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This Time with Alan Partridge season 2

I couldn't find a thread about this first series, maybe it got lumped in with the other thread involving him?

anyway, just saw press release there's going to be a new series.

the first series was v good send up of The One Show and similar programmes.

This Time with Alan Partridge season 2

RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

yeh, took me a few goes, but i guess a lot of ppl like me heard the announcement on the news on the radio so all tried at once :)

RE: [VIDEO] Tokyo 2020 Olympics

watching the skateboarding, not seen the men's yet, but from what I've seen of the women's I'm sad to say they shouldn't waste money on air fair and hotels :( I'm not saying women can't skate, but the competition overseas is far superior to the best we have on display today :(

give it a few years time, may be different, as the "commentators" have reminded us, some have only been skating a few years, but it shows.


interesting the men's is pretty good, but looking at the bios they're pro, the women aren't. The gap makes the one in football look insignificant.

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RE: [VIDEO] The Biden Presidency 2021

interesting to think that the next iteration of this thread could be about The Rock...
46% Want Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson as President, as He Floats Potential Run

although I seem to remember when The West Wing was on, Jed Bartlett won a poll for who ppl would like next president to be.

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RE: Prince Phillip dies age 99

he had a reputation for putting his foot in it, by saying inappropriate things.

However, there was someone on the radio saying the problem was he would do a lot of meet and greats, and he liked to make them memorable for people so he'd try to make them laugh, unfortunately, he sometimes said bad things, obviously these are the ones we hear about, so get remembered.

He did good things like started the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme, which gets young people involved in community activities as well as teach them social and team building schools among other things.

RE: Indiana Jones and the Wheelchair of Atlantis

maybe they'll do like they did with  Star Wars, let him be an advisor, pretend to read his suggestions, but ignore him, make a mess of it, then his vision will be leaked in a few years time, and we can all go "actually, that could have been really good"?

RE: Indiana Jones and the Wheelchair of Atlantis

not sure that;s still the working title ;)

Phoebe Waller-Bridge Lands Lead Opposite Harrison Ford In ‘Indiana Jones 5’

Disney confirmed the casting news, with production on the film set to begin later this summer. “Logan” director James Mangold will be behind the camera for the film. Steven Spielberg will executive-produce along with Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall. John Williams will also return as composer on the film.

DMX, American rapper and actor, dies aged 50

As the radio was crap this afternoon I was listening to DMX on spotify, as I knew he was hospitalised, I would have rather they had been playing that to be honest.

DMX, American rapper and actor, dies aged 50

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RE: [VIDEO] Top Gear really is back!

I watched the Sabine special last night, I'm not a petrol head, but I always liked the way she seemed completely bonkers, and was having a lot of fun, which was what the presenters said.

Programme probably could have been normal top gear length, but nice they put it prime time bbc1 rather than tucking it away late night bbc2.

RE: [VIDEO] Justice League

Scorcese was interviewed recently and was asked why he did his recent film for Netflix - he pretty much said they just offered him money, and told him to make the film he wanted to make, and trusted him to do it, they wouldn't have spoken to him in the first place otherwise.

he said it's appealing to ppl like him to not have to make compromises.

they obviously have the advantage that watching a 4hr film at home is more more appealing than watching it in the cinema

RE: [VIDEO] Justice League

Justice League Screenwriter Chris Terrio Is Super p***ed Off

The Argo Oscar winner is tired of being hated by the haters—and he despises what happened to his DC films too.

RE: Kung Fu 2021 Trailer

I vaguely remember the original, I may have been too young  (sorry).

I very much doubt anyone who watches CW will know about the original series!

I think I'm more aware of it from parodies, and Kill Bill!

RE: [VIDEO] Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Robee J Shepherd says...
"Kids down here seem to be split 50/50 between skateboards and scooters. Will be interesting to see if Tokyo affects that."

Scooters are more popular here in the skateparks, the girls generally prefer to use their scooters - it's easier, or rather skateboarding has quite a steep learning curve compared to scootering.

I'm maybe biased, but just to get on a scooter and go down the bottom of your road is pretty easy, but on a skateboard requires more effort to learn and get the hang of.

