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RE: Free Orange Mountain Bike

apparently surgically enhanced;

"They`re a 34D. I read somewhere they were a double F! I wouldn`t be able to walk! All people ask about is boobs. It`s like the whole nation is obsessed with my boobs."
- Gemma Atkinson, on her breast implants

RE: Free 15 Point Car Check for AA Members

I wouldn`t bother either,it`s bound to be an excuse to fish for extra work.I remember having a blowing back box replaced on a Citroen AX,can`t remember where,but the bloke said the middle bit was on it`s last knocking too,& it would be best to do it at the same time.I said no thanks,I`ll bring it back when it actually HAS gone.He said "ok it`s up to you,but we`ll see you in about 2 weeks then".I kept the car another 3 years,& never did have to replace the middle section.
Also saw a program where an expert gives a car a thorough going over,identifies what,if anything,is faulty,then they submit it to a garage for a check over.
The crap they make up is example sticks in my mind....dripping oil on to (perfectly good) shock absorbers,then inviting the customer to come & look at the car while it`s up in the air & "see what they have found"........."unfortunately sir/madam your shock absorbers are leaking & need replacing....£500".
And unfortunately for women,they are perceived as the best (soft) target.

RE: Virgin media (NTL) retention offer

I think it`s an offer to keep (retain) you as a customer if you imply you might cancel with them & go elsewhere.But I might be wrong.

RE: HP Digital Camera and Photo Printer Bundle £59 at Tesco

unless you are in a hurry for your pictures & fancy packing a printer with your toothbrush when you go on which case it`s an excellent idea.

RE: HP Digital Camera and Photo Printer Bundle £59 at Tesco

I saw this in Tesco last week,when it was £79.99.A fair price for the camera,which gets average reviews (bad shutter lag,eats batteries,other than that ok),but bear in mind that printer is,as far as I`m aware only useful for printing pictures from the camera,which to my mind would make it fairly useless.

RE: FREE £5 voucher for CDwow.!!!! Hurry !!!!

thanks very much to the OP,I got BASEMENT JAXX: Singles (Special Edition With Bonus CD) for 4.99 instead of £9.99 & it`s been despatched already.

RE: Cheap basic mobile phone quoted lawton49 & implied he might be a greedy tsab[at]dr,but he`s not even the one who ordered 2.And what`s wrong with ordering 2 (or 200) anyway?

Maybe they`re for his kids etc,or maybe he wants to sell them on ebay,who cares,it`s up to him & neither reason is wrong.

This item was edited on Thursday, 9th November 2006, 00:40

RE: avoid FOXY.CO.UK !!!!

5.Postman left it on doorstep (`cos he`s a lazy f***er & couldn`t be bothered to write the collection note out) & then pizza leaflet delivery boy helped himself.

Number 6 anyone?

RE: Sainsburys - Singel Disposable BBQ £0.25 each

just around the corner?
Do you go into hibernation or something!?

Don`t get upset,I mean that in a nice way,in fact I`m a bit envious of your optimism to be honest.
Me,I see months of dark,gloom,cold,ice,colds/flu/Christmas bust ups etc.

RE: Ebay feedback question

In the first instance I would try & negotiate & get my money back,if pressed into acting purely out of revenge (not my style at all I might point out),then I can tell you it has been known for the one seeking revenge to create a second,"bogus" (& disposable) account,"buy" one of the offending sellers "buy it now" items,& immediately leave him negative without paying.
It will be possible for him to (eventually) remove that negative,but may give you satisfaction for a reasonable time.

RE: DVD Dual Layer £9.50 for 10

I would say DVD Shrink, just don`t shrink the data,as there won`t be any need.
If you go edit/preferences & change the target DVD size from 4.7GB to 8.5GB,you`ll be ready to create an exact copy.It`s a free program,but you`ll need Nero 6 or higher installed to burn with DVD Shrink as it uses Nero components(even the free version of Nero will do as far as I`m aware).

RE: ALDI Colour PIR Surveillance Camera - Poor Quality Control ?

<<but regardless of cost you should expect the goods to be in perfect working order>>

I agree.Initially I thought you were a bit ott calling him numskull,then I realized that`s his user name,lol.


that very annoying questionaire actually isn`t a pop up at all,it`s a page you get when you click a link to one of the threads.You then have to click continue from the questionare page to get to the thread.So I would suggest if you aren`t getting it you aren`t using IE

This item was edited on Wednesday, 6th September 2006, 21:51

RE: Lite-On LVW-5006 DVD Recorder £66.99

thanks to the OP,I bought one.No real problems so far but DVDs created on the lite-on (in DVD+RW format,with front av as the source), don`t play back well on my other 2 DVD machines,the picture is nasty(colour blocky).This is not a data error,but an incompatibility issue,& it means I need to copy them on the PC(which reads them no problem),then burn them again if I want them to be compliant.This works fine & they play no problem.
I have transfered some old VHS tapes to DVD & I am VERY impressed with the quality; no loss at all that I can see.

