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RE: [VIDEO] My Adventures With Superman

finished season 2, only 10 episodes again, but really good, worth a watch.

[VIDEO] RE:What are you listening to now??? (Music recomendations)

I especially like the way it's time stamped so rather than think "arrgh,what's this song he's parodying", it tells you :)

RE: [VIDEO] Deadpool & Wolverine

Yeh, that's what I thought, so maybe watch the wolverine and logan

RE: [VIDEO] Deadpool & Wolverine

they were with Greg James on Breakfast R1 yesterday, v funny, missed some of it, but Greg was gushing, and Ryan was flirting with him, sounded like Greg had been to some kind of first 30min preview and seemed genuinely excited, rather than fake better pretend as they're in studio excited :)

my only concern is, I'm up to date with MCU, seen both Deadpool films BUT I haven't seen an x-men/wolverine film in years, never got round to Logan, as wanted to see ones before it. think i saw origins wolverine, and first class. I'm sure they're not essential, but might be helpful?

RE: [VIDEO] Longlegs

the missus is well into horror films, and was really looking forward to this, but has recently changed her mind about going to the cinema (she won 2 free tickets ) to see it after some of the things she read about it.*

looks pretty interesting from trailer.

I might persuade her for new Aliens thought having just watched that trailer as well, probbaly more of a cinema film

*edit - just asked her, said ppl were saying it was supposed to be scariest horror film ever, but it's not, it's a pyschological thriller - good one at that apparently, but not a horror film. I guess there can be a fine line between the two, i.e. Seven, and Silence of the Lambs

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RE: [VIDEO] Halo (Paramount+)

don't know if anyone cares, I don't

Paramount+'s divisive Halo TV series cancelled after two seasonsQuote:
But creators want to continue it elsewhere.

RE: [VIDEO] Star Wars: The Acolyte

I was just going to post it was all very "meh" which is v disapointing :(

I think it was 2 episodes ago it was a good one, 'cos it was good light sabre fights.

but didn't really care for any of the characters, good or bad, the bad guy was just a bit annoying, apart from when he was fightining and not talking. the main good guy was just a bit boring apart from when he was fighting the bad guy.

the twins started off good, seemed to be the only 2 people in the shows who might have had some kind of acting lessons.

then right at the end, better put something nice in for the fans to cheer about, but didn't really care by that point :(

I think viewing figures are poor, critical reception was poor, so may not get season 2.

oh yeh, and I'm trying to find out why the sniffer

sabotaged the ship, seems I'm not the only one confused by that.

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RE: Laptop or desktop

it all depends really on where you'll mostly be using it, and what you want to do with it.

in the old days, at home I used a desktop for gaming and internet etc, after dinner I'd go on the internet upstairs for a bit, then come down at 9:00 to watch tv.

nowadays, i sit on the sofa with the the laptop, but don't do gaming on it, but occasioanly it gets plugged into the tv to watch thins I've "found".

Like I think many offices, work just supplies laptops, when I'm at home, it's plugged into 2 monitors, a mouse and keyboard, when i go into the office i plug it into a dock, plugged into mouse keyboard 2 monitors.

I use the laptop screen, and 2 external screens. I guess how many screens may affect your decision.

if you only want 1 screen, and would rarely want to use the machine in another room, then cheap desktop sounds sensible, why pay for a laptop screen which would rarely be used.

years ago you had to pay a premium for a laptop to be as good as a desktop, and that's still true if you want a real gaming laptop, but any cheap laptop is good enough for surfing the internet, office functions etc,

desktop still obviously offers upgradability, but when you can buy a fast usb ssd so cheapily, who can be arsed to buy a new bigger ssd, reimage-reinstall windows etc

and apart from gamers, who updates desktops anymore?

i'd probably stay away from a really cheap laptop where it comes with a small amount of memory and can't be upgraded, but get something that has 8gb should be fine for ages.

Maybe just keep an eye on hotukdeals and buy whatever "too good to be true" bargain comes along, laptop or desktop. a cheap refurb from an office is probably better than a cheap cheap home desktop, as the office one is more likely to let you get at the parts inside, where as a home one these days is more likely to be sff, like a  laptop without the screen.

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RIP Shannen Doherty Cancer 53 :(

First saw it on FB from Kevin Smith (despite Mallrats ruining her film career they were friends) :(


used to love 90210, quite fancied her, and rather ironically, she was the reason I watched Mallrats, and then fell in love with Kevin Smith films!

