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RE: Decriminilisation of credit card fraud

Chip and pin ain`t been cracked. Well the technology anyway.

Maybe not the encryption in the terminal itself, but certainly the data between the pin console and the main PDQ box

Petrol giant Shell has suspended chip-and-pin payments in 600 UK petrol stations after more than £1m was siphoned out of customers` accounts.

Chip and PIN (EMV) Point-of-Sale Terminal Interceptor

Bank admits flaws in chip and PIN security

I guess the banks aren`t asserting enough pressure on politicians to make this a more serious crime if they are thinking of decriminalising it!

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RE: Quick ebay question.

Whats a can of red bull doing welded onto the framework? Do you need wing`s to ride that flaming bike?! :)

RE: CD WOW - Is this the end of them?

What concerned me (And i dont often use CD-Wow) is this part;

it had already obtained a freezing order against CD-Wow, meaning that all of its assets and bank accounts are frozen.

If they freeze their bank accounts, how are they going to continue trading, aren`t they now effectively bankrupt as they can`t even sell stock (not that they have stock to sell, seeing thats been frozen too!).

Shame, hope they dont go..

RE: Hi Jacked Email?

I also had this about a month ago,
If you google your email address (put quotation marks around it, eg. "setagllib[at]moc.liamtoh") and see it in the results, thats where they probably found yours, as to stopping it - you can`t as far as i`m aware.

Spammers are turning to real email addresses as they think they will be accepted/read more often than random ones.
In the end I had to set up a rule in my email client to automatically delete returned emails that bounce back.

Hope this helps. I only had them for a few days, one major day and then the rest were just trickling back.

RE: Fancy a microwave for £6.49?

I`ve heard that Amazon use a robot to search for the cheapest prices of goods they carry compared to their retailers, and then lower their own price to beat or match it.

Obviously, if this is true, it went a bit wrong there!

Thank god for the lack of human intervention! :)

RE: Songs you have played to death this week...

The Holloways - Generator
Armand Van Helden - NYC Beat
The View - Same Jeans

RE: XBOX 360 Game Replacement Program REMINDER

Quick open of the PDF reveals its £10.00

You got Adobe Reader installed? Thats what you need to view the form.

RE: What to watch next.......

Prison Break i`d say, i`m a big fan of both .. Dont forget to add House to your list (or at least the Pilot. I`ve crammed S01 and S02 into the last 2 weeks viewing!

RE: Possible eBay scammer: what do you think?

Everytime i read a thread like this, it always makes me think of this seller ( here )

For the person who said `fedex a turd` see above (although its a fake laptop)

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RE: Consumer Rights Question

However, they are demanding a receipt to prove i bought it at the arsenal shop before they will exchange it. I have no receipt, I most likely binned it at the time - i do have a bank statement showing that i made a purchase at the shop,

In a court of law, a bank statement is more than enough to prove you purchased it believe it or not.

You proved you bought something from them, and you are saying it is that shirt. It is then up to the retailer to proove or disprove it was that particular item.

Just pop in with your bank statement and i`m sure they wont give you any hassle..

RE: Ebay account hijacked

My mother`s account has been `hi-jacked` twice in a year. The first time I put it down to my step-dad visiting "dodgy" sites, the second time there`s no way it could have been a virus or her giving out her password.

I know there`s one famous hacker at the minute who Ebay are trying to catch ( see: here ) but the likely hood of it being him is low.

I`d say someone just guessed your password via brute force, was it a singular word?

Needless to say I now changed my mothers to a string of letters and numbers, some in lowercase and other in capitals.

I did find Ebay were helpful though the two times i contacted them, one via the Live section to chat to someone directly, and the second time they reset everything back to normal (original email address, so I could get a password sent to it) without even asking, so I dunno what happened the second time!

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RE: So who`s got the BIGGEST...............Itunes Song List ??

10,378 songs, 29.2 days, 51.55GB

again, digital songs that you can play around your home are better than having a CD Player in every room :)

XBOX 360 Wireless Controller - £19.99 inc. P+P have the Wireless Controller for just £19.99 including registered delivery.

The cheapest I can find according to froogle is GameSeek which is £29.97

RE: Crackdown on 360. Anyone know the release?

Its shipping today for pre-ordered customers at ShopTo.

The rest of the orders will ship from Monday onwards, with a release date of Friday 23rd
source here.

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Battlestations Midway - £29.99 for XBOX360

this is the cheapest i have found this game, £29.99 from ShopTo.

it appears to be in stock today (had my dispatch email) so will be playing it tomorrow morning!

Demo seemed good but took a while to get hold of.

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RE: Whats your homepage?

Mines a basic custom page i made myself of all the webpages i go to daily,

BBCNews, SkyNews, MSE, HotUKDeals, Here, Ebay, google, etc, very handy for when you fire up your browser and am just one click away from being where you need to be, rather than going to bookmarks> finding the page :)

my custom page even has ebay and google`s search box directly in it - so it saves time having to go to their site first

I Wouldn`t have it any other way.