I`ve used DVD Shrink to edit my home made DVDs,but anyone else interested in doing a similar thing,be aware that DVD Shrink & Nero won`t want to know your Lite-On created DVDs if there is more than one program on the menu.You will get an "unrecognized menu structure " error message when you try to edit or copy them.
So I just burn the DVD on the Lite-On as one program,then use DVD Shrink to split it down,using the "select start & end frames" thingy.

Initially I was occasionally getting a jumpy picture,whether recording or just viewing whatever source it was set to,but a firmware upgrade seems to have fixed things in that regard.
The only bit I can`t comment on as I haven`t tested it yet,is the DV imput.

RE: Battery Bargain @ Tesco

or (from Thurs 17 Aug) £1.99 from selected branches of Lidl,not such a well known make however,& rated at 2.100mAh,but still a bargain I reckon.

RE: The Incredibles & Finding Nemo on PS2 for £2 each

Got got cancellation emails.Rather vague,could be one of many reasons.

This item has been cancelled for one of the following reasons:

We are unable to fulfil the total quantity you ordered (e.g. if you ordered 5 and we only have 4 in stock). Despite our efforts to locate the required stock, we have been unable to fulfil your order for this product. In order to avoid continued disappointment we have cancelled this part of your order on your behalf. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience or confusion caused.
You have used the cancel order button on the website.
You have asked us to cancel this item for you.
Some of the details you have supplied us are incorrect and may result in delivery problems if we proceed.
We have been unable to validate your billing details with those supplied by your card issuer or our merchant.
You have not responded to the "Problems Processing Your Order" email within the stated time limit.
You have not responded to the "Request For Information" email within the stated time limit.
Once an order or item has been cancelled it is not possible for us to re-submit an item or order, if you still require the item, you will need to go back onto the website and place a new order.

RE: Other good stuff at Sale - Rechargeable Batteries , DVDs , Gadgets

Hi Pickless,thanks for the feedback.
Well the burn wouldn`t start at all,that was the thing.But I solved it by upgrading the firmware of the drive from 2.16 to 2.1A,& now Nero gives me the option to burn at speeds of up to 16 (which it did before anyway with other brands of media,.....but with these discs,before the firmware upgrade I had only 3 choices; 2x, 2.4X and max,none of which worked)
I always use 4x for DVDs anyway,& at that speed it burned fine after the firmware upgrade.So maybe you need to check for a firmware upgrade too?
Nero info tool reports that the discs are actually RITEKF1 by the way

RE: Other good stuff at Sale - Rechargeable Batteries , DVDs , Gadgets

the batteries still haven`t arrived,the TV remote thing only worked after I had to change the batteries,& the Maxell DVD-R`s don`t work either.2 out of three 50 tubs opened,5 or 6 DVDs per tub tested,the burn won`t even start.

Anyone else had any problems with these DVDs?
Never had any probs with any other brand.(fwiw the drive is an nec ND-3500AG)

RE: Other good stuff at Sale - Rechargeable Batteries , DVDs , Gadgets

thanks to the OP,I ordered the 3 for 2 DVD-R`s,that TV-off gadget thingy & 2 packs of batteries.
All despatched except the batteries(awaiting stock)

RE: free blank dvd`s

a belated thanks to the OP for this (however I never received anything anyway).

RE: Free Pirates of the Caribbean Jack Sparrow Coin

<<I mistook it for a two pound coin in the newsagent this morning >>

Good idea,I`m gonna try that.My newsagent gave me an Australian 10 cent coin last week,looks like a 10p.And I didn`t notice at the time she gave me it.(I think that`s a sign of old age.......I never got duped by foreign coins when I was younger).I will try to get her back twenty-fold,if she accepts it but then notices & throws it back at me as I walk(run) out of the shop,then at least it`s not substantial enough to inflict any major damage should her throw be accurate.

Anyway,it is indeed a big disappointment,but thanks all the same to the OP.I was expecting it to be as impressive as the £5 coin released last year,but as said above,it`s visually more like a chocolate coin.
Anyone who did actually pay £5 for it must be feeling royally shafted.

RE: Band Of Brothers Boxset (6 discs) - £14.99

unbelievably this has disappeared from the website now.Bet I don`t get it.I`ll keep you informed.

RE: Band Of Brothers Boxset (6 discs) - £14.99

the Play one would be specifically for the UK market I think.The Axel one is as above,i.e. for the Oz ,market,but still compatible with UK DVD players.
I just bought from Tesco Jersey for under £18 what I`m expecting to be the UK version (as long as it plays I don`t care,but the UK one will have a better resale value on ebay).

RE: Free £10 Laredoute Voucher - no P&P

trouble is,their site is so pathetically slow,in the time it takes to find anything (& usually to then find it`s out of stock in the colour or size you need) you could earn the equivalent cash as the discount by doing some overtime.
And save on the frustration of waiting for pages to load(or not) load).

RE: TGI Friday - BOGOF to 30th May 2006

thanks,I`ve got a table booked for tonight,looking forward to it.

RE: Free Perfume, Balloons, Sticky Notes and Stickers

I can`t seem to enter an email address,it says "it seems that email address is not valid".I tried 4 of them,all valid working email addresses,so I gave up.