few years ago I use to read a Atari magazine and in it was an article about a guy that owned a Canon printer, the trouble was he could not afford to run it, is solution was to use FOOD COLOURING.

I bought a inkjet printer a couple of years ago ( £56.00} and when the ink
ran out I got a syringe kit ( Maplins for a couple of quid) and food colouring, and I have got photos of my children on hanging on my wall and people dont believe that they are from food colouring.

You put the blue and yellow in straight and mix a bit of red and blue for the red and mix them all toghether for a s***y black or use black ink .

I got rid of my printer when the inbuilt print head gave up after three years,

If you have got a Lexmark with a print head built in the cartridge then try it you aint go nothing to lose.
If your printer as got a inbuilt printhead then you might not want to risk it.

I only have put this up because people are throwing away the printers because it cheaper to get a new printer with cartridges then buy the cartridges on there own, so nothing to lose realy.

Also I filled up my printer a least a couple of dozen times if not more.

The article recomended that use the food colouring from Tesco. about 40p a bottle.

Try this at your own risk. ..

PS The printer that featured in the article cost over £200.00 same quality now for £29.00 to £40.00.

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RE: Policeman Killed In Manchester

Alan your full of s***!