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RE: Royal Mint Black Friday deals

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RE: Royal Mint Black Friday deals

Got may 1st 2 bars and free 50p :) already up £6 a bar with spot rising



RE: [VIDEO] Prey (prequel to Predator)

so just picked up the 4k release (went with the steelbook which is gorgeous) and watched the Comanche version which I was surprised was dubbed afterwords, dont know why I assumed it was the other way around, made in Comanche and dubbed to English.

Anyway this took the movie to a whole other level for me with the 1st nation actors all knocking it out the park and being a much more sympathetic / truthful version of their life and the Predator with weapons which very cleverly gave a hint of the upgrades to come.

 extras were very interesting and showed the budget restraints the makers struggled with added to the pandemic it must have been a very challenging shoot they came through with ease

While streaming looks good it can't compete to genuine 4k physical media and makes it ever more WWAW

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Royal Mint Black Friday deals

sooo im a collector and currently they have 5g gold bars normally £320 with 20% of just now if you buy 2!! £51 a gram is amazing deal and if you can afford it grab it, also add BND262 code at checkout for free 50p coin just for the cherry on top!! Christmas one looks out of stock at minute but rest still available , never seen them offer a deal like this before!!

 applies to 1g and bullion sovereigns 

Silver forum members are buying hundreds from what I can see, mental!!

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[VIDEO] Madame Web

after the awfully low box office from the Marvels the company are falling into Disneys massive problem of over saturating the market, lets see how the Sony Spider Verse does

Rwanda Verdict

Government loses appeal at the Supreme Court !!!

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RE: [VIDEO] Reacher

:( They recast the female cop

[VIDEO] RE:What gig did you just go to?

Well got to the Natalie Merchant concert at Glasgow Royal Concert Hall and just WOW!!! 1st time iv been to this amazing location that has the most amazing acoustics which certainly helped the Insane vocals on show over 3 hours with no support act but truly wonderful musicians and a (I assume) session singer brought in for the tour who did an amazing job trying to keep up with Natalie.

Now I have been lucky to see her twice, once at Hammersmith Odeon and once in New York but she was even more energetic here than I remember her, I have a couple of videos (were signs up saying no recording then Natalie encouraged the audience to video in her own fun and wicked way) when I put them up ill link here but she was even better than I remember :)

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[VIDEO] Echo

severely disillusioned with the Marvel TV fare lately, given up on Loki and thought I was done with all the tv stuff but this I fancy, I mean anything with the Kingpin in it im sold

RE: [VIDEO] The All New Doctor Who Thread...

Saturday November 25th !!!! Buckle up :)

The Star Beast Nov 25th

The Wild Blue Yonder Dec 2nd

The Giggle Dec 9th

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RE: Rest at last, Matthew Perry

Shocked even given his struggles, getting younger all the time, or its just me getting older :(

RE: RIP Richard Roundtree

The coolest man playing the coolest character, black James Bond except way cooler and always seemed that way :( 

I know who I wanted to call :) RIP

RE: [VIDEO] Apple TV

HUKD has link for 5 months free Apple TV subscription now, some great shows to catch in 5 months

RE: [VIDEO] Frasier (2022)

The problem is even though he was the title character it was very much an ensemble cast and the support was just fantastic, and trying to replicate that is going to be nigh on impossible , I mean Niles and Daphne could never be replaced

RE: [VIDEO] So... what are you playing just now?

Space Haven for me on steam and now I have half a clue what im doing im spending hours on it so much so I can't remember when I last put civ 6 on which has been my go to since I gave up on championship manage 2 years ago, also on steam deck iv been playing some seriously retro games such as world championship boxing manager, tracksuit manager and the great escape :) many happy days spent on these with spectrum and amiga in the dim distant past :)

RE: [VIDEO] Quantum Leap!!! 19 Sept start date

similar to season one first 2 episodes, decidedly meh

RE: [VIDEO] Arsenal 23/24 season

said it before and will keep saying it, scrap var its not fit for purpose!!

RE: The Continental (John Wick Prequel)

Well that was as amazing as it was unexpected! really stayed true to the John Wick universe with the acting and script absolutely top class. Mel Gibson showed why on his day he can still knock it out the park and the fight scenes completely and effortlessly magnificent. The characters just showed the writers had a real love for the source matter and I loved them all with the 70s Kung Fu vibe really appreciated but I loved the twins :) crackpot John Wick characters who moved through the movie like ballet dancers with the help of some incredible fight choreography, a 10/10 for me and I wouldn't mind seeing an 80s 90s and naughties continuation

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[VIDEO] Silent Night

and this one

[VIDEO] The Beekeeper

couple of interesting revenge flicks on the cards

Space Haven on steam

Does anyone play this at all?? liking the idea of it and building the ship but not getting anywhere after the Hyper Jump and looked around for help but not getting anywhere, any help appreciated

RE: Close Channel D: David McCallum R.I.P.

Truly gutted at this, Scottish great, like Connery always the same voice no matter the nationality even dodgy Russian ones, loved UNCLE he was the reason I watched NCIS even when he Was reduced to cameo roles later in life and he was the great escape for me as he always charmed the pants of everyone and stole scene after scene, RIP Sir :(

RE: The Continental (John Wick Prequel)

Completely agree, gets the setting right, enough cookie characters to fit into the wick world and definitely started with a cracking action scene

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[VIDEO] Dream Scenario

Yet another Nicolas Cage flick where im like, wait!! what!! and smile all the way through, this is now officially a career resurgence :)

[VIDEO] RE: Ange to Spurs

Manager of the month and guessing he's made a similar connection to the spurs fans he made to ours :)

RE: [VIDEO] Wrestlers

Loved this, really proper indepth warts and all behind the scenes documentary that shows the people in and out of the ring, really interesting financial side and really gives you an inside into how important the wrestling company is to the local population and how difficult it is to make ends meet, definitely WWAW