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No track names on MP3`s copied over SE K750I via media player

I hope some one can answer this question for me, I rip my cd`s using the latest version of Windows media player into MP3 files. I then drag & drop the folder over from my PC to the MP3 folder on my 2GB memory stick in my SE K750i. When viewing the tracks on the phone using media player, then All music, sometimes the track name is shown but on some tracks it is only shown as Track 01, 02, 03 etc. When I select `more` against Track 01 for example, then select information, the track name is shown. I have tried renaming the files prior to copying them to the SE but it doesn`t always work. Helppppp

Thanks in advance


Windows Media Player 10 - problem ripping CD`s into smallest MP3 file size - 128Kpbs

I am having a problem ripping CD`s using WMP10 with the smallest file setting. When I set the file size to 128kpbs, insert a CD I get the following error message Windows Media Player cannot rip the track because a compatible MP3 encoder is not installed on your computer. Install a compatible MP3 encoder or choose a different format to rip to (such as Windows Media Audio)..

I can set the file size to the next size up -192 kpbs and it works fine. I tried to follow the Help advice which was suggested the registry setting on my (Dell Dimension 3000) computer is preventing Windows Media Player 10 from ripping into the MP3 format at a quality setting of 128 kbps. The solution was to delete the windows registry setting that stopped me using the lowest setting. For some unknown reason, my Dell does not show this registry key - HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\MediaPlayer\Settings\MP3Encoding

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

RE: 32" Medion HD Ready at TJ Hughes for £399

Bought one today from TJ Hughes Romford. Not tried it yet, old glass TV stand not wide enough to accommodate it. First immpressions are pretty high. Looks an excellent bargain for £399. :D

RE: Recommendation for `All-in-One` Printer -

Thanks Sykvan, how much is the ink and where do you buy it from?

Recommendation for `All-in-One` Printer -

I am looking for an `all in one` printer/scanner, preferably an Epson due to the lower compatable ink cost. I am currently paying 99p per colour/black (T07/T09) cartridges from 7dayshop for my stand alone Epson printer.
Any recommendations would be appreciated.

RE: Archos AV560 - How to record ripped DVD`s from PC

I looked at Lathe and it appears to do everything I need :D , the only problem according to the forums is that it still has a number of bugs and also people had paid for the download but didn`t receive it :( . I have book marked the site anyway and will keep a close eye on it.

ps. what is AGK ?

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RE: Archos AV560 - How to record ripped DVD`s from PC

Thanks Rassilon, no need to shrink, all my DVD`s are backed-up to fit onto a 4.7gb DVD-R. I think I need to convert the DVD to AVI MPEG4 according to the instruction book, but if it will take longer to convert to AVI than it takes to copy the film over in realtime then I don`t think it will be worthwhile.

Archos AV560 - How to record ripped DVD`s from PC

I have just bought the Archos AV560 from Currys, :) this is the same as the AV500 but with a 60GB hard drive. My question is, is it possible to record DVD`s onto the Archos using my PC. I hope to be able to record my DVD collection `at speed` rather than record them in realtime via my DVD player.

Thanks in advance.

RE: Help me, please: Samsung dvd recorder Dvd-r120

Hi Tasker, I have a DVD R100, would you please give me step by step instructions on how to apply this hack. I have tried but without success.


RE: Help me, please: Samsung dvd recorder Dvd-r120

Hi Phybes, where did you take this quote from "Hack from Samsung DVD-R100 also works on Recorder DVD-R120". I have seached everywhere for a multi region hack for the Samsung DVD R100 but without success. Thanks Telboy.

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Wanted - Multiregion Hack for Samsung-DVD-R100E

The heading says it all, there appears to be a multi region hack going around for the Samsung DVD-122/125 but I cannot find anything for the R100E.

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RE: Samsung DVD-R122

Hi, I tried this hack on my Samsung DVD-R100E but I could not get it to work. Does anyone know if this works on the 100E, if not, know of a hack that does work on this machine. Thanks.

PS. this code appears to work for the Samsung DVD-R125 as well.

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RE: JVC DRM10 DVD recorder

I have the DR-M1, which was the previous model. I can calm anyones fears who is interested in buying this recorder, the picture quality is outstanding. I have my JVC set to longplay (4 hours recording time) and I cannot tell the difference between live TV and offair recordings. At this price it`s a steal.

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RE: 1Gb MP3 Player at Kwik Save

All sold out in East London. Some stores have now changed hands, no longer Kwik save........therefore not on offer

RE: converting wma or cds to do you do it????

HD462, I tried to rip some tracks off a CD this evening using the latest version of Windows Media Player (version 10). A pop up box advised I needed to buy some additional ripping software, the price ranged from US$9.99 to £5.95. Do you have any third party software loaded or did WMP rip the tracks and convert to MP3 on it`s own?

