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[VIDEO] The Time Travelling Sheriff Short Film

Definitely worth 12 minutes of your time

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RE: Arsenal 21/22 season

1st time iv watched a full Arsenal game in months and boy it seems like you have problems. Your strikers are awful, odeggard scored but if he hadn't just before half time I would have hooked him as its the only thing he did all game, Celtic signed Kyoto this season who makes the whole team tick, but when he comes off it seems to give the opposition a lift and that seemed to happen when KT came off and it was hard practically playing with 10 men for all the good Lacazette was and aubamayeng was when he came on

RE: [VIDEO] The All New Doctor Who Thread...

that's my main question, is the earth the universe now that the rest was destroyed ? if the Cybermen and Daleks got wiped out by the flux how are the Daleks back next episode? was there a reset I missed?

RE: Arsenal 21/22 season

speaking of leadership what's happening with KT?

RE: [VIDEO] The All New Doctor Who Thread...

Incredibly disappointed, complete waste of 6 weeks, so many questions zero answers, in fact I have more questions that weren't answered even as part of this 6 episode run.

[VIDEO] Reacher

Really looking forward to this

RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

doesn't help that the supermarkets are not enforcing the mask mandate

RE: Not in my name

more and more right wing with each passing day, I mean this is the most corrupt. and inept government in my lifetime and they aren't even close to being voted out, the sooner Scotland gets independence the better

RE: [VIDEO] The Outlaws

2nd season confirmed :)

RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

If it was a game I would reset, go back 20+ months and shut the borders tight both ways and we would be in a much stronger position now

RE: [VIDEO] The All New Doctor Who Thread...

I know im in the minority here but really enjoyed it so far

are they the doctors parents? the masters? did they swap out the doctor for the fugitives doctor when the last regeneration occurred ? seriously wondering if this will lead to the fugitives beginning of the next doctors cycle? I hope so

RE: Around the World in 80 Days (again, David Tennant this time)

That looks a whole lot of fun, sign me up :)

RE: Hawkeye

1st 2 episodes absolutely loved them, great to see Clint back and great vibe all the way through and Hailee smashes it.

Seriously hoping this storyline is leading upto Matt Murdock and Vincent D'onofrio return as the Kingpin, certainly with the criminals back story its heading that way 

RE: [VIDEO] King Richard

really enjoyed this, nearly 2 and half hours but didn't seem like it

The Hunt for Bible John Iplayer

Fascinating documentary started on BBC1 Scotland Monday. Growing up in Glasgow I think everyone around my age and younger knew about Bible John a serial killer in the late 60s who I think became a bit of a bogey man and this documentary tells the story well and is definitely WWAW

RE: [VIDEO] Black Friday

Well I enjoyed that, real 80s feel and a wee bit scary and a whole lotta funny :) nothing that hasn't been done before but enjoyable hokum

RE: [VIDEO] Markus Eder skiing

so she has the brains and beauty then :) sounds like you are punching above your weight class my friend :)

RE: [VIDEO] Markus Eder skiing

More like a wing and a prayer :)

[VIDEO] Mother/Android

Really fancy this 

RE: [VIDEO] Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

Just got steelbook on 4k and totally agree it was a joy of a movie, cast were on top his (girl) friend is my favourite character in MCU I just loved her, story was surprisingly tight with other MCU movies and fight scenes were amazing and SFX nailed on, top class Marvel at last after the disappointing (for me) Black Widow

Marry Me

The return of old school Romcom with a modern twist


RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

not sure how Austria can make the vaccine mandatory


RE: [VIDEO] I believe in Miracles

this is currently on Netflix and cracking sports documentary and fascinating insight into Clough and Taylor and how much the game has changed and not necessarily for the better

Death Penalty

Been thinking about adding this thread for years tbh I am a liberal in pretty much all things but the death penalty I have been in favour of for years. I mean when you think of couples murdering young women for years, Doctors killing patients for years, and lately Police officers using their warrant cards to kidnap, rape and murder a woman who should have been able to feel safe in those circumstances and terrorist wanting to bomb a maternity hospital.

I feel for things like killing police officers, children, terrorist attacks and for me pedophiles who have been doing it for a period of time I think should be put down like a rabid dog, when a dog kills someone its put down quite rightly, if terrorists want to blow themselves up then we should be more than happy to. oblige them when they f*** it up and the people who help them should be made to realise there will be the ultimate consequences  when they are found because currently jail doesn't seem like much of a deterrent  to them

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RE: Liverpool explosion

I know its not important to him but driver wants a medal!!!

RE: Liverpool explosion

world had gone f***ing mad :( attacking hospitals ffs