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RE: On the Buses Complete Set

For what it`s worth this is part of my dispatch email. I`ve disguised the order no slightly for DPA reasons.
I`m obviously grateful to have received mine, but I`ve had numerous bargains or misprices (both Amazon and other etailers) refused in the past. I obviously spend too much time on the bargain forums! This time I was lucky.

Your order #026-2635315-6769XXX (received 01-March-2007)

Ordered Title Price Dispatched Subtotal items (Sold by Amazon EU S.a.r.L.):

1 On The Buses: The Complete... £17.99 1 £17.99

Shipped via Royal Mail

Subtotal: £15.31
Delivery Charge: £0.00
Total tax: £2.68
Total: £17.99

RE: On the Buses Complete Set

I did actually receive my set on Saturday.
I`m guessing I was an early order.
There are loads of people over on the Forums and on HOTUKdeals who have also had the cancellation email. Amazon must have had hundreds of orders at this price. It`s all a bit of a shambles, to put it mildly.

RE: Miss Marple - 12 DVD Box Set £18 at Amazon

I subscribe to the `some stupid farquar mispriced this` theory too. If you think about it, they must realize they are going to pee people off if they cancel their orders. I got my `On the Buses` boxed set, so I can view my Miss Marple cancellation a bit more easily!

RE: I`ve ordered from DVDSoon !

If your package was dispatched on April 19 and had a tracking no starting starting PP317 then join the waiting room club.
There`s a long thread over on DVDForums.
Basically there are DVDSoon/DVDImport customers worldwide who were apparently sent goods on that day but nothing has turned up.
DVDSoon do not respond to emails either.
Best option is probably a chargeback to get your money back.

RE: DVDSoon Bought Out by DVDImport

CD Wow are pretty hopeless, even with the Warehouse.
The most reliable R1 source is DVDPacific who do tell you whether they have the item in stock. Alternatively good old Amazon or one of their resellers.

RE: Anyone used `The Hut`? - And no NOT Pizza Hut!!!!!!!

I`ve used them 3 or 4 times over the last couple of months. Normally took about a week to get the dvd from time of order. They are based in Jersey. I`ve found them very reliable.

RE: DVD Plus..........Have They Gone Bust?

I`ve seen on another forum that someone reported having a dvd sent out to them by DVDPlus today. Presumably they had an email from them. Also, I believe they run the Sainsburys online dvd store.
I hope they haven`t gone under. They were/are a good store!

RE: DVDSoon Bought Out by DVDImport

I`ve given DVDImport 10 days to refund to my credit card. I fully expect I`ll be forced into a chargeback. I haven`t got copies of all my original DVDImport orders. I`ve got everything on a spreadsheet though. I tended to order in batches of 7 items to avoid multiple handling charges and also to get all the orders over £100. I am owed a more modest £250.
Surely some of your orders must be completely unfulfilled, in which case those should be straightforward to chargeback. I wouldn`t accept the nonsense that DVDimport are somehow immune from chargebacks. Tell Egg that is not in accordance with Visa rules. Basically give Egg a hard time if they drag their feet and ask to speak to a supervisor. Threaten recourse to the Ombudsman if they are still mucking you about.
When all this is over jack the Egg card in, for foreign transactions at least, and get yourself a Nationwide card. They were very helpful to me during the DVDSoon debacle and I see no reason why they shouldn`t be equally as helpful now. You also save about 2.5% on all transactions because Nationwide do not load the exchange rate.
DVDPacific and Amazon for me too now. I`m just going to have to wait on those over £18 box sets to come down in price!

RE: DVDSoon Bought Out by DVDImport

I`ve never had any trouble with DVDPacific. If the item says it is in stock, it is, and they dispatch it within a couple of days.
I wasn`t affected by the credit card security lapse, from a couple of years back, although I was using them at the time.
They are my R1 etailers of choice for all my <£18 purchases. is my next choice.
Other people recommend Deep Discount DVD, but I had problems with their packages disappearing a couple of years back so I steer clear of them.

RE: DVDSoon Bought Out by DVDImport

I`ve got about 12 orders with them. Still no sign of them on my account when I log on as pending or whatever. I sent a stroppy email to them last week. No reply yet. If nothing happens this week I`ll probably send a follow up at the weekend. After that, I don`t think I have any other choice but to do another chargeback.
Import have proved themselves inept in the extreme. I just can`t understand how they expect to hang on to any of their customers after this shambles.