RE: Goodmans Personal DVD/LCD Players

I find this comment from Goodmans very strange, this player is almost identical to the Mustek PL407 Portable DVD Player, the only difference is a slight cosmetic change in the DVD flip-up cover design. The Mustek player does state that it can play back both -/+ R/RW discs, who is correct? My money would be on Mustek who produce this player for Goodmans. I recently bought the GDVD673WLCD from Tesco`s for £99.97, the only difference being that it only came with one battery not two as advertised on the Goodmans website. I can confirm that this player can play back both -R and -RW (Finalised) discs without any problem. I have also made the Goodmans multi region using the hack shown on these forums.

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RE: Problem with Dell Dimension 3000 and NEC 3250A DVD Writer Please HELPPPPPPPPP

Thanks Miles, too late tonight, I will give your suggestion ago tomorrow.

Problem with Dell Dimension 3000 and NEC 3250A DVD Writer Please HELPPPPPPPPP

I have recently bought the Dell Dimension 3000, P4, 512ram, 80gb Harddrive and upgraded the CD drive to a CD writer/DVD Rom. Today my new NEC 3250A DVD writer arrived. I read the Dell owners manual very carefully, I remove the original (Dell installed)CD Writer/DVD rom from the top bay position in the PC and replaced it with the NEC using the end connector on the data cable. As instructed in the Dell manual, I set the jumper to CS. I then re-installed the CD/DVD drive in the lower bay using the lower connector on the same data cable. I fired up the PC and it appeared to have recognised the NEC drive but there was no sign of the CW writer/DVD rom drive in the device manager. I tried to play back a DVD in BOTH drives, neither worked, the machine then locked up and I had to use the main on/off switch on the front of the PC to switch it off.

I would really appreciate some simply, step step, Janet & John help in getting these drives up and running.

Thanks in advance.


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Or even better, Inspiron 1150 from Dell for £375, highlights include 2.4GHZ Celeron, Processor, 512mb ram, 40GB hard drive, free all in one printer and free delivery.

RE: Best tool to compress DVDS?

I have DVD Shrink 3.1, I see there is a later version, 3.2 out there but I cannot find a site to download it from, I keep on thinking that I found a site only to be sent off elsewhere.

RE: USB`s Stopped Working On Son`s Tiny Laptop

Cynic, I have checked the device manager and the Universal serial bus controllers is not shown. I have checked everywhere and it is no where to be found.

RE: USB`s Stopped Working On Son`s Tiny Laptop

Guy`s, I still cannot get the USB`s working. I have tried a system restore, which didn`t work, I have also checked the BIOS but cannot see where to check if the USB`s are enabled or not. HELPPPPPPP.

RE: Samsung DVDR100E/

Great machine and excellent value for money, only £159 from Tesco`s. It has everything you could want, except for a m/r hack.....I have seached everywhere and tried the other Samsung m/r hacks on this site but to no avail. I cannot believe this is the only Samsung machine that cannot be hacked.

RE: Samsung DVDR100E/

Great machine, but I cannot find a MR hack anywhere. I have tried the other Samsung hacks shown on this site but to no avail. I cannot believe this is the only Samsung machine that cannot be hacked.

Oops, I thought I lost this post......

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RE: USB`s Stopped Working On Son`s Tiny Laptop

Thanks everyone, I will check these suggestions out.

RE: Anyone Havnig Trouble Getting E Mail On NTL??

Me too, couldn`t download my e-mail yesterday.

RE: USB`s Stopped Working On Son`s Tiny Laptop

Nick, great joke (:¦ , we have tried a number of devices IPOD being one of them. The machine is running windows XP and no we have not tried a system restore, no I am not aware of it being dropped.

We will try the system restore first. Thanks for your help.

USB`s Stopped Working On Son`s Tiny Laptop

Can anyone shed any light on this, could it be software problem?


RE: Samsung DVD-R100E

Paulios, yes, I have tried both playback and recording and they work fine. I don`t have any ram disc`s in caddy`s so I can`t comment but I don`t see any reason why they wouldn`t play okay, after all the Samsung is compatable with ram in caddy`s. I personally prefer ram to -RW, they are much more versitile than -RW (Video mode).

RE: Samsung DVD-R100E

Paulios, I am using Panasonic Ram Disc. They work fine with this machine. I am only using the Samsung as a play back machine i.e recording on my JVC, playback on the Samsung. I was surprised at the incompatibility between the two machines, I was under the impression that I could make one recording on the JVC and another on the Samsung using the same disc, but it doesn`t appear to like this.