Now don't get me wrong, the other weekend at the skatepark, one of mine decided she wanted to start off at the top of a quater pipe on the scooter, and drop in. I stood up there with her and I'm glad she listened to me and didn't give it a go :) They'll happy scoot up the ramp a bit, and go down the wedge ramps, but they haven't got the hang of navigating transition. Never having done it myself, I can't show them either.

Skateboarding has had quite a few ups and downs over the years, it was probably around the time of Back to the Future when it started to get popular which was around the time I first got into it. It's quite popular again now, there are high street shops, and small independent ones, IoW has Wight Trash which has a good reputation with skaters, I understand some of the IoW locals aren't so happy with the name :)

SLS Street League is pretty big, and since traditional sports brands like Nike, Adidas, NB are involved now there's a lot more mainstream exposure, and money.

The Olympics is funny, as some skaters hate it, same happened with snowboarding in the winter olympics, it's "selling out", but if it gets it more exposure, more acceptance, more understanding, then that will lead to more government funding for skateparks, better facilities etc.

Funnily enough, one of the issues is about "uniform" which isn't normal for skateboarding, usually boards,  hats, t-shirts etc have huge logos/names of sponsors across them, but you can't do that in the Olympics, just the small logo for clothing company, and skaters usually choose their own clothes, which isn't typically normal sports wear.

Sky Brown is one of our big hopes, she's amazing, she's only 12, so her means her size means it's hard for her to go big, but her technical ability is outstanding for someone so young. She's young enough to have no fear, although she did have a pretty terrible fall on Tony Hawk's ramp, but is young/fit/healthy enough to bounce back

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[VIDEO] RE:Cover Versions (Beware - Old Fogey Music)

3 songs I love, being covered, money going to help roadies:

One hundred percent of the profits will be donated to Roadie Relief, a fundraising effort to aid qualifying Roadies who have submitted an application for financial help.

RE: [VIDEO] Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Skateboard England X Habito National Championships 2021Quote:

The event's hosting and timing will enable British skateboarders hoping to qualify for the Tokyo Olympic Games the opportunity to gain Olympic qualifying points. It will also allow them to compete in the other upcoming qualification events, which skateboarding's International Federation has recently announced will re-start in May.

Watch LIVE
The competition will be broadcast live on BBC iPlayer, BBC Red Button, BBC website and the
Skateboard GB YouTube Channel.

RE: [VIDEO] Top Gear really is back!

last week's off road comparison and this week's mid life crisis cars was really good, good end to a short series.

Wednesday night bbc 1 19:30 there's a 30min tribute to Sabine program, which is on iplayer now:

RE: [VIDEO] Space Jam: A New Legacy

Robee J Shepherd says...
"I never saw the first one, was it any good?"

you can catch up on more than just the film:

Snaps says...
"Honestly that trailer looks like a mess.
Whoever put that together must've been on something"
I think it's very much a case of a sequel that no-one asked for ;) You can imagine how it started, a few drunk movie guys in a sports bar, watching basketball, LeBron  being the new Jordan comes up in conversation, "hey we should remake that film Jordan did with Bugs Bunny"

I guess the trailer is trying to appeal to modern "kids" who need everything to be computer related, and appeal to fans of the original/ the parents of the kids but doesn't bother about subtlety, but then that wasn't every Warner Bros style was it?

I can't imagine a cinema trip for it, not sure the kids would want to see it, I may be watching it on my own :)

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RE: Names on Mars Perseverance Rover

can you use quotes round the string you're looking for like you can in google?

e.g. "firstname surname" looks for those words next to each other, whereas

firstname surname

looks for either of those words

[VIDEO] Space Jam: A New Legacy

I better finish watching The Last Dance ready for this :)

I used to have Space Jam on VHS, I remember watching it a couple of times, it was quite good fun I think?

RE: [VIDEO] Best April Fool`s gags?

just saw this on facebook, I assume it's April fools...

QI - Quite Interesting

Yes, the rumours are true. QI are launching an OnlyFacts account filled with EXCLUSIVE content too hot for Twitter

Check it out

RE: [VIDEO] Star Wars: Squadrons

Saw on hotukdeals it's under £15now at Currys and Amazon.
I don't have it but see it gets regular free updates and content