RE: DVDSoon Bought Out by DVDImport

I`m in exactly the same boat. The last thing I had from them was Seaquest S1, sent out Dec 23. There`s a discussion over on DVDForums about DVDImport.
I`m trying hard to believe them, although they haven`t actually even had the courtesy to reply to my query.
I`m not going to let it drag out though. The DVDSoon debacle is much too fresh in my mind!
I`m down by a couple of hundred quid in preorders.

RE: Has anyone ordered from

If you check other forums - DVDSwaps and DVDForums there has been a buzz going around that DVDSoon have finally gone to the wall.
Their site is still up though. I get an error if I try and get into my account. I did a chargeback for most of my money so I`m relatively in the clear with them.
Another tell tale sign that they may be on the brink is they normally update their site on Fridays. Willie Wonka has been there for over 10 days now!
I spent a fortune with them and it`s sad to see them go down.
Then again they have behaved like absolute c***s in the last few months towards all their loyal customers so any sympathy for them has more or less evaporated.


How about changing the title of this thread so it`s a bit less negative of Moviesville?
I might try these guys myself.
Are they customs friendly? (One cough yes, two coughs no!)

RE: DVDPlus Warning

Can the mods amend the heading of this thread? It is a little misleading to anyone who is just scanning thread titles. I`ve used DVDplus several times over the last 6 months and they`ve always been top notch.

RE: Ordering from DVD Import....

For what it`s worth my packages from the 12th and 13th arrived today.
I must admit No-Name`s cryptic remarks have worried me. I placed a big order last Saturday and the correct amount was on my credit card today. So I`ve had no problem.
But then again I was happily dealing with DVDSoon ordering 100`s of dvds over 3 years before, on August 11, they decided it would be a good idea to cancel all my outstanding orders and refuse to refund my money ...
I look forward to NoName`s next instalment.

RE: Ordering from DVD Import....

You are aware of all the issues with DVDSoon I presume. If you aren`t look over at DVDSwaps and DVDForums. There are also some threads here. Use them at your own risk and don`t say you have not been warned!
Re DVDPacific. They are definitely US based. They actually had a notice up on their website Monday that they were closed for that day because of Hurricane Wilma. Packages from them tend to take about the same as DVDImport, possibly a tad longer.

RE: Ordering from DVD Import....

My experience is 10-14 days. Certainly nothing like as fast as DVDSoon were, when they finally shipped something! I`ve got a couple of items sent on the 12th and another from the 13th I`m still waiting for. I certainly hope to see them this week.

RE: Ordering from DVD Import....

They do charge straight away.
Having read reports about them re backorders and lack of availability I`ve only ever ordered recent releases and preorders through them, for which by and large, they`ve been fine.
I tend to max on my orders.You can order 7 items in any one order and you only pay one packaging fee of I think $2.45. They also give you a few dollars discount towards your next order which more than covers the next packaging fee.
No problems on what and how they send out. They tend to dispatch items separately as and when they become available. They are particularly `good` for boxed sets.
As a DVDSoon refugee myself, DVDImport and DVDPacific (who aren`t recommended for pricey boxed sets) are my R1 etailers of choice now.

RE: Has anyone ordered from

I haven`t personally, given that I`ve done a successful chargeback and have got out of my relationship with DVDSoon with the shirt on my back still in tact, thanks to Nationwide Credit Card services, but there are others less fortunate in the chargeback stakes who are using DVDSoon again just to try and recover their money. I suggest you check out DVDSwaps and DVDForums where a lot of this activity is being logged. To be fair stuff is being shipped.
Even if it wasn`t for the debacle, they are totally uncompetitive now especially once you add on their postage charges. The only way of avoiding the postage charge and get free postage is to pay a Customs fee instead!
Do you really want to take a gamble with this mob again after all that`s happened over the last few months? What`s the old saying
`Rip me off once - shame on you. Rip me off twice - shame on me!`

RE: Locked out of my DVD Soon account?

I`ve been locked out for 48 hours too. I know I`m putting in the right password. There are more people locked out if you look across to the DVD-Swaps DVDSoon forums.

RE: DVDSOON voucher

Unfortunately it doesn`t work with the infidel card (I`ve just tried it).
It is supposed to be just for Canadian visa card holders so it`s possible Soon will be unhappy we are using it (but hey what the heck!).
I think it gives 15% off an order rather than a set amount..

Customs exchange rates for April

Hot off the Press!!
These are the exchange rates fixed for April by HMCE.
Order above these limits at your wallet`s peril!