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RE: Saddam Is Dead

Whilst i rarely post to this forum, i regret that this post will probably be the cause for concern for some of you; but here is the mobile phone footage that has been reported on BBCNews website and is available online.

Its in the spoiler, as most people wouldn`t want to view it etc, and I dont want people clicking on it `accidently`


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RE: A couple of easy Xbox live questions :)

The dashboard updates happen automatically when you turn on your 360. Each time it checks if there is a newer version out, and if so, forces you to update, the next major dashboard update will be in the spring.

The cheapest place for points according to froogle is Gameplay - £16.99 for 2,100 inc. free p+p

RE: FREE £5 voucher for CDwow.!!!! Hurry !!!!

I get nothing but a blank page using , and have done since I tried this at about 5pm.

I did too, I was using FireFox, swapped to Internet Explorer, did the deed, and now The Bourne Supremacy is winging is way over to me as we speak!*

Many Thanks to the OP!

[i]*possibly :)


I think gamestation will close within a year. I don`t mind getting used games at all as long as they work, but their games can often be found cheaper if you look around brand new.

Funny you should say that, In yesterdays "Daily Star" (it was left at work, i didn`t buy it!) they had an advert offering 2 x Pre Owned games for £40. (just found that url online whilst typing this).

some of the games are;
Fifa 2006: Road To World Cup (£14.99 online brand new)
Amped 3 (£14.99 online brand new)
Full Auto (£17.99 brand new online)
Kameo: Elements of Power (£17.97 online brand new)
Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (£22.89 brand new online)

I give up showing examples, there`s loads though, and it makes me sick to think people are willing to pay £20 each for 2 second hand games that can be bought for cheaper, and brand new online! I suppose if people want to pay it though, more fool them.

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RE: avoid FOXY.CO.UK !!!!

Why haven`t they said "It wouldn`t have fit through your letter box, went to sorting office, returned to us, so we are re-arranging delivery" or "We will mail them out seperately".

There`s a distinct lack of help in the OP`s email dont you think!

RE: Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang: Any good?

I also enjoyed it, great film!

RE: POLL: Should muslim women remove thier veils

If Bluewater bans headwear to tackle `yobs` - why doesn`t a veil come under the definition of `headwear`?

You can see less of a persons face with a veil on, than a baseball hat!

edit: sorry, i didn`t mean that to sound like women wearing veils are yobs! but the owners of Bluewater and other shopping centers can`t really have a rule for one and not for others.. how many of you have heard or read on local news that some OAP has been banned from wearing his flat-cap hat that he`s been wearing for 30 years in his local!

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RE: Richard Hammond in jet powered car accident......

Cant really say more than to echo all the above comments. But I will add that there is an online collection for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance that has been setup by Hamster well wishers. This is the helicopter that was used to take him to hospital. They are currently aiming to raise £12,000 and have so far got £9,200. I dont have my wallet with me at work but definately going to donate something when I get home.

They beat the £12,000 within an hour or two, now it was raised to £25,500 which would be 75 flights, and in the 6hrs that this donation page has been up, they are now at £24,202!

Not bad eh.. Just hope he makes enough of a recovery to realise the impact he`s having on the population.. as Jeremy Clarkson said; he`s got to recover so he can tell him how many people wound down their window to wish Richard all the best whilst Clarkson was driving to the hospital today.

RE: Richard Hammond in jet powered car accident......

BBC News just reported that he had already broken the land speed record, and was on one final lap doing some extra filming for the show :(

Lets hope he is able to recover fully

RE: Before i`m called a racist please here me out

Someone on a forum i visited (not sure if it was this one) - quoted the leader of that Human Rights charity Liberty and basically they said - unless you are a chav, or have colored skin, then you have no Human Rights in the UK.

I agree with that statement now...

Chavs and criminals have more human rights than victims, and `immigrants` have more human rights than British.

Asylum Seekers claim Sky TV as its against their human rights not to have any TV channels in their own languages. I`ve even heard that some claimed Internet must be provided because its against their human rights..
more than likely in the country they claim refuge from, their TV stations weren`t 24/7, and Internet.. they wouldn`t have even known what that was!

Things have to change soon or else Racism wont just be in another town.. it`ll be in yours..

RE: France - Italy. Poss` Spoilers

no excusing Zidane, no matter what the ref saw. Just a shame that the whole of France will probably blame him now for the loss, and that it was Zidanes last game and not a good one to have as a sending off party for him (no pun intended, just worked out like that!)

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RE: For Sale: Lots and lots of lovely DVDs for sale!

Too many to list here but please get in touch for a list.

If you`ve already got a list of them, just copy/paste it into here, im sure you`d sell more as people are lazy.. :)