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RE: The Euros

fingers crossed Alcarez has used up Spain's skill points for today

RE: How many browsers do you use?

duckduck go browser is available for windows and mac now, been availabel for Android (and I assume iphone) for a while

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RE: The Euros

Tonight's England Vs. Spain could be a good game

RE: The Euros

watched the highlights of Spain Vs France, my thoughts wereif we beat Holland, we won't beat Spain, and from what I saw wouldn't deserve to.Spain looked like they were having fun playing football, it was an important match, but there was still creativity and flair, and the new next big thing in football scoring a great goal.

RE: [VIDEO] Time Bandits

marksparks999 says...
"No... they will ruin the original, one of my favourites"

you are aware that the original will still exist, and you can still watch it, so won't be ruined? I don't think anyone is going to go George Lucas on it ;)

I've not seen the original in years, the missus (she loves it) watched it with one of the kids recently and she enjoyed it.

i thought it looked fun

[VIDEO] Time Bandits

I saw a meme the other day which said something along the lines of "wouldn't it be good if Hollywood remakes were of films that were a good idea, but executed badly, rather than the originals were good"

sounds good, but this could be fun, and interesting to make a tv series of a film, and does remind me me of What Pirates did in the Shadows :)

RE: [VIDEO] Glastonbury 2024

She's not really my cup of tea, but I remember thinking Dua Lipa sounded pretty good when she was proper proper singing live on Later with Jools Holland - but I guess that;s the idea of the show, it's not about the whole stage performace, where it's hard to sing and dance.

I remember a while ago mgmt for one of these pop acts got criticised for admitting that whatever pop star/band it was used prerecordings etc, as they wanted to give the best performance for the ppl who paid hard earned cash for their tickets. I sort of get the point, which admittedly is at odds to some one like me who generally sees live music which involves  1 or 2 ppl beating the hell out drum kits, a varied number of ppl play guitars/basses, and there's someone singing shouting, maybe while playing live live live :)

So Axel got criticised for sounding bad last year, so if he had used autotune would that be better or worse? ;)

I didn't see much of Cyndi Lauper but she sounded pretty bad

RE: The Euros

oh, you've let the elephant in the room, I was wondering who could go the longest without mentioning it ;)

RE: Glastonbury 2024

Just watcing Soft Play, guess they're still accustomed to small venues where you don't need assistance to get from stage to the crowd :)

RE: [VIDEO] Inside No 9 (Psychoville writers' new show)

Just watched the finale, the definite highlight of what we thought was a pretty drab series, apart from the doorbell, and tube ones which were good.

finale made up for it though, glad it ended on a high, but think it's glad they called it a day as its quality declined last few series, having said that, we still watched it every week knowing the quality they can produce.

will be interesting to see what happens next, police, or busses ;)

RE: [VIDEO] 4th of July... Our independence day?

Labour won here as usual, was disappointing (as in disappointing they are so popular here) to see reform was not far behind Tory, then Green 4th.

I didn't know we had a Reform candidate until i went to vote last night.

RE: Glastonbury 2024

Not seen much today, watching Orbital, was ok, until their surprise guest came on who seemed to get the crowd going a bit more, and was pretty good, and seemed to be enjoying themself :)

Anne Marie bringining on Aitch for their song Psychopath was really good.

The line up has been criticised for being v pop, but the pop acts do seem to be really good.

Loved Idles, and the boat, which everyone assumed was part of their message, and was revealed today it was Banksy and they knew nothing of it!

RE: Glastonbury 2024

don't tell anyone,but I'm quite enjoying Sugababes at the moment!

RE: Glastonbury 2024

Olivia Dean looked like she was having a really good time, had heard her a bit on the radio, not my cup of tea, but crowd seemed to like it. her interview was good after, she was v sweet, a bit overwhelmed by size of crowd to see her :)

Confidence Man pretty good, not as interesting as last year though.

may have to check out more of noname - female rapper wasn't familiar with, but she was good, funny hearing the warning about content, and as soon as she starts - n word, and mf, i guess streaming in afternoon that's ok, but on tv might be editted, or only on v late.

Remi Wolf seemed pretty popular, again not really m thing but she was quite entertaining, as was the interview with her after

saw a bit of K Pop sensation SEVENTEEN

hope to catch PJ Harvey later, and IDLESOrbital, Sleaford Mods, Little Simz, Billy Nomates tomorrowSunday - Soft Play, Bob Vylan
Not sure there's anyone else I know I'm interested in, hopefully I'll find some new things I wasn't aware of

RE: EDL too racist for EDL leader

you can't do any of that using a phone/in mobile mode

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