Australia $2.4167 therefore limit is £18*2.4167 =$43.50
Canada $2.2744 therefore limit is £18*2.2744=$40.94
US $1.8738 therefore limit is £18*1.8738=$33.73

RE: DVDSoon - beating Customs - but it`s hard work!

You can get all your money back if the item is technically under £18!!!!!
I wrote to Customs regarding 3 of my parcels and they have written back with a recalculation of duty paid. They are arranging a cheque (which I`m still waiting for).
On the strength of the letter from Customs I wrote to the Post Office and have today received a cheque for £4 (only one of the 3 parcels was below the £18 limit even after the infidel card discount)
It`s a hassle to do but it`s worth it, especially if you have more than one order.
I`ve now put in a few more orders with DVDSoon - Warners Musical Boxset, the Charlie Chan Chanthology, Looney Tunes 2. I intend to reclaim on all these if I get charged.

RE: DVD Soon iFidelity discount down to 10%

That was really useful BARGAINHUNT!
I just did a search on Google looking for any others - the common theme seems to be MA05. Couldn`t find any. Are there any experienced Google users out there who can winkle out any other coupons?
I even tried some of DVDSoon`s affiliate/partner links but my `foreign` isn`t too good. Anyone else fancy a go?
In case some people didn`t know, the reason we need more coupons is because we can now only use them once!
Having said that DVDSoon`s prices seem to have come down again.

Amazon TV Box sets

Includes Seinfeld S1 and 2 at about £15.60, Married with Children, Sanford and Son. Prices all below £18!

RE: DVDSoon - beating Customs - but it`s hard work!

DVDSoon have their own forum over at DVD Swaps which I`ve only just found, where there is a thread about their prediscount pricing of packages.
This customs business is apparently well known by their management and they refuse to do anything about it (reason unknown by the way).
Not much point in our bemoaning it anymore.
Best thing we can do is to keep requesting refunds from HM C&E and hope they get fed up enough to contact DVDSoon and persuade them to mend their ways.
I put in for 3 refunds earlier in the week!

RE: DVD Soon iFidelity discount down to 10%

DVDSoon have a coupon in conjunction with DVDTimes (whose site I thoroughly recommend btw) to give you 10%. This can be combined with the infidel card 10% to give you the old 20% discount. Apparently you can use the coupon more than once, although not tried this yet. I would be interested to hear if it does work more than once.
Oh the coupon is TIMESMA05

New March05 exchange rates!

Not sure that this is a bargain as such but it certainly helps everyone to plan ahead and frustrate greedy Gordon`s crew at Customs and Excise from stinging you with an unexpected customs charge coupled with the £4 Royal Mail sting!

These actually went up on the HMCE website on Tuesday. Since then the Canadian dollar and the US dollar have weakened but this is obviously not reflected in the rates. They do have weekly updates, but, as I understand it, this is only for big variations in exchange rates which you don`t get for Canada, the US or Australia normally, but you might get for Afganistan or Argentina! Perhaps someone more knowlegable can confirm this. I`ve included Jan and Feb for reference.

       Rates of exchange Translation to £18 limit    
Month Canada US Australia Canada US Australia
Jan-05 2.3685 1.9129 2.4984 42.63 34.43 44.97
Feb-05 2.3034 1.8766 2.4682 41.46 33.78 44.43
Mar-05 2.3349 1.8788 2.4039 42.03 33.82 43.27

I`ve just ordered Simpsons S5 from DVDSoon on the strength of this! I hope it arrives during March or I`ll have to possibly cancel it depending on next month`s exchange rat!
Oh the trials of trying to avoid customs charges!

DVDSoon - beating Customs - but it`s hard work!

Ever since I got the `infidel` card my credit card statement has been littered with DVDSoon charges! Anyway, yesterday I decided to see if I could utilise some of these i points I`ve been amassing to buy a DVD. I ordered one for about 2000 i points. I looked up the invoice and it had 0 value! 0 will therefore print on my box or package. I also noticed that I couldn`t cancel the freebie! So beware on that!
The trick, if you haven`t already sussed it, is to save up your i points to spend on items over £18. The snag is you`ve got to spend an awful lot to get to that situation! I`ll have to check out this business of bonus i points if you order more than 1 dvd on an order etc. All of a sudden i points have become potentially very useful!

RE: Did/Has anyone gone back to using DVD Pacific?

I never had a problem with them at the time they got hacked. They asked me to change my password at the time which I did. I still use DVDPacific and have still not had a problem. I would certainly recommend them and presumably their systems are much more